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13 Enchanting Kids' Books About Hawaii

froggy goes to hawaii

Froggy Goes to Hawaii

Fun-loving Froggy goes on an epic adventure to Hawaii where he is eager to participate in all sorts of outdoor activities. Like all of Froggy's other escapades, this trip is full of funny mishaps. From learning to surf to doing the hula, he manages to get into plenty of sticky situations.




 Tropical Children's Books About Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for families because this group of islands offers something for children of all ages. After a child's first airplane ride across the Pacific Ocean, they will arrive at one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The mountain ranges that serve as backdrops against crystal blue water look like paintings. There is so much to see that many people return for multiple visits, each time discovering new parts of the islands to explore. Reading about Hawaii is a fantastic way to get ready for an upcoming trip or relive recent adventures. Kids will be fascinated to learn that there are more than one hundred islands that make up the state. These stories take readers on a journey into the lives of the populated islands by providing an overview of the culture and natural habitation. Kids will learn how these islands originally came to be in additional to the rich history, food, celebrations, and landscape that define this incredible state.


a is for aloha

A is for Aloha

The author, a native of Maui, gives readers an in-depth lesson about the meaning of Aloha and a long list of additional expressions that have deep cultural roots. Illustrations of the lush landscape accompany an introduction to terms that convey a wide array emotion and expression. The book is packed with lots of facts about the history, culture, and lives of people who have grown up on the islands.



high tide in hawaii

High Tide in Hawaii

The immensely popular Magic Tree House book series feature a dynamic duo, Jack and Annie, who time travel to distant places. In this exciting adventure, the two travel back in time where they hone their surfing skills and enjoy lots of fun in the sun. Before long, some unexplainable events occur that threaten the island. Jack and Annie use their problem-solving skills and determine that a massive tidal wave is heading their way. Jumping into action, they quickly put together a plan to save the island and preserve the lives of everyone who lives there.



ohana means family

Ohana Means Family

A lyrical story that captures the essence of family. This is a story for both young and old, with lots of layers to unpack in the meaningful prose. Kids will learn about all the steps to make poi, a popular Polynesian food paste made from taro root. Spare words set against the lush landscape invite young children to use their imaginations and embellish upon the story.




ocean's world

Ocean's World

Two brothers are on a quest to find the perfect seashell for their mother. They live on the island of Maui where there is so much adventure awaiting. The brothers meet a lot of ocean friends, like sea turtles and dolphins, as they search the ocean floor for the special shell. Cute illustrations and lots of fun facts about marine life will keep little ones engaged for many readings. 




 punky aloha

Punky Aloha
An inspiring story for every child who has ever felt shy or insecure about meeting new people. Punky is a bright little girl who happens to have a hard time making new friends. One day, her grandmother forces her outside of her comfort zone by sending her to the store. Punky has to dig deep and put on a brave face. She heads out by herself and learns to say "aloha" to everyone she meets. Punky is rewarded by lots of kindhearted people who make her first journey alone a positive experience.





 Hi'iaka and Pana'ewa

Hi'iaka and Pana'ewa

A colorful graphic novel about a brave warrior fighting evil in the Hawaiian forests. Hi'iaka wants people to feel safe exploring the beautiful, lush land but a nasty lizard and his army are creating havoc. An action-packed story with incredible graphics depicting the topography and wildlife. 




the hawaiian heist

The Hawaiian Heist

A short chapter book packed with illustrations is just right for readers graduating from picture books. In this exciting story, Geronimo Stilton, detective extraordinaire, is out to find a thief. An expensive gold necklace, crafted by goldsmith for a Hollywood actress, goes missing. It's up to Geronimo to follow the clues and track down the person responsible for stealing the valuable piece of jewelry. Set on the big island with pictures of the beautiful landscape add extra tropical fun to this fast-paced story.



h is for hawaii

H is for Hawaii

 An inspired alphabet book that covers a broad spectrum of island terms, activities, food, animals, plants, and other things found in this tropical paradise. Large, colorful board pages with bold illustrations of surfers, pineapples, turtles, coconuts, and banyan trees. Toddlers will be all ready for their first trip after reading about all things A to Z.





junie b jones aloha ha ha 

Junie B. Jones: Aloha- ha-ha!

