16 Shadowy Kids' Books about Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day!

A highly informative, non-fiction book about Groundhog Day by beloved children's author/illustrator Gail Gibbons. Kids will learn about ancient traditions that have evolved over time into the big event that takes place every February 2nd.  Readers will become familiar with Punxsutawney, Pa., the town where the official groundhog predicts whether or not winter has ended.  This book not only covers celebrations around the country, but also includes a ton of facts about this furry critter.



Best Children's Groundhog Day Books

Groundhogs are very private mammals that live underground in burrows, much like porcupines and other animals that prefer not to be seen.  Solitary by nature, these creatures prefer to live a sleep-filled, anonymous life. In fact, February 2nd is probably the groundhog's least favorite day of the year. Fortunately, the 15 minutes of fame comes and goes quickly so the unsocial critter can retreat back to its dark, lonely existence deep within the earth. For kids who want to learn more about these creatures or simply want to read some funny stories, we've gathered a list of the best fiction and non-fiction children's books about groundhogs. 


 Gregory's Shadow 

Don Freeman, author of Corduroy and other classics, delivers an endearing story of a special friendship between Gregory and Shadow. They never go anywhere without each other, and truth be told, Gregory depends on Shadow who gives him a sense of confidence and security. Then, on one unfortunate day when they go out looking for food, these two friends get separated. And to make matter worse, February 2nd is fast approaching. Will they find a way to reunite before Groundhog Day? A classic children's book about the importance of having a good friend.


The Night Before Groundhog Day

Based on Clement C. Moore's famous poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, this Groundhog Day book is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Whimsical pictures and  rhyming text capture the anticipation everyone feels leading up to February 2nd. When the groundhog finally pokes his head out of the snow, everyone is watching closely for a shadow. Will there be six more weeks of winter? A fun book to read around this traditional holiday.



 Groundhog Weather School Fun Facts About Weather and Groundhogs

This Groundhog Day picture book is packed full of information not only about this holiday, but also all kinds of other weather related information. A group of groundhog students actually go to school to learn about how to predict the weather. Along the way, the teacher shares knowledge that extends far beyond this weather-related holiday. Cartoonish illustrations and speech bubbles create a comic-strip feel to this cute book.



 Substitute Groundhog

Poor Groundhog has come down with a case of the flu, and Dr. Owl has given him firm instructions to go rest in bed. This would not be a problem any other time of the year, but the big day is right around the corner. How will the people find out if there will be six more weeks of winter? Groundhog decides he must hire a substitute but all the candidates- Squirrel, Eagle, and Bear- fail miserably during their interviews. A clever story with satisfying ending.



 Groundhog's Runaway Shadow

Phil and Shadow have always done everything together. But, like a lot of best friends, there comes a time when they find themselves squabbling. Phil, who is steady, polite and kind of boring, is tired of Shadow's spontaneity and (sometimes) rude behavior. The two go their separate ways for awhile, but with February 2nd fast approaching, readers will wonder if the two will reunite. An endearing story about how a very important friendship determines whether or not six more weeks of winter must be endured.




Groundhog Gets a Say

This fellow is pretty good at his job, but he's ready to tell the world that he has many other talents, too! With no shortage of confidence, he takes center stage in front of a large crowd to let everyone know about all his wonderful capabilities. For instance, he can whistle loudly and has some sharp teeth that come in handy. Children will develop a whole new appreciation for groundhogs and will learn a ton of factual information as well.



 Groundhog's Day Off 

 Groundhog is sick and tired of being overlooked every day of the year except for one. Sure, he's great at checking for his shadow to determine whether or not spring is around the corner. There is so much more to him but no one seems to care about his interests, hobbies, or feelings. So when the next big day arrives, he announces that he quits. The townspeople start interviewing other candidates- Elephant, Ostrich, Puppy, and others- but none of them is up for the job. Will they ever be able to convince Groundhog to return to his special role? Fantastic, lively illustrations bring this Groundhog Day picture book to life.



 Groundhog Day

 This non-fiction book about Groundhog Day is a great introduction to young children. Real photographs of groundhogs in action are fun to explore. Simple, accessible text is just right for independent readers who want to learn more about this American holiday. Spoiler alert: Kids will learn that this mammal is actually not capable of predicting the weather.



