4 Hawaiian Terms Kids Will Love To Learn

Before heading with the family on a vacation, grab some beautiful picture books about Hawaii that introduce little readers to all the natural wonders.  it would be a good idea to brush up on some common expressions. Kids will hear lots of these words when interacting with local business owners and all the people who live on the island. Some of these terms are familiar already, although children will be surprised to learn all the many different meanings one word conveys. Other words may be new to your little ones, even though they are part of the common dialect. Intriguing facts about the Hawaiian Islands offer insight into the life, culture, and dialect of the native people and history.


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Most Common Hawaiian Expressions

One of the most universal words associated with Hawaii. Most frequently used to say "hello" when greeting others, this term also means love, kindness, compassion, and peace.

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Hawaiian culture is rooted in practicing a life of gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone. In its simplest use, mahalo is another way of saying thank you. But, like all other common phrases used in Hawaii, this word has many deeper meanings. This expression is often used to show one's respect for something or appreciation for another person.

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Attending a luau is a popular tourist activity involving a meal and a performance involving energetic dancing and vibrant music. The origins of the word are traced back to 1819 when the king invited women, who were considered commoners, to dine with the men. They frequently feasted upon poi, sweet potatoes, and chicken made with taro leaves and coconut milk.


'A' Ole Pilikia
When someone says "mahalo", this is the term of response which means "you are welcome." In a culture brimming with appreciation, tourists can show their respect by learning the use and pronunciation of terms used by locals to express gratitude.



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