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14 Freezing Kids' Books About Snow


There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!

A snowy fun rendition of the best-selling series about a crazy lady who swallows the most unimaginable objects. In this wintry story, the cold lady starts by swallowing some snow. True to form, she continues to ingest more ridiculous things like a pipe, a piece of coal, a hat, and other items associated with the cold weather. A fun, rhyming read-aloud that will definitely make kids giggle at the silliness of it all.


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Snowy Picture Books for Winter

When heavy snow blankets the earth, the whole world seems to quiet down and a busy lives come to a temporary standstill. For kids, this is a most magical event when they can skip school and play with friends in the cold outdoors. They gather hats, scarves, gloves, and a few other odds and ends to make snowmen with the fresh powder. Neighborhood children join together for snowball fights and head to the best hills around for sledding. They gather supplies to build snowmen, pile mounds of fluffy white stuff and carve out forts, and plop onto their backs to make angels. Families head to the slopes for fun day of skiing in powder. The best children's books about snow tell stories about characters to love to frolic and play all day after a big winter storm. 


Wolf in the Snow

This wordless picture book, winner of the prestigious Caldecott medal, is the story of wolf cub who is lost in a snowstorm. Separated from the rest of the pack, the little straggler is at risk all alone in the cold. A little girl headed home crosses paths with the cub and does not hesitate for even a moment to usher it to safety. A heartfelt story about kindness and helping others in need.




 The Snowy Day

A classic, Caldecott book by Ezra Jack Keats has been mesmerizing readers for decades. Perfect, simple text keeps the focus on pictures that capture the awe of a little boy who is experiencing a snowy day for the first time. Peter learns about snow as he moves through the city streets blanketed by a fresh snowfall. His sweet innocence shines when he wonders how he can keep some of this cold, frosty snow inside with him.



 Snoopy's Snow Day! 

A novelty, shaped board book covers all the fun Snoopy and Woodstock enjoy together on a wonderful, snowy day. Lots of other Peanuts characters join in the fun as they play and build a snowman together. Sturdy pages will hold up to little fingers who will enjoy reading this story many times.



\Katy and the Big Snow

This century-old story will take readers back in time to a city that comes to appreciate Katy, a female tractor who surpasses the others in her skills and fortitude. During the summer months she works tirelessly behind a bulldozer. When winter hits, she keeps the streets safe and clear by pushing a snowplow. After one particularly bad storm, all of the other bulldozers get stuck except for Katy. The humble, overlooked tractor finally gets the recognition she deserves from all the people she helps.



Hooray for Snow! 

Peppa Pig fans will love this Little Golden Book featuring their favorite swine and her little brother, George. Together they go outside to enjoy a fun-filled day building the perfect snowman and playing in the cold, wintry weather. The cheerful pigs love mud puddles, but a snowy day delivers plenty of activity for these little piggies. 




A Caldecott Honor Book captures the anticipation of a little boy waiting for a significant snowfall. When flurries start floating around in the air, the boy and his furry companion head outside to enjoy the winter weather. No one thinks there will be any significant accumulation, but the child will not let their doubts get in the way of his fun. Sparse text is matched with dreamy pictures of snowflakes slowly transforming the town into a winter wonderland.



Bundle Up

A darling little hippo is layering up to go outside for a fun day in the snow. Kids will laugh at all the clothing needed to keep the hippo warm. Simple math and color concepts are introduced in this board book about preparing for playing in the cold, snowy weather.




Join a couple of darling babies as they sled down a steep hill and fly into a fresh pile of snow. Funny pictures of these two cherubs skiing, building a snowman, and just having lots of outdoor fun. All the excitement is followed by a warm bath and cozy snuggles on the couch. A short, sweet, and funny snow book for toddlers to read every winter. 



 Froggy Gets Dressed

Like lots of kids, Froggy pops out of bed eager to play outside in the snow. In all of his excitement, Froggy forgets to dress appropriately. His mother has to call him in repeatedly to fetch additional articles of clothing to keep him warm while playing in the cold outdoors. Like the rest of the Froggy books, this story is full of laugh out loud moments for kids who will relate to his overzealous and sometimes forgetful nature.



Biscuit's Snowy Day

 Kids will love to follow along with Biscuit as he heads outside to enjoy freshly fallen snow. He and his best girl enjoy all of the usual activities, like making a snowman and going sledding. And when they are cold and tired, the two head indoors for a delicious cups of hot cocoa. 



 A Day in the Snow with The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

A delightful, tabbed board book for babies follows very hungry caterpillar as it inches its way through the snow. Toddlers will delight in watching the caterpillar build a big snowman and bask in the falling snowflakes. Each tab takes little readers to a new page with a wintry scene featuring a variety of animals playing in the snow.



Flubby Does Not Like Snow

Not everyone is thrilled when snow starts falling from the sky. Flubby the cat is perfectly happy staying indoors where it is warm and dry. But Kami wants her cat to join her outside and play in the snow. She does her best to convince him, but Flubby is not thrilled with the cold, wet stuff on the ground. This cartoon-style book with lots of narration is an excellent stepping stone for beginner readers ready to tackle books independently.




Davy in the Snow 

A story of survival and courage in the middle of a big snowstorm will warm the hearts of readers. Two bunnies, Davy and Mia, head out on a journey to visit their grandparents. Snow has just fallen, so Grandpa Rabbit tells the little ones about a story from his childhood about getting lost in the wintry mix. Bits of sage advice are shared throughout this story, like what to do if you get lost in the snow. Later, when Davy and Mia venture home and lose their way, they rely on Grandpa's wise words to keep them safe until they are rescued.


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Stories for Kids Who Love Snowstorms

Little ones who love to bundle up for fun outside will love reading the best kids' books about snow. These stories share all the exciting activities characters enjoy after mother nature dumps a huge pile of fluffy white stuff on the ground. There are also lots of humorous, and all-too-relatable stories about the downside of playing in the icy cold outdoors. The hassle of bundling up in heavy coats, hats, gloves, and boots is a familiar experience. And then when snow still finds a way to numb fingertips and toes, the characters head indoors after just a few minutes of playing outside. All of these scenes that will drum up lots of laughs, and maybe a few groans, as the scenes that play across out across the pages seem a bit too familiar. Next time flakes start falling, share some fascinating facts about snow for kids  that will make them pause to think about this weather event.


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