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3 Easy Actions Kids Can Take to Help the Environment

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What Your Children Do To Combat Climate Change

Reading books to your children about global warming is a good first step. These titles, both fictional tales and non-fiction picture books, lay the foundation. Kids will get a valuable history lesson about how the industrial revolution led to tremendous economic growth and dramatic improvements in the quality of life. But they will also learn how factories, pollution, transportation, and general consumption have gradually depleted natural resources and destroyed the environment. So now what? Well, here are some things your kids can start doing TODAY to help in their own small way. These changes may seem insignificant, but collectively they can make a huge impact. 


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Kids can make personal lifestyle changes to conserve energy.

There are lots of little things a child can do over the course of the day to preserve resources and reduce the amount of energy consumed. Turning lights off and shutting down computers is a good start. Taking shorter showers is another good idea. Remind them to close doors immediately after exiting or entering the house to preserve the escape of heat or air conditioning. And last but not least, ride a bike to a friend's house instead of asking for a car ride. Biking is good for the body, soul, and planet.



Kids can start a club at school to raise awareness.

Once your child has incorporated energy-saving habits at home, it's time to start sharing all of these valuable tips with classmates and friends. Encourage your kiddo to start a club that can meet after school to talk about climate change and global warming. The group should write a mission statement and establish goals they want to accomplish. One idea for the group may be simply making posters with energy-saving tips to display around the school. The club could also host recycling events, plant a garden on the property to encourage growing healthy food, identify ways their own school can reduce their own energy usage, and bring in guest speakers to talk about other ways they can help the environment.


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Kids can swap or donate clothing, games and toys.

Instead of buying new things all the time, parents can teach their children how to trade items with their friends instead. This concept works especially well with occasional dress-up clothing and seasonal items that kids outgrow before wearing more than once or twice. Rather than running to the store for every new occasion, a much better solution is borrowing or sharing with a friend who has what you need. The same concept can be applied to toys and games that children no longer enjoy. Ideally, many of these things could avoid filling up the landfill while providing more lasting entertainment and usefulness. Parents will need to facilitate these types of swaps in the beginning, but they will be instilling a sense of frugality and practicality that kids will carry with them for life. 


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