14 Prickly Porcupine Books for Kids

no hugs for purcupine
A sweet story about a porcupine who yearns for some loving. When all the critters give each other goodnight hugs, Porcupine is never included in the embrace. When Armadillo notices what is happening, he teaches Porcupine about a different, non-prickly form of affection- a kiss! This adorable book has a lot of sweet little lessons about inclusion and creative problem solving.



Prickly Lessons in Children's Porcupine Books

These slow-moving, oversized rodents covered in quills are curious creatures to study. Most children can easily identify one in a photo, but fewer have caught an actual glimpse of the anti-social critters,  foraging for food in the darkness. Much like other nocturnal animals like raccoons, it is really fascinating to read kids' books about porcupines. There are so many great stories that feature prickly critters who want nothing more than a little companionship, despite their reputation for preferring solitude. Kids will love studying the detailed photographs and learning all kinds of interesting things about the mysterious creature.


never touch a porcupine

An eye-catching, oversized board book filled with tactile elements is perfect for kids who love porcupines. The book has fun rhymes and silicone patches for quills on each of the pages. A great gift for babies to develop sensory skills and eye-hand coordination.



 porcupine cupid

A sweet little porcupine is trying to spread love on Valentine's Day. Like a cupid shooting arrows, this rodent uses his quills to express his affection for others. Much to his surprise, his woodland friends respond with cries of pain as the sharp quills poke them. The quick-thinking porcupine makes some minor adjustments and is finally successful in finding his own special Valentine.


 porcupine's pie

A darling story about forest friends working together to make a delicious fall feast. Each of the animals has volunteered to bring a specialty dish to the celebration. Ironically, each one of the furry critters is missing a key ingredient to the recipe. Porcupine comes to the rescue by providing all the necessary items from her kitchen. But when she finally has time to make her item, she, too, finds that she is missing what she needs. Fortunately, her friends return the favor. A delicious recipe for Friendship Pie is included. 




not a book about bunnies

A clever book chock full of facts and witticisms that will be enjoyed by adults as much as children. Sick and tired of picture books all about fluffy bunnies, porcupines have decided it's their turn to star in a fun story. Lyrical text is both funny and informative, and the detailed illustrations offer new surprises to be discovered with each reading.

cars signs and porcupines

A busy book with tons of fun details to explore, including a porcupine population that seems to have grown a bit out of control. This engaging book is full of lessons around counting, measurement, map-reading, road signs, and more! Kids will who love things-that-go will enjoy the variety of transportation vehicles and the endearing characters trying to keep the city streets safe. 





An interesting book that provides lots of valuable information about porcupines and efforts to preserve the population. Readers will learn about their habitats, behaviors, physical traits, and socialization. A great complementary addition to read alongside fictional stories.




 deadly quills gross porcupines

The quills covering a porcupine provide an excellent shield of defense against predators. Although porcupines will first try other tactics, like clicking its teeth together or swinging its tail through the air, this tough rodent will resort to violence when cornered. Readers get a close-up glimpse at porcupines digging their sharp quills into enemies who ignore the warning signs.


 porcupine's picnic who eats what

A cute introduction to the diet of a variety of animals occurs when a porcupine decides to have a picnic. He pulls out a delicious, green clover to share, only to find that no one else likes to munch on this type of plant. Koala, Butterfly, Ostrich, Tortoise, and Squirrel have all brought their own tasty treats to the picnic, which is almost ruined when hungry Tiger appears.

 i need a hug

Valentine's Day is a tough holiday for the creatures who are not appealing to hug. This is the case with a lonely, little porcupine who is just looking for some loving. After all the other animals turn him away, he finally meets the one who is open to an embrace- a snake. A sweet story that implies even the most unlovable creatures need a some affection sometimes.

a porcupine named fluffy 
Lots of valuable lessons are packed into this classic book about a porcupine whose name is not fitting. A despondent porcupine is having a bit of an identity crisis and spends his days trying to live up to his name. He tries to morph into a pillow and climbs high into the sky to be one with the clouds. Yet no matter how valiant his efforts, Fluffy is still a prickly porcupine. It's not until he meets a rhinoceros named Hippo that his world becomes a bit brighter.




 how do you hug a porcupine

A little boy feels a pang of envy when he sees his friends embrace their favorite pets. But bunnies, puppies, and even billie goats are pretty easy to hug. It takes quite a bit of courage, however, to wrap your arms around a prickly animal. Determined to hug his pet, the brave boy gets himself into position only to find that porcupines don't like to be touched. Fun rhymes and cute pictures bring this little book to life.



 be mine porcupine

A sweet Valentine's Day book dedicated to all the not-so-snuggly animals that are often left behind. Soft teddy bears and cute little puppies always get all the attention. Told in catchy rhyme, this story encourages readers to love prickly porcupines, in addition to slugs, alligators, bats, and other less-appealing critters.




 a prickle of porcupines

An excellent photographic journey into the lives of a group of porcupines, otherwise known as a prickle. Readers will learn all sorts of interesting information about what they eat, where the live, and how they defend themselves against predators. The detailed photographs will captivate kids who want to examine all the details on a porcupine's body. 
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Why Kids Love Reading About Animals With Quills

Lots of porcupine stories present these animals as sad, lonely critters who desperately want a hug. They are burdened by their prickly exterior that interferes with the ability to make friends. There is always a happy ending with a lesson about not judging others by how they look. Although these books are fun to read and open conversations about real life friendships, the real fact is that porcupines prefer a life of solitude. They are near-sighted animals that move slowly and deliberately throughout the night in search of food. During the day, they take cover in their dens, similar to bats and other creatures of the night, often alone and hidden from the world. A fun exercise to do with children would be to read non-fiction books in additional to fictional stories. Ask little ones to compare and contrast animals in each of the titles. They will be surprised at how children's authors present the characters versus how the real animals behave.


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