 Grumpy Groundhog

Phil is tucked into his warm, cozy bed and that's where he plans to stay for a good, long slumber. Then on February 2nd, quite an unfortunate morning, this very grumpy groundhog is awoken by all the townspeople. They have gathered around above ground, begging him to arise and give them some very important information. What follows is a hilarious back-and-forth between Phil, who wants ot be left alone, and all the people who try every trick in the book to get him out of bed. A funny, rhyming story that kids will want to read every year on this holiday. 



 Groundhog's Dilemma

 This hilariously illustrated story delivers a pretty important lesson to readers of all ages. One year, Groundhog sees his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter. Half of his friends are upset with this determination, while the other half are thrilled. Instead of being truthful about how he does his job, he convinces them that he has the ability to affect the weather. This leads to all sorts of bribery from friends who want him to decide in their favor the next year. Groundhog enjoys the gifts he receives until the next February 2nd when he realizes the error of his ways. He can't keep both sides happy, so the only solution to this problem is to be truthful.  



 Geoffrey Groundhog Predicts the Weather

Geoffrey is the most famous groundhog around and, truth be told, he enjoys his celebrity status. Every February 2nd, he pops up out of his burrow to look for his shadow. As the years pass, the crowd of people, photographer and reports swells to the point that it's interfering with Geoffrey's work. How will he be able to determine whether spring has arrived or if winter will last another six weeks? 




 It’s Up to You, Griffin 

Griffin is a very special groundhog who has been chosen by Mother Nature to make an appearance on February 2nd. At first he is excited about his responsibility, until all of the other small critters warn him about weasels, wolves, and other predators who will be waiting for him. Griffin manages to overcome this fear, but when he pops his head out from under the ground, he is faced with a menacing shadow! What will he do? 


 Groundhug Day

Darling illustrations add to the charm of this story that beautifully blends Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day. Moose is planning a special celebration on February 14th for all the friends he loves. Everyone is excited about the upcoming party, except for Groundhog. He just knows he is going to see his shadow on February 2nd, causing him to miss the party. In this heartwarming story, Groundhog's friends put their heads together to come up with a solution that is quite creative. 



 Go To Sleep, Groundhog!

This is quite possibly one of the cutest Groundhog Day books around. While most groundhogs settle easily into a nice, long hibernation, this little guy can't seem to fall into a deep sleep. After tossing and turning, he finally pops out of bed and heads out to explore a world that he never knew existed. He experiences jack-o-lanterns at Halloween, gobbling turkeys at Thanksgiving, and even squeezes in a quick visit with Santa Claus at Christmas. When he finally tires out, he heads back to bed. But will he have any energy left to arise on February 2nd? A charming book that will resonate with kids who sometimes have trouble going to bed, too.



 Ten Grouchy Groundhogs

This group of groundhogs has been stuck underground long enough! They are done with their lengthy slumber and ready for some sunlight. In this humorous book, kids will practice counting backward from 10 to 1 when the day finally arrives. Readers are also treated to a lesson in alliteration with all the fun adjectives- groovy, groggy, grumpy, graceful, etc.- describing the various moods of this bunch.


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Funny Stories to Read Kids for Groundhog Day

Americans have adopted tradition that started in Europe centering around the groundhog. Every February 2nd, people watch with bated breath to find out whether or not the this secretive creature sees his shadow. For if he does, this means we need to hunker down for six more weeks of snowy, cold winter weather. But if the day has sufficient cloud cover and the groundhog does not have a shadow, then we can shed our heavy coats and celebrate the imminent arrival of spring. Lots of these picture books include interesting information about this big event. And some of these fun books are also fictional account of a personified groundhog whose role has grown into one of great importance.

groundhog day


Fascinating Facts About Groundhogs

If you ask most people what they know about groundhogs, they will probably mention the animal's namesake holiday. They may also mention that they burrow underground and prefer not to be seen. Due to the elusive behavior of these critters, that's usually where the knowledge ends. Well, here are some other cool facts about these mammals you'll find interesting!

  • Groundhogs are about twice the size of a newborn human baby. On average, they are two feet long and weigh 13 pounds.
  • They don't live very long, with an average lifespan of 3 to 6 years. In captivity, they can live up to 14 years.
  • During warm seasons, these animals consume up to 1 pound of vegetation per sitting. When they go into hibernation, groundhogs last 150 days without eating a thing.
  • They are excellent at digging long, complex mazes underground, otherwise called burrowing. This is the only way they can survive the predatory behavior of other animals. Groundhogs are notoriously slow so running from their enemies is not an option.




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