Junie B. Jones is going on the trip of a lifetime with her family and she wants to photograph every single spectacular moment. She takes her camera with her but soon finds there are many events she would rather forget. The spunky first grader finds herself entangled with a parrot and experiences a disastrous episode with an inner tube. Kids will laugh out loud throughout this easy-reader chapter book about a vacation that goes wrong.





 hawaii sea turtle rescue

Hawaii Sea Turtle Rescue

An exciting graphic novel that takes readers into the depths of the Pacific Ocean to rescue the endangered sea turtles. When Fabien arrives in Maui for what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation, he is quickly wrapped up in a mission to save turtles who are trapped in nets. While on his deep sea mission, Fabien meets up with sharks, whales, seals, and dolphins who are curious about his presence deep down in the ocean. Readers will learn a lot about marine life and all the ways humans can reduce waste that ends up in the water.





 aloha hawaii

Aloha, Hawaii!

A vibrant baby board book is the perfect introduction to the gorgeous islands. Little readers will learn about the native animals, volcanoes, plants, food, and expressions. Simple, colorful, and engaging book for budding travelers.





good night hawaii 

Good Night Hawaii
Toddlers will be lulled into a tropical dreamland after listening to this bedtime story. The beautiful pictures of coral reefs deep down in the ocean conjure will mesmerize little ones. Kids will love exploring the sandy beaches and imagine tasting the local food. This sturdy board book is great for new parents who want to introduce babies to one of the most beautiful places in the world.



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Take a Trip to Paradise Through Books

Even if a trip to Hawaii is not in the budget, kids can still get a taste of this tropical mecca by reading the best children's books about Hawaii. Little ones can still go deep sea diving and swim with the turtles, hop onto surfboards and ride the magnificent waves, explore the dark, enchanting caves, view the powerful volcanoes in the distance, and practice the rich dialect. There are so many natural wonders to explore and history to read about all of these stories about the remote group of islands that together are identified as the singular state .




Fascinating Hawaii Trivia for Kids

Books about Hawaii give little readers a glimpse at the magnificent beauty and wonders that make these islands such a popular destination. After reading stories with your little ones, they will be curious to learn even more about these gorgeous islands. Here are some interesting facts to share with kids who are curious about the history, people, culture, marine life, topography, and everything else.

  • Hawaii is made up of 132 islands in total, although only 7 of these islands are inhabited. The names of these particular islands, which are the most recognizable, are: Hawaii (the big island), Kauai, Niihau, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, and Maui.
  • Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America. It is the only state in the country comprised completely of islands. These islands were all formed from volcanic activity.  Kilauea, located on the big island, is the most active of all the volcanoes. Haleakala, situated on Maui,  is the largest dormant volcano in the world.
  • Surfing is enormously popular. It is a way of life for many native people, and a huge draw for others who move to the island seeking out the big waves. Ancient history points to the fact that surfing was part of the spirituality and culture, not simply a sport or recreational activity. Surfing exploded in popularity on Waikiki Beach in the early 1900s and still continues to be one of the most popular spots in the world.
  • The total population across the islands is about 1.5 million inhabitants. Nicknamed the Aloha State, the capital is Honolulu and the largest industry is tourism.
  • The state has the most isolated population of any on the planet. The inhabited islands are 2,400 miles from the mainland US. These islands are so far removed they even have their own time zone, Hawaiian Standard Time.


 surfing in hawaii


Hawaiian Terms for Kids

Before heading with the family on a vacation, it would be a good idea to brush up on some common expressions. Kids will hear lots of these words when interacting with local business owners and all the people who live on the island. Some of these terms are familiar already, although children will be surprised to learn all the many different meanings one word conveys. Other words may be new to your little ones, even though they are part of the common dialect. 

  • Aloha: One of the most universal words associated with Hawaii. Most frequently used to say "hello" when greeting others, this term also means love, kindness, compassion, and peace.
  • Mahalo: Hawaiian culture is rooted in practicing a life of gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone. In its simplest use, mahalo is another way of saying thank you. But, like all other common phrases used in Hawaii, this word has many deeper meanings. This expression is often used to show one's respect for something or appreciation for another person.
  • Luau: Attending a luau is a popular tourist activity involving a meal and a performance involving energetic dancing and vibrant music. The origins of the word are traced back to 1819 when the king invited women, who were considered commoners, to dine with the men. They frequently feasted upon poi, sweet potatoes, and chicken made with taro leaves and coconut milk.
  • 'A' Ole Pilikia: When someone says "mahalo", this is the term of response which means "you are welcome." In a culture brimming with appreciation, tourists can show their respect by learning the use and pronunciation of terms used by locals to express gratitude.





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