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20 Exciting Kids' Books About Bikes

Bike On, Bear!

 Bear has a lot of talents. This furry fellow is a math wizard and has mastered a pretty cool handstand using one paw. So when he attempts to ride a bike, he's pretty surprised and frustrated by his inability to balance. Despite practicing with training wheels, Bear can't seem stay upright on the bike. Fortunately, he's no quitter. Kids will get a kick out of the humorous turn of events that eventually give Bear the final push he needs.


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Encouraging Children's Books on Learning to Ride a Bike

Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for many children. When training wheels are removed and kids experience the thrill of balancing on two thin tires, it's a time of celebration. But chances are there were a few scraped knees and many tears shed before success was achieved. If your child needs a little bit of encouragement to get back on and try again, these children's books about bikes will deliver a boost of confidence. All of these books feature characters learning how to ride a bike for the first. They try, fail, repeat...over and over again until they finally get the hang of it. Reading stories will teach the importance of never giving up! And then to encourage more outdoor activity, check out these books about swimming 


Pedal Power: How One Community Became the Bicycle Capital of the World

An inspirational true story about an important event that took place in Amsterdam. During the 1970s, the city was overcrowded and the streets were jam-packed with cars. This created a big problem for people who relied on bicycles to get around. They banded together to protest the unsafe road conditions for bike riders, even taking over a motor-vehicle tunnel. Their efforts paid off as Amsterdam is now often considering the biking capitol of the world. Detailed, cartoon-like illustrations are fun for little readers to explore.


 Hello, Bicycle!

A cute, rhyming story about a little girl who is ready to ditch her tricycle and ride a real bike with two wheels. Things don't go smoothly at first, but she doesn't give up. By the end, she learns how to balance and ride without falling. Short and sweet read with darling illustrations that capture the brave face of one determined little girl.


 The Little Pig, the Bicycle, and the Moon

 Rosie really should be content. Her life on the farm is ideal: she has lots of food, a wonderful mud bath, and a pigpen that rivals all others. But her curiosity is piqued one day when she spots a child riding a bike. Perhaps she, too, could learn how to use a bicycle which would allow her to explore new places. Unfortunately, balancing and pedaling are not so easy for a pig. But after practicing night after night, Rosie finally gets the hang of it. This important message about never giving up may be what your little bike-rider-to-be needs to hear right now.



Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen

Sally Jean is a bright, energetic little girl who loves to ride her bike. In fact, she's so attached to the bicycle that she has named it- Flash! Sally Jean loves the wind blowing through her hair and the sense of freedom she feels when pedaling all around. One day, Sally Jean discovers she has outgrown Flash, so she passes her beloved bike down to a friend and builds a larger model out of used parts. A joyful book that celebrates all the fun parts of riding a bike!


 Duck on a Bike

A wacky book by David Shannon that will quickly become your child's favorite. One day a boy innocently leaves his bike unattended at a farm. An observant duck has the brilliant idea to give it a test ride. So off he goes, a little wobbly at first, past a whole slew of farm animals. Each one thinks a duck on a bike is a crazy, silly site to see. But their wide-eyed gazes, if you look carefully, reflect a little bit of envy. So when a group of kids rides onto the farm one day, casually propping their bikes against the barn to go explore, the perfect opportunity presents itself. Within moments, every single animal is riding blissfully and fearlessly around the farmyard!



 the bike lesson

It's a big day for Little Bear. His brand new bicycle has finally arrived and he cannot wait to go out and give it a spin! Before he heads out alone, Papa gives him valuable bike safety instructions from a very unique vantage point! He teaches him how to turn, use the breaks, and choose routes that are safe and familiar. 


Go, Bikes, Go!

A board book about bikes built to withstand curious, clumsy toddler fingers. Bikes of every size, shape, age, and color are sprawled across the colorful pages of this fun read. A diverse group of bike riders pedal away in this celebration of cycling. Short, simple text is just right for little readers. A great baby shower gift for cycling enthusiasts!

 Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face

The year is 1896. Louise Belinda Bellflower is an ordinary little girl who enjoys doing all of the same things as her brother. So she is particularly annoyed when he tells her that girls are not allowed to ride bikes. Not unlike many annoying siblings, he tells her a tall tale about something called Bicycle Face. Basically, if girls ride bikes, their faces will get permanently stuck in expressions they make when riding down fast hills. Louise refuses to believe him, so she sneaks out on a bike ride to prove him wrong. With subtle references to women's suffrage and other inequalities that existed at that time, this historical fiction picture book offers more depth than simply learning to balance on two wheels.

Bike & Trike 

A heartwarming story of friendship, loyalty, and identity from the perspective of a couple of bike. Trike has been by Lulu's side for years, as can be seen by his rusty old body and worn out wheels. One day, brand new Bike rolls into the garage with his shiny bars and fancy tires. He zips around doing wheelies and other fancy tricks. Trike's sadness is replaced by his concern for Lulu's safety. Surely Bike is not going to take all of the precautions to keep Lulu from getting hurt. When Bike heads out on the road with Lulu at the helm, Trike follows close behind. An adventurous ride quickly turns dangerous, but Trike saves the day with his quick thinking and awesome bike skills. A touching book about bikes that are best friends and companions.


