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12 Important Kids' Books About Climate Change and Global Warming

 climate change

Climate Change

The photographs tell the story in this non-fiction book for kids about the impact of global warming. Kids will learn about how all living beings are affected and what they can do to help. This lengthy book, at almost fifty pages, covers a wide array of topics related to the way our planet is changing as a result of climate change and how the small steps every person can take in their daily living can collectively make a difference.


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Educational Children's Books About Climate Change

Kids may not realize they are witnessing the effects of global warming, but there are signs everywhere of this problem. Humidity levels are increasing, temperatures over land and sea are rising, heat waves are lasting longer, and water resources are diminished in semi-arid regions. Chances are likely that this topic is covered in science classes at school, or that kids are picking up sound bites in shows they watch on television or read in book. For example, stories about bees address how rising temperatures are changing the way plants smell, and having an adverse affect on the most important pollinators.

Adding some kids' books about climate change to the mix is a great way to expand their knowledge. Rising temperatures have nothing to do with variations in the heat emitted by the sun, but by other controllable, environmental factors. Young readers will learn that there are things they can do to help with this global issue. Where it's becoming an activist to raise awareness or simply changing some of their daily habits can make a difference when everyone participates. These stories will open their eyes to the problem on a larger scale and help them understand the serious problems our planet is experiencing.


 save the arctic 

Save the Arctic

This moving book will tug on the heartstrings of little kids who will learn how the animals are affected by global warming. An adorable polar bear is hungry, but his search for food comes up empty. All of the icebergs are melting and the environment around him is changing. Fortunately, he forms a special friendship with a beluga whale and a young, native girl. The three of them work together to figure out a solution for finding nourishment. In addition to learning about the impact of climate change in the Arctic, kids will gain insight into the lives of beluga whales and polar bears.

 the story of climate change

 The Story of Climate Change 

This thoroughly, highly scientific picture book about climate change provides a very pragmatic, factual look at the problem. The author takes readers on a journey back in time by presenting information about the earth's atmosphere prior to the industrial revolution. Young children will learn about the impact of factories and pollution on humans and animals around the world. Most importantly, kids will learn all of the things they can do to help combat the problem, like using renewable energy and replacing meat with more vegetables in their diets. Overall, a very informative, comprehensive book with whimsical illustrations that will help hold the attention of even the littlest climate activists.



the magic school bus and the climate challenge

The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge

There is a good reason why The Magic School Bus series is so popular. These books intertwine valuable information with an entertaining plot that holds the attention of the most fidgety young children. In this adventure, kids hop aboard the bus for a tour of all the place where the effects of climate change are highly visible. Scientific facts about the environmental impact are presented in an easy-to-understand format accompanied by engaging illustrations.



 Palm Trees at the North Pole: The Hot Truth About Climate Change

Palm Trees at the North Pole: The Hot Truth about Climate Change

An enlightening book about global warming for middle-grade readers will get them thinking about how they can work toward a solution. This illustrated chapter book takes an in-depth look at the history of our ever-changing climate and the actions that have contributed to it. A wide variety of topics is covered, including hurricanes, heat waves, and rising tides. The author presents the causes of climate change in a very scientific manner. Kids are also provided with a number of ideas as well as opportunities to get involved in their local community to combat these environmental issues.



 Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What We Can Do 

Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What We Can Do

This award-winning picture books covers a wide scope of environmental problems that are ruining the planet. Through charts, pictorials, and photo spreads, kids are provided with engaging visuals about harmful plastics, raging wildfires, rising sea levels, and extremely high air pollution levels. But not all hope is lost as readers are provided with a long list of things they can do to restore health and balance to the world.



The First Rule of Climate Club

The First Rule of Climate Club

An inspiring, middle-grade fiction book about Mary Kate Murphy, a student leader who runs her school's climate club. She formed the club after completing a science class where she learned about how waste is ruining the planet. For the first time in her life, she pays attention to the habits of people around her. Excess food thrown away in the cafeteria, unnecessary clothing purchases, cars idling for long periods of time, any many other harmful activities are observed. After failing to get the attention of the mayor, Mary Kate forms her own club and starts the hard work of tackling these issues.


 to change a planet

 To Change a Planet

This beautiful poetry in this powerful picture book is a welcome addition to the growing list of children's books about climate change. Sparse text effectively builds momentum. The story starts with the seemingly small actions of individual children to the culmination of an entire population acting in unison to save the planet. Poignant illustrations reflect Earth's beauty and our responsibility to protect and preserve her resources.



 A Kid's Guide to Saving the Planet: It's Not Hopeless and We're Not Helpless 

A Kid's Guide to Saving the Planet

 Written by a world-renowned meteorologist, this handy guide serves as a tool to both educate kids and help them take action. A thorough explanation of the real climate change issues is provided, with plenty of valid reasons why we all need to be concerned about the future of our planet. From there, the book dishes out plenty of empowering strategies for everyone, including kids, to put into effect immediately. The overall message in one of positivity as long as we all do our part.



 what is climate change

What is Climate Change? 

 A highly engaging chapter book that kids will finish in one sitting. The author presents a balanced look at climate change from all political, social, and scientific perspectives. Well-researched, factual information is presented for readers to digest. While there is very little argument that the climate is getting warmer, there is debate about the role humans continue to play in this issue. Readers will learn about the Artic habitat of the polar bear and how warming temperatures are affecting the ability for these animals to eat and survive. They will also read about rising temperatures across various regions and how that is changing the topography and availability of natural resources.



 one small hop

One Small Hop

A fast-paced, sci-fi chapter book for tweens and teens takes place in the future when Earth's natural resources have finally been depleted. Spending time outdoors is a thing of the past. Instead of experiencing the world in person, life is lived through virtual reality goggles. The Atlantic Ocean is all dried up and water consumption is regulated by a ticket process. When a group of teens discover a very rare bullfrog, they are inspired to find a mate so they can repopulate the planet. An exciting, nail-biting bike road trip takes them to Canada where they seek out a bullfrog on the black market. This story about risk vs. reward teaches kids the importance of fighting for an endangered species and the future.



 Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth 

Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth 

What can one person really do to effect real change on the climate crisis? Well, this chapter book for tween and teen readers covers the story of twenty-five young women who made a big difference. All under the ages of twenty-five, they took it upon themselves to fight for the future of our planet. By leading marches, suing the government, heading up rallies, raising funds, and giving TED talks, each of these women has raised awareness and taken steps to helping reverse damage to the environment. This notable book is a great gift for empowering young women to use their voices and fight for what they believe.


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Kids' Books About Global Warming Books Inspire Change

We have a responsibility to live gently and respect gifts our natural resources provide in abundance. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the fruits and vegetables we consume are all things we sometimes take for granted. And yet there are changes happening on our planet as a result of our consumption habits, pollution, manufacturing, energy consumption, and a myriad of other factors. Interestingly, the increased appearance of rainbows is actually a bad sign of things to come related to the environment. Human use of fossil fuels warms the atmosphere, thus altering the patterns of rainfall and cloud cover. In turn, more rainbows will appear in certain regions as a result of these activities.

Human beings are slowly but surely ruining the environment and the ability of earth's resources to provide for future generations. Teaching your children about climate change and global warming while they are young is a crucial step toward reversing the damage that has been done. You can start today by reading children's books about global warming and how they can spot signs of this phenomenon.

Changing the behavior of future generations is a critical step in saving the planet. Parents can start now by reading stories to their children about all the natural beauty and resources our planet provides in order to sustain life. Helping kids develop an appreciation for the environment will go a long way in altering even the smallest behaviors that can make a difference collectively. 


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