14 Silly Kids' Books About Pickles


stop that pickle


Stop That Pickle!

Much like The Gingerbread Man, this little pickle jumps on the first opportunity to escape his certain demise. Confined to a jar atop a deli counter, he waits patiently until one day a lady waddles in and order a pickle. When the lid is opened, the salty fellow makes his grand escape. Throughout the city streets he runs, with a cast of other foods at his heels trying to stop him. Will the peanut butter and jelly sandwich or flock of almonds finally catch the escape artist? Action-packed nonsense that guarantees lots of giggles along the way!

Funny Pickle Books for Children

Pickles are a staple served alongside burgers and fries in restaurants. They add a nice, flavorful crunch to sandwiches and are equally delicious to enjoy as a standalone snack. Alongside other condiments in the refrigerator, you are likely to find a variety of pickle jars. Long spears and round slices float in a salty, vinegar-based fluid that helps these cucumbers-of-the-past retain their robust taste. Kids'books about pickles are fun to pair with quirky pickle gifts to create the perfect foodie birthday gift. We've listed some of the best stories about these delicious, salty snacks that spring off the pages and come to life.


pandas love pickles

Pandas Loves Pickles

Introduce your toddler to pickle-loving pandas in this adorable ABC board book. The pages are filled with funny pictures of all kinds of animals eating foods that are more likely enjoyed by humans. Little ones will learn the alphabet while also exploring colorful new foods.




 phil pickle

Phil Pickle

A quirky book that will inspire children to dream big and ignore all the nay-sayers in their lives. Phil, crammed into a jar with lots of other pickles, refuses to accept his destiny to land on a plate with a burger. Instead, this crunchy, green fellow wants to make it in Hollywood. But first he must start with learning some simple lines and landing some smaller gigs on commercials. He stumbles and fumbles his way until he finally get a lucky break. A funny, unusual book with a surprise ending!



from garden to pickle

From Garden to Pickle

Kids looking for a pickle fix may want to try concocting their own batch. In this non-fiction book about how pickles are made starts from the very beginning. Cucumbers are first plucked from the garden. From there they are cut and then brined, which usually means they are soaked in a mixture of water, salt, sugar, and white vinegar. Large photographs show the entire cycle of cucumber to pickle for kids to follow when working on their own pickling project.




Even the most resistant readers will have a hard time putting down this funny story. Fountain Point Middle School has a new group- the pickle-making club. The sneaky members use the process of converting cucumbers into pickles as a front. The real mission is to wreak havoc throughout the hallways through disruptive, albeit harmless, pranks. Each member brings a unique contribution to a group that is never short on outrageous tricks, stunts, and surprises. 

pickle party

Pickle Party!

It's Kennedy's birthday and her friends have a great idea for her party. Since she loves all pickled foods, Waffles and Mochi decide they will make some homemade snacks. They quickly learn the hard way that making pickles is a lengthy process that may not be finished in time for the big celebration. An easy chapter book packed with site words is just right for emerging readers. An added bonus of 30 stickers makes this book even more fun! 



the monster book of pickle jokes

The Monster Book of Pickle Jokes

It's hard to believe that such a book exists! How could there possibly be enough jokes about pickles to fill a book? Well, this 94-page joke book is filled with corny one-liners, puns, and jokes that will make your eyes roll. There are also plenty of surprisingly good jokes that will make even the most difficult audience of readers laugh out loud.  




i would love you even if you were a pickle

I Would Love You Even If You Were a Pickle

Winner of a Mom's Choice award, this darling book is one that all mothers should read to their little ones. The heartwarming text conveys the unconditional love between a mom and her children. A wonderful book for baby showers, birthdays, or simply to share a special sentiment.


pickle things

Pickle Things

Marc Brown, author of the classic Arthur book series, wrote a less well-known book about pickles that is sure to make kids laugh. Originally published eons ago and more recently re-released, this pickle book showcases all the ways you will not encounter pickles in the real world. Preposterous examples of pickles taking on new forms will stretch the imagination. After a few readings, little readers will find themselves "seeing" pickles everywhere!


pickles to pittsburgh

Pickles to Pittsburgh

For kids who can't get enough of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, this sequel delivers even more zany situations involved over-sized foods. With pickles as big as helicopters, the townspeople of Chewandswallow will never go hungry. Join Kate and Henry on their second epic adventure to a place where generous food portions are taken to whole new level. Recognizing that not everyone around the world has this "good" problem, the kind folks work together to redistribute their abundance to those less fortunate.  

grimelda the very messy witch

Grimelda: The Very Messy Witch<

At first glance, looks like this book should be in a Halloween list. And it very much does deserve a place among books about ghosts, monsters, and goblins. This witch book is a little different, though, because Grimelda happens to love pickle pie. When she sets out to make this delicious treat from scratch, the messy witch can't seem to find the single most important ingredient. A funny book, especially for kids who can relate! The story is fantastic but the pictures offer even more hilarious entertainment. 


the great lollipop caper

The Great Lollipop Caper

A quirky story about Mr. Caper, a pickle who is jealous of the lollipop's popularity amongst kids. He hatches a plan to infuse the batter in the lollipop factory with pickle flavoring. His plan to make lollipops that taste like pickles fails miserably. A humorous, cartoon-like story about accepting one's lot in life.


i hear a pickle

I Hear a Pickle

All five senses are introduced to little readers by use of familiar objects, starting with pickles! Of course kids can taste them, but they can have a lot of fun seeing, smelling, touching, and even hearing them, too! Various objects are introduced and toddlers are asked to consider how they can learn more about them using their senses. And more importantly, when using some of these senses is actually dangerous.




in a pickle and other funny idioms

In a Pickle and Other Funny Idioms

An idiom is a group of words that take on a meaning that has nothing to do with the words themselves. This short  book is packed with humor as the author examines some familiar expressions paired with illustrations that reflect their literal significance. "In a pickle" is one of the phrases people say when in a bind, jam, or conflict of sorts. Why situation this has anything to do with a pickle is perplexing! 

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Crunchy Pickle Stories for Little Foodies

Introducing little kids to new foods does not have to happen strictly at the dinner table. Reading stories filled with funny pickle facts is a fun way to get them interested in taking a nibble of this salty treat. Like most foods, pickles need to be consumed in moderation due to the high sodium content. There are a lot of ways pickles provide healthy benefits. They boost the immune system, facilitate digestion, and improve gut-friendly bacteria. Until a little one's kidneys are fully developed, it's probably a good idea to minimize pickle consumption. So for kids who love a crunchy, healthy snack, grab some kids' carrot books along with some of these delicious veggies as an alternative to nibble on during story time. And for a sweeter alternative, encourage little ones to take a bite out of these delicious apple stories for kids. Reading about healthy food is a fantastic strategy to expand a child's diet.

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