28 Wintry Snowmen Books for Kids

How to Catch a Snowman

Jump into a winter wonderland with this action-packed snowman book. Ice skate across the pond, run through the snow, and navigate all the traps to try and catch this clever guy! A sweet, sentimental ending will touch the hearts of little readers and a bouncy rhyming text adds to the fun of this installment in the best-selling "How to Catch" series. 



 Children's Books About Building a Snowman

A most fun, imaginative wintertime activity is building a snowman with all the kids in the neighborhood. After the final touches are finished, children can't help but wonder what would happen if their creation came to life.  Their imaginations will take off when they read these fun stories. Each one tells a fantastical tale about special friendships formed and adventures children share. Next time the beautiful snowflakes starts falling, send your kiddos around the house to gather carrots, scarves, hats, and other materials so they can get started sculpting and accessorizing.

There is something so sweet about watching a toddler play in the snow for the first time. Sledding down hills, hitting the slopes for a fun day of skiing, making snowballs to toss, and of course, building snowmen are all part of the fun. When it is too cold to play outside, bring the winter fun indoors by reading the best toddler snowmen stories.  These books engage little readers with tactile features, lift-the-flaps, and minimal text for short attention spans. Each page is filled with colorful winter scenes and the most adorable snow creations.


 The Itsy Bitsy Snowman 

 A group of fun-loving snowmen frolic outside in this fun story set to the classic "Itsy Bitsy Spider" nursery rhyme. Reading this chunky board book will get your baby ready to play outside and build a snowman! Adorable illustrations in pastels add to the charm of this cute story.



My Snowman Book

A fun-shaped board book featuring all kinds of snowmen on every page. Young readers will enjoy all the unique, colorful ways a snowman can be created. Bold winter scenes and simple text perfect for babies and toddlers. 



 Winter Friends 

Real wildlife photography throughout this board book built to withstand clumsy fingers. Toddlers will enjoy learning about all the winter creatures that visit a snowman, like birds, squirrels and deer.



 Snowman's Magic Hat: A Lift-the-Flap Book

 Toddlers will love this interactive lift-the-flap book about magic. They will say the magic words and take a peek to see if the spell worked! Carrots, coal, buttons....and then...a snowman! A fun-shaped board book your toddler will enjoy exploring on cold winter days.



 colors in the cold

 Toddlers will love this cumulative story that teaches colors while building a snowman along the way. An engaging mix of photographs and illustrations throughout this snowman board book that is popular with both parents and teachers as an educational tool.



 Here Comes Frosty!

Here's a bit of nostalgia for parents who read this board book based on the 1969 television special.  An abridged version just right for toddlers, this story is about a snowman who magically comes to life one day.



 OLAF'S 1-2-3 

Olaf steals the show in the Disney's Frozen, and has earned himself a starring role in this counting book for toddlers. This famously silly snowman guides little readers as they count objects on every page of this glittery board book. 



 Snoopy's Snow Day!

Who can blame Snoopy for befriending a snowman who looks so real? Join this silly doggy as he ice skates and frolics in the snow with Woodstock and his other friends. Such a fun winter day for the Peanuts gang.



frosty the snowman


The classic rhyme is now available in a sparkly board book. Follow along with ever-cheerful Frosty who challenges little readers to "catch me if you can"!  Vibrant pictures capture the essence of the most famous snowman who will have your toddler chanting "thumpity thump thump" all day long.



 Elmo's Christmas Snowman 

Join the Sesame Street gang as they set out to build a snowman on Christmas Eve. They need to get a bit creative when they find there is not enough snow. Toddlers will get a kick out of Elmo's funny solution to the problem. Glittery pictures on every page of this sturdy book. 



 Winnie the Pooh Builds a Snowman

 Winnie the Pooh along with all his friends, including Roo, Tigger, Piglet, and others- are outside enjoying a snowy day together. When Pooh decides it would be fun to build a snowman, he learns that it is an easy job when everybody pitches in to help.


  I'm a Little Snowman

An adorable board book about a group of cheerful snowmen enjoying the outdoors. The little poem flows off the pages as the snow characters come to life. Bold, colors and sparkly snowflakes against a crystal blue sky set the tone for this charming little story.






 the snowman

 A classic wordless picture book that has been entertaining young children for generations. Join a young boy who builds a snowman who comes to life in his dreams that night. Encourage your preschooler to make up a story to go along with the enchanting illustrations. Lift the flaps to discover hidden pictures that add to the magic of this timeless book.



Sneezy the Snowman

What happens when a snowman gets cold? He sits by a fire, hops in a hot tub, and sips on some hot cocoa, of course! A humorous look at the disastrous results when a snowman, who simply wants to feel a little cozy, is reduced to a puddle. Kids rebuild, he melts...repeat! Playful, silly fun preschoolers will enjoy over many readings. 



 Doc McStuffins: Snowman Surprise

Fans of Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins will love this story about Chilly, who has seemed to caught a bug. The little snowman has changed colors and its up to Doc to figure out why. This sweet story shares an important lesson about how what matters most is on the inside, not the outside.