 Joy Ride

 Joy and her grandfather have decided to fix up an old, rusty bike. This project is a fun, summertime activity that the two enjoy doing together.  They visit hardware stores and garage sales all around town until they have all the parts needed. After a lot of hard work, the bike is shiny and new, with a fun basket on the handlebars and a cute bell. But when Joy takes the bike for a spin, some of the kids in the neighborhood tease her. Feeling dejected, she makes a poor decision and learns an important lesson about being true to yourself.


 Together We Ride

A little girl, with the help of her father, finally learns how to ride a bike. At first she is afraid, but with the encouragement of her loving father and faithful dog, she finds the courage to do it. A sweet story that celebrates the special relationship between a father and daughter.  



Instead of giving an expensive card for an important milestone in a child's life, consider substituting this inspiring book instead.  A girl's journey on her bike, climbing mountains and descending into valleys, serves as a metaphor for life. Filled with motivational words, this picture book is a great gift for a child's first day of school or graduation. Or, it is simply perfect for encouraging a child to hop up on the seat of a brand new bicycle.



 Vera Rides a Bike

 Vera is perfectly content riding her red tricycle, despite the fact that she outgrew it some time ago. When her tricycle is stolen at the park, what appears to be an unfortunate event is actually a blessing in disguise. Vera's older sister, Elaine, gives her an old, green two-wheeler. With a fresh coat of purple paint, the bike is ready to ride. Vera bravely hops onto the seat, but just like every child learning to ride a big bike, she is filled with trepidation. Readers will relate to her experiences and cheer her on as she takes off by herself for the first time. Retro-style artwork evokes feelings of nostalgia and simpler times.



 Fox and the Bike Ride

 If you want to go on a nice and easy bike ride, Fox is not the best companion. This furry fellow is up for adventure with a splash of danger. It's time for the annual animals' bike ride, a tradition that offers plenty of excitement for Elephant, Bear, Turtle, and lots of other critters. But Fox is not satisfied with the status quo, so he puts a plan in place to spice things up this year. What starts as a leisurely bike ride turns into an utterly unforgettable, thrilling bike ride for everyone involved. 



 Curious George Loves to Ride

 A sturdy board book about everyone's favorite, energetic monkey, Curious George. In this fun story, George is busy riding anything and everything. Readers will get a kick out of watching him ride a ball, a helicopter, a bus, a kits, and of course, a bike!



Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle

A practically wordless bike book takes little readers through all the steps using watercolor illustrations. Geared toward the preschool reading group, this story features a father who is teaching his daughter how to ride a bike. All the failures and triumphs are captured through expressive pictures. Kids will realize that falling down is part of the learning process, so they have to just keep getting up and trying again.


 The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle

 A unique and quirky middle grade novel about a girl who is aptly named Bicycle. An introvert by nature, Bicycle lives in a monastery, a mostly-silent residence which suits her personality. Concerned about her lack of friends, Sister Wanda wants to send her off to camp. Instead, Bicycle hops on her bicycle and rides across country to meet her idol, a well-known cyclist. Along the way, Bicycle enounters some of the most bizarre and funny obstacles, like a ghost that rides on her handlebars and a pack of dogs that hate bikes. Even more importantly, Bicycle makes some accidental friends that aren't so bad after all.



 bear's bicycle

Balancing on a bike is not easy, especially for oversized furry creatures. The Summer Scoot, a fun bike ride for the entire forest community, is around the corner. Porcupine, Doe, and Squirrel are excitedly decorating their bikes in preparation for the big event. But Bear is feeling quite dejected since he does not know how to ride a bike. While heading to the library for a an instruction book, his friends rally around to show him that there is a better way to learn. An uplifting story for kids who are also struggling to ride a bike.



The Red Bicycle: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Bicycle

A fascinating, non-fiction book that follows the journey of a red bicycle across thousands of miles. This amazing bike's life begins with a young boy in North America who rides it purely for pleasure. When he has outgrown it, the boy donates it to an organization that ships bikes to Africa. From there, a girl scoops up the red bike, which quickly becomes the most important mode of transportation for her and her family who work on a distant farm. Next up, the bike makes its way to a woman who uses it to help the sick. Its becomes an ambulance of sorts and is also used to deliver medicine to hospitals. This inspirational story is a great introduction to other cultures and challenges little readers to think about the many uses of a bicycle.


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Picture Books Featuring Characters on Bikes

 Riding a bike is as much a mental exercise as it is physical. One of the biggest obstacles children need to overcome is the fear of falling off their bike. Kids who feel relaxed and confident on seat are less likely to take a topple. The best way to teach children to ride a bike is simply encouraging them to immediately get up after a fall and try again.

Another less obvious way to help a child actually takes place within the comfort and safety of your home. Reading children's books about bikes is a great strategy. Kids will learn that falling is part of the process and will develop the confidence they need to keep trying. And when little ones need to take a break and retreat indoors, gather some children's yoga books to promote more healthy movement and exercise.


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