10 Charming Snowflake Books for Kids


Snowflake Bentley
A Caldecott award-winning book that chronicle the life of Wilson Bentley, a man who studied snowflakes and provided the foundation for everything we know about these lovely little crystals today. When he was a little boy, his parents saved up to buy him a little camera and microscope so he could pursue his hobby of studying snowflakes. For most of his life, no one else really appreciated his hard work chronicling all his photos and observations. But when he was an old man, he published a book of his findings that became a respected resource.


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 Beautiful Children's Books About Snowflakes

Looking out the window to watch tiny snowflakes drift slowly to the ground instills a sense of peace and quiet solitude. When these tiny crystals accumulate on the ground, they can deliver a much-needed respite from the daily stresses of a child's life. Happy kids may have a day off from school to play outside and enjoy a winter wonderland offering endless adventure. Kids who want to learn more about these little icy drops and why the saying goes "no two snowflakes are the same" will love reading the best children's books about snowflakes.  

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Little Snowflake
An enchanting, padded book with illustrations that reflect a snowflake's journey from formation in the sky to contact with the ground below. Easy-to-follow scientific information is blended into a story about the natural world. A great little book to add to a child's winter reading collection.




Just One Flake

 This funny story follows a little boy's quest to catch a snowflake. There are thousands falling from the sky and yet he can't seem to capture a single one. Readers will giggle at all the silly antics like running around with his tongue sticking out and climbing atop a snowman just to get a little higher. Eventually, in the most surprising twist of events, he manages to trap a snowflake with an unexpected result.




Just Like Snowflakes

A heartwarming book for little kids about acceptance. Snowflakes are all perfectly unique, just like people. Using this analogy throughout the story, the author encourages readers to embrace everyone and celebrate the differences that make each and every child special.



The Snowflake

A lovely story about intertwining lives of a little girl and a solitary snowflake. Wishing for a beautiful Christmas tree, a lonely child gazes around outside wondering if her dream could possibly come true. Simultaneously, a snowflake drifts down from above desperate for a perfect place to land. With some guidance, little readers can make connections between the unique nature of snowflakes and people. A simple yet moving story about belonging perfect for Christmastime reading. 



Snowflakes: A Pop-Up Book

A gorgeous gift book with intricate snowflakes that pop from the pages. Readers will enjoy the beautiful paper art that brings the story to life. The text follows the life of Wilson Bentley, a man who dedicated years to photographing and studying snowflakes. He is credited for most of the information that people possess today about the delicate crystals that fall when temperatures are cold.




Snowflakes on Our Tongues

A fun romp on the farm with animals who are energized by a big snowfall. Farmer Pumpernickel is an experienced farmer who know how to take good care of his pigs, horses, cows, and chickens. But when his back is turned and the snow starts to come down, the animals start behaving in unusual ways. They join together for a big dance snow party and turn the ordinary barnyard into chaotic revelry. Pages in the back have lots of good information about animals for kids inspired to learn more.



The Smallest Snowflake

A dreamy book about a little snowflake in search of its place in the world. While all the other crystal droplets head off to faraway places, in search of an exotic and exciting place to land, the smallest of the bunch is looking for something different. Drifting over high mountain ranges and vast oceans, the little snowflake finally arrives home. Sparse text coupled with illustrations in soft hues, this story opens the door for a conversation about belonging.



Snowflake Day

A cute board book about a very special day for Daniel Tiger. He has a special role in his school's play, Snowflake Day! Things don't go according to plan and it's up to Daniel to save the performance. This novelty shaped book is perfect for fans of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 




The Story of Snow
A fantastic, non-fiction book filled with beautiful, close-up photographs of snowflakes. A collaborative effort between a snow scientist and a nature photographer, this book is packed full of interesting information all about snowflakes. Information about the formation of snowflakes is both scientific and easy to understand for younger readers.


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Magical Kids' Books About Snowflakes

Kids who love winter weather will enjoy reading all about the snowflakes that fall from the sky. Chances are little ones have some basic knowledge, but there are lots of science lessons woven throughout the best kids' books about snowflakes. Also, some common myths, like the belief that no two snowflakes are alike, are dispelled in some of these stories. Readers will learn that temperatures much drop to at least 32 degrees for snowflakes to fall, and that they will drift to the ground at a pace of 3 to 4 miles per hour. In addition soaking up all the scientific facts, kids will enjoy reading the fun stories of characters admiring the beauty of snowflakes falling from above.


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Fantastic Facts About Snowflakes

Snowflakes are delicate little crystals that fall from the sky and lay a blanket of magic across the ground. A large accumulation of these lovely little drops of moisture can create an instant playground for kids who love to be outdoors. Lots of kids probably never slow down long enough to contemplate the formation of each individual snowflake, and how they fit into the natural water cycle. Here are some pretty interesting facts about snowflakes to share with your kids next time they head out to play in the fluffy, cold snow.

  •  Snowflakes are symmetrical. If a snowflake could be cut in half, both sides would be completely identical. There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. The internal order of the water crystal's molecules determines how they fill predetermined spaces. This process is called crystallization. Kids who make snowflakes by folding a paper in half to create symmetry will now know why.
  • Snowflakes are actually not white. The crystals are translucent, but they take on a white appearance when light reflects off of them. Sometimes snow can even take on a blue hue, or in areas where air pollution is high, it can look grey.
  • Snowflakes are made up of tiny ice crystals. They form around tiny, microscopic pieces of dirt in the atmosphere. Temperature and humidity determine how big each snowflake becomes. In extremely cold temperatures, simple crystals drop from the sky. But when it is a little warmer, just around the freezing mark, the crystals hang in the air longer and join with other crystals, sometimes upward of 200 joining together to form a singular snowflake. 
  • There are five different types of snowflake formations. Scientists who study snowflakes generally agree on the following classifications: needles, dendrites, columns, plates, and prisms. There are other, less common classification systems, some of which identify 80 different formations. Most decorations and illustrations of snowflakes are in the dendrite shape. They have six points and beautiful, intricate designs.




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