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5 Chilly Facts for Kids About Snow

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Snow Trivia for Adventurous Kids

When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, kids love to run outside and enjoy the magical flakes dropping from the sky. And when the snow accumulates on the ground, nature's playground offers boundless possibilities only limited by a child's imagination. Kids who love winter weather will love learning all these fun snow facts! Be sure to collect the best children's books about snow to continue the winter fun when it's time to come indoors.


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child playing in snow


Snow falls at a pace of about 1 to 4 mph. 

There are a few factors that affect the speed of a falling snowflake, like environmental conditions as well as the mass and surface area of the snowflake. In rare circumstances, snow can fall at a pace of around 9 mph. This phenomenon occurs when snowflakes collect supercooled water, which are water droplets colder than freezing but still in liquid form. 




Chionophobia is the intense fear of snow. 

The symptoms of this phobia are similar to many other fears, such as rapid heart rate, feeling anxious, inability to manage irrational thoughts, sweating, and difficulty breathing. Some experts believe this disorder stems from a negative or traumatic childhood incident involving snow.




Always wear sunglasses if the sun is shining while there is snow on the ground. 

Snow reflects ultraviolet radiation causing a condition called snow blindness. Without protective eyewear, the sun's rays that reflect off the snow can burn the cornea. 


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Thundersnow is a rare, dramatic weather event. 

When there is turbulence in the atmosphere, rapid and heavy snowfall is accompanied by thunder and lightning. Thundersnow usually only occurs in certain regions of the United States, like the Great Lakes area and across the northeastern states.




There is a reason why it feels quieter after a big snowfall. 

The calming effect of a snowfall is very feel for many, which can make the surrounding environment seem more peaceful. In fact, freshly fallen snow actually absorbs sound waves, so the world the volume is turned down a notch. But if the snow melts and then freezes over, sound waves bounce off the ice and travel further, thus amping up the noise level.



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