16 Rumbling Kids' Books About Thunder and Lightning

16 Rumbling Kids' Books About Thunder and Lightning


Thunder Cake

 Beloved children's author Patricia Polacco brings us a story based on her own childhood fear of thunderstorms. To help her through scary storms, her grandmother turned these times into special occasions. In fact, she invented a desert called a Thunder Cake that could only be made when the skies turned dark and started rumbling. When that happens, they scurry around the farm to gather the required ingredients. The cake must reach the oven before the storm begins! A lengthy story for kids with good attention spans, a healthy fear of thunderstorms, and a knack for baking.




Kids Books About Thunderstorms 

There are some pretty compelling reasons why little kids might fear thunder and lightning. When a storm rolls in, the skies turn dark, ominous rumbling feels like it is rattling the house, and lightning that may be miles away looks dangerously close. In reality, kids should have an understanding of how to stay safe during a storm, and the threat to their safety can be real if the right precautions are not taken.

However, anxiety around thunderstorms is a real problem when it interferes with a child's mental well-being. When safe at home or in a sheltered location, kids need to understand that there is nothing to fear. Reading children's books about thunderstorms is a good way to calm down little ones who get a serious case of jitters during bad weather. While on the topic of teaching children about Mother Nature, consider adding some of the best children's books about rainbowsThese beautiful picture books capture the amazing, colorful arches that form in the sky after a storm has passed.


Booma, Booma, Boom

A little boy, who is upset by the sudden and unexpected onset of thunderstorms, grabs his stuffed animals for comfort. With the help of his parents, he learns how to find peace and calm in the midst of stormy weather. And furthermore, he reflects on all the good things a thunderstorm brings, like water for the plants and the therapeutic pitter patter of raindrops.  



 When the Storm Comes

The setting is a small seaside village. In preparation of the impending storm, people get busy securing their outdoor belongings and seeking shelter indoors. But what about all the animals? Children will enjoy learning about what all the outdoor critters do to stay safe. Then when the storm finally passes, all the people come out to assess the damage, clean up the mess, and check on their neighbors. At the same time, the animals reappear, shake off the water, and get back to their normal routines. The illustrations capture the all drama and excitement of a big thunderstorm as well as the elation everyone experiences afterwards.




Franklin and the Thunderstorm

Lucky for Franklin, he has a place to hide at all times right on his back. And this is exactly what he does one day when a flash of lightning appears in the sky. The rumbling thunder then sends him further into his shell. At first his friends try to calm him down with make-believe stories about what causes thunderstorms. Then Beaver gives him a proper explanation about the weather and Franklin finally feels brave enough to emerge from hiding.




Stormy Night

 Poor Bear is afraid of thunderstorms. His expressive eyes reflect all the worry he feels when thunder shakes his house and lightning flashes across the sky. Fortunately, he has Mama, Papa,  and Floppy (his stuffed bunny) to keep him company and ride out the storm. A gentle and reassuring book for toddlers who have a fear of thunderstorms.


Just a Thunderstorm

Like a lot of other kids, Little Critter is afraid when a loud, scary thunderstorm arrives. His houses loses power, so the darkness adds to his fear. Fortunately, his mom and dad turn the situation into a fun night of roasting marshmallows and having a family campout in the same room. They teach Little Critter about why thunderstorms happen and all the good things the come afterward. The next morning, Little Critter sees a beautiful rainbow and splashes in the puddles. This book does a good job of delivering a balanced and reassuring message about thunderstorms.



Move Over, Rover!

Rover has the perfect doghouse in which to seek shelter during a big rainstorm. It's not very big, but he manages to make room inside as soggy animals show up looking for a dry space. As the rain continues to pour down, a rather stinky skunk wants to join the group. Kids will get a kick at the reactions of the animals who exit the doghouse in disgust. 



Above the Clouds: What Really Happens in Heaven During a Thunderstorm

A heavenly explanation of thunderstorms may be exactly what your child needs to relax. The loud booming noises that come from high above can be explained by angels bowling and God moving furniture. All the magnificent sites and sounds produced by thunderstorms are attributed to religious figures living high in the sky. Incredibly detailed illustrations add to this beautiful story. Kids will especially love looking for the hidden, little blue bird on every page.




Waiting Out the Storm

 A lyrical book that captures the special sense of security a mother provides her child during a thunderstorm. The two are snuggled up in the warmth of their home as they listen to the raindrops and watch the lightning flash outside. A sweet and simple dialogue consisting of questions and answers about the weather plays out across the pages. Lush illustrations reveal the natural beauty of the landscape after a storm.