 Froggy Builds a Snowman 

Froggy's enthusiasm is contagious in this funny book that turns out not to be about a snowman at all! It is the day of the Winter Carnival and Froggy cannot wait to start building! But he must first follow the Principal's instructions for the day, which include sledding, skating and constructing a snow fort. When Froggy finally gets to work on his snowman, he decides to go in a different direction. Always strong-willed and funny, Froggy entertains in this book about winter fun.



An interesting, creative look at all the different objects that be used to make a snowman. Forget about the traditional carrot nose, buttons, pieces of coal, and scarf tossed in for good measure. This artful book pulls together different textured items to reflect snowmen like you toddler have never seen before. 



 All You Need for a Snowman

Well, first all you need is a snowflake or two. Readers will enjoy following along as the imaginations of young children grow and grow. The end result is a snowman of epic proportions. A lively, rhyming story with whimsical illustrations for you to read with your children in advance of the next big snowfall.






 Snowmen at Night

An enchanting, best-selling children's book that come to life after the lights go out at night. For curious kiddos who wonder why their snowman looks a little tilted or askew the next morning, all the answers are in this imaginative book written in verse. Each one's personality shines as the group engages in all kinds of playtime after the rest of the world goes to sleep.



 There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!

 Another winner in the best-selling "There Was an Old Lady" series. A humorous, cumulative story about all of the interesting objects a crazy lady manages to swallow. A pipe, a carrot, some coal, a hat...and some snow! Kids may not be so surprised to find out why! A silly, rhyming story for wintertime fun.



Crow & Snow

A beautiful story about an unlikely friendship that forms between a scarecrow and a snowman. Crow lives a lonely life in a field, but that all changes one winter when some children build a guy named Snow to keep him company. The winter months are much brighter for Crow with a friend by his side. But Snow, who disappears when the weather turns warmer, always returns to his friend upon the first snowfall. A story that will warm the hearts of your little readers.



 Eloise and the Snowman

A Level 1 reader about spunky Eloise and her efforts to build a snowman. Things go terribly wrong in this funny book that takes place during a beautiful New York City snowfall. A fast, fun book for your budding independent reader.



Making a Friend

Best-selling author Allison McGhee captures all the feels in this gentle friendship story. A little boy is despondent when his special friend, a snowman he built one cold, wintry day, disappears. After some soul searching, the boy learns that those you love will always be with you. A heartfelt story about never forgetting those who are most important to you. 



One Snowy Morning 

A squirrel and a chipmunk stumble upon the most surprising treasures in a gigantic pile of snow. There's a  rowboat (top hat), a dragon's tooth (carrot), a pair of fish puppets (mittens) and several other items. They "borrow" these things for the evening and return them to their rightful position the next day. Readers will giggle at these confused forest creatures. And, maybe they'll learn to appreciate that snowmen are more than just some ordinary objects.


Raccoon's Perfect Snowman 

Oh boy, Raccoon has a lesson to learn. He has spent all morning making the best snowman ever and cannot wait to show it off to his friends. When Rabbit, Fox and Mouse decide that they want to build snowmen as well, Raccoon believes he is the one who can teach them. Unfortunately, there is no snow left, all of the supplies are gone, and Raccoon is hoarding all of the tools. Kids will love reading this story about friendship and sharing. 



 The Snowman and the Snowdog

 A whimsical picture book about a little boy who wants a puppy for Christmas. When he builds a snowman, the boy also creates a snow puppy as a companion. That night, he dreams of his snowman taking him, along with the the pup, on an adventure to a magical world of snow people. On Christmas morning, when the boy awakes, he finds a real puppy waiting for him under the tree. 



The Snowman's Song

A magical snowman story about the power of believing in a Christmas miracle. This poetic story is about a little snowman who dreams of having a voice of his own one day. This frosty fellow wants nothing more than to join the carolers who go door to door singing beautiful songs. Just when all hope is lost, a magnificent cardinal appears and gives the snowman the gift he has been dreaming about.


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Snowman Picture Books

Preschoolers love bundling up for a day of playing in the snow! Building a snowman in the yard with a child is a memorable way to spend a cold winter day. Before heading out into the winter weather, have your little ones gather together items all around the house to decorate their snow families. Have fun using old clothing, craft materials, and food items to bring your own unique creation to life!  For some inspiration, read some of these imaginative snowman children's books. When school is canceled due to snowy weather, all the kids  head outside to go sledding, throw snowballs, build forts, and skate across frozen ponds. For a magical period of time, kids forget about homework, practices, lessons, and bury all their worries in the piles of fluffy snow



 Five Frosty Facts about Snowmen 

  • Biggest Snowman Ever Built: In 2008, a 122-foot high snow-woman, named Olympia was built in Maine. Entire trees were used for her arms.


biggest snowman


  • Smallest Snowman Ever Built: In 2009, scientists at a laboratory in West London built this teeny-tiny snowman standing a mere 0.0003937008 inches tall using a tool for manipulating nanoparticles.


tiny snowman


  • Most Snowmen Built: In 2003, a small town Japan organized a snowman building event to beat a world record. 12,379 snowmen were built, a number that exceeded the local population.


japan snowmen


  • First Illustrated Snowman: A picture from 1867 depicts a snowman surrounded by children.


old snowman drawing


  • First Photographed Snowman: Taken in 1853, this is the oldest recorded photograph of a snowman recorded by the National Library of Wales.


old snowman photo


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