kids skiing books

16 Snowy Ski Books for Kids

learning to ski with mr magee

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee

You will feel like you are on the ski slopes with Mr. Magee and his trusty dog, Dee. The vibrant illustration bring this action-packed snowy adventure to life. Author/illustrator Chris Van Dusen brings us this highly entertaining, perfectly rhyming, jaunt down the slopes with a few obstacles that get in the way.

kids skiing books


 Read Children Books About Skiing Before Hitting the Slopes

It can be easily argued that it's easier to learn to ski as a child than as an adult. But that's not to say that all kids will easily acquire the skills they need to get down the hill safely. Reading kids skiing books will show them a wide variety of experiences navigating difficult slopes, dealing with challenges, and never giving up. There are sure to be lots of tumbles, mishaps, and perhaps even some tears. Getting a child ready for this adventure involves both physical and mental preparation. The best stories are packed with humor and adventure. And, most importantly, they share life lessons about picking yourself up after falling...again and again! Kids who love winter sports and playing outdoors in the cold weather will also enjoy reading stories all about snow.


bunny slopes

Bunny Slopes

A super fun, interactive book about skiing for toddlers. Shake, tilt, and turn the book for a virtual ski reading experience. Little kids will love helping bunny overcome all the obstacles he encounters as he's zipping down the slopes like a master.



 squirrels on skis

Squirrels on Skis

A pesky group of squirrels somehow have secured skis and are wreaking havoc on the slopes. Everyone from new reports to pest control workers are trying to get to the bottom of this utterly strange and disruptive event. Lots of humor and fun illustrations fill the pages of this ski book for beginner readers.



 spy ski school

Spy Ski School

Thirteen year old Ben does not thrive in the spy school classroom, but he has a knack for surviving the most impossible situations brought upon him by his enemies. A best-selling chapter book, part of the Spy School series, that brings page-turning action to the ski slopes.




ski school sneak

Ski School Sneak

Nancy and her best friends, Georgia and Bess, are having fun on their school class trip. All three girls are learning how to ski, but Bess is the one who has the most talent on the slopes. Unfortunately, she is also the prime suspect when the ski room is ransacked and some items are missing. The girls need to follow the clues and the solve this mystery before Bess takes the downfall for a crime she didn't commit.




 teach your giraffe to ski

Teach Your Giraffe to Ski

A giraffe, whose center of gravity is not ideal for skiing, is determined to tackle the most difficult slopes a mountain has to offer. You (the reader) are encouraged to join him...and hopefully save this spotty fellow from getting hurt. This silly book is at once hilarious and exhausting!




ollie's ski trip

Ollie's Ski Trip

A simply magical picture book about a little boy who is receives his first pair of skis. His adventure isn't a typical ski story. He heads off into the woods, encounters Jack Frost, and is whisked away to King Winter's palace. There he meets a group of children with whom he skis, skates and enjoys a mystical winter wonderland.




on my skis

On My Skis

A sweet ski book for toddlers set in Vancouver. A little tyke is learning to ski for the first time in the beautiful snowy mountains. Picturesque, whimsical story that will capture the attention of young children for many readings. 



abcs on skis

ABCs on Skis

 Kids will love the pictures of kids skiing down the powdery slopes. This fun, wintry seek-and-find teaches little ones the letters of the alphabet. Buried in the pages of the ski scenes are all twenty-six letters from A to Z, cleverly disguised as ski equipment, ski lifts, and other objects sprawled across a mountain full of jubilant skiers.



 the little rippers

The Little Rippers

This short chapter book about skiing packs a lot of action and adventure in its pages. A brother and sister are enrolled in a ski school, called The Little Rippers. As novice skiers, they are a bit anxious about whether they can keep up with the rest of the kids in the group. A few wrong turns and a mind-boggling mystery will have readers on edge. Themes of friendship and overcoming obstacles are woven throughout this recommended book.



 marion and the girls getaway

Little Critter Club: Marion and the Girls' Getaway

This adorable book for early readers features cute illustrations on every page! Marion has planned the perfect girls' weekend for all of her friends. It includes skiing, spa treatments, and lots of hot chocolate. An unexpected guest, a cute snow bunny, adds some extra excitement to their trip. 



ski tips for kids 

Ski Tips for Kids

A funny, cartoonish, how-to-ski guide for kids learning to ski and parents trying to teach them. Lots of material is covered, from choosing the right equipment to tricks on the slopes, in this comprehensive guide for beginners. The illustrations alone are worth buying this children's book about skiing.



curious george in the snow

Curious George in the Snow

Temperatures are dropping so George and the man with the yellow hat head to the slopes. There is an exciting downhill ski competition happening. The curious monkey even decides to test run some equipment and enjoys the thrill of speeding down the mountain. When it's time to take a break to warm up, George has a hard time staying in one place for very long. So, as things usually go, he gets into a little bit of trouble and may have just created a brand new winter sport event along the way!



 just a snowy vacation

Just a Snowy Vacation

Join Littler Critter and his family as they head off for an action-packed vacation. They go ice-skating, skiing, and enjoy the outdoor winter wonderland. Unfortunately, Dad takes a spill and injures his leg. Always willing to lend a helping hand, Little Critter comes to the rescue. Like all the books in this series, the charming pictures include so much detail that kids will discover something new with each reading.




peg and cat the penguin problem 

Peg + Cat: The Penguin Problem

 What happens at the winter games when a group of penguins cannot follow directions? Peg and Cat spot a catastrophe in the making when these birds race down the slopes. Like most ski competitions, there are lots of hurdles that require them to navigate. But this is a problem when they don't know how to read the signs! A fun, fast-paced story that will elicit lots of giggles.



 ski trip terror

Ski Trip Terror

An illustrated, easy chapter book for Scooby Doo fans who love to ski. Scooby and the gang are planning an action-packed trip to the mountain, each of them looking forward to getting some nice runs down the slopes. But when a snow ghost appears and threatens to ruin their trip, as well as that of all the other skiers, the mystery-solving crew jumps into action. A fast-paced fun book that kids will enjoy reading over and over again.


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kids skiing book


 Ski Stories for Kids Packed With Life Lessons

The characters learn lots of valuable lessons on the slopes about tenacity, toughness, and courage. Through their stories, little skiers will draw strength when they face the same obstacles. Instead of quitting, kids will keep trying until they experience the exhilaration of flying down a mountain with total mastery and control. 

Learning to ski is a privilege that many lucky kids get to experience. Flying carefree down a steep mountain is a magical feeling. Crisp air,  powdery snow, and a beautiful silence except for the sound of cutting through the snow. The experience is even more magical when snowflakes are falling from the sky.  If you are planning a trip with your children, snuggle up, grab some hot cocoa, and read some of these recommendations to get them excited for their big adventure. 

Grab some good picture books to give them a sneak peak at the adventure that awaits. Whether you have a first time skier or an experienced athlete on the slopes, the illustrations in these stories will  get them excited about their next run. The stories feature characters who struggle on the slopes, fall down over and over again, feel frustrated or angry, and sometimes even quit, at least temporarily. But then this pick themselves up by their bootstraps and keep trying until they finally succeed. Reading motivational stories will help your own child get into the right frame of mind so that they are prepared for the challenges they face on the slopes.


kids skiing


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