May I Come In?

 Poor Raccoon is scared to be all alone during a thunderstorm. So goes door to door looking for someone to keep him company, but all the forest animals turn him away. Feeling despondent, Raccoon is about to return home when he spots a bright light among the trees. Finally, he is welcomed into a warm home with open arms. A beautiful, rhyming story about thunderstorms, but more importantly, about helping out a friend in need.


The Wonder of Thunder: Lessons from a Thunderstorm

Sally Storm will help ease the anxiety of all kids who dread thunderstorms. She resides high in the sky and is the one responsible for making lightning and thunder. In this informative picture book about thunderstorms, readers will learn why they occur and the benefits they provide. Sally narrates the story and provides lots of fascinating facts about storms. Lively illustrations and an engaging Q & A section will keep young children engaged.



A wordless picture book, with the exception of a timeline at the bottom of each page, paints a dramatic picture of a storm and its effect on a midwestern farm. Readers will enjoy absorbing all the animal activity and changes in the surrounding environment throughout the early part of the day. As the hours pass, there are noticable changes in the color of the sky and strength of the wind. Finally, a devastating tornado passes through, wreaking havoc on the farm. Every single time children read this book, they will find another clue predicting the imminent arrival of a dangerous storm. 

Storm is Coming!

A cast of farm animals have been warned about an upcoming visitor- Storm! The farmer ushers them into the barn where they wait in fear for the menacing stranger who is arriving soon. As they huddle together, rain begins to pound the roof and lightning flashes across the sky. They breaths a collective sigh of relief since surely Storm will stay away in this bad weather. But when the sky clears and they hear a knock on the door, they panic. The very scary Storm seems to finally be here! Lots of laughs in this highly original picture book about thunderstorms.



Bruce's Big Storm

A big thunderstorm has arrived and all the forest creatures are desperately seeking shelter. Bruce the bear has a nice, safe, dry home, but it's already quite crowded. When the animals come knocking one by one, poor Bruce doesn't have any choice but to let them squeeze inside. A funny installment in this best-selling, award-winning book series. 

Creak! Said the Bed

A seriously funny book about a problem that far too many families experience. All the kids (and pets) are tucked peacefully in their beds for a good night of slumber. Then suddenly a clap of thunder and flash of lightning ruins everything. One by one, scared little kids and furry friends make their way into their parents' bed. Of course, the mother is jolted out of sleep with the arrival of each visitor while the father snores away without a care in the world. This hilarious story builds until the grand finale when the situation explodes in total mayhem.



Bryson the Brave Bison

A bison learns how to face his fears and leads a pack fellow bison to safety during a violent thunderstorm. Bryson musters up the courage and strength to face a challenge and come out triumphantly. Gorgeous artwork and inspiring story with many connections to real life hurdles. Perfect for any kid reaching a major milestone.

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Why Read Kids' Books About Thunder and Lightning

There are so many reasons how reading children's books about thunder and lightning can help little ones. Gathering a wide variety of books is an important way provide both humor and levity to thunderstorms and the power they wield. Here is why you need to read them to all kids, regardless of whether they are mildly afraid, terribly scared, or not phased at all by stormy weather. 

  • Non-fiction children's books about thunderstorms are packed with knowledge about what causes storms. Empowering kids with information is a good starting place to alleviate fear.
  • Reading about characters who are afraid of thunderstorms will make a child feel validated. Telling a child "there's nothing to fear" is a common response, but it's not helpful in relieving thunderstorm anxiety. Acknowledging that a child's feelings are real, justifiable, and common begins with reading books about thunder and lightning.
  • Valuable thunderstorm safety tips are shared in almost all of these children's books. Advice like immediately exiting swimming pools, oceans, and other bodies of water is covered. Kids also learn to seek shelter if playing outside when a thunderstorm is approaching.
  • Funny kids' books about thunder and lightning help children channel their own fear into laughter.  Exaggerated feelings of trepidation and silly mishaps lighten the mood and ease the tension.  




Fact about Thunderstorms

Children's books about storms are generally humorous tales with a few safety tips interwoven throughout the plot. For kids interested in facts about thunderstorms, here is some pretty interesting information to share with them.

  • Thunder is actually caused by lightning. The intense heat created by lightning (20,000 °C, 36,000 °F) causes the surrounding air to expand. A sonic wave forms which is the sound of thunder.
  • Since light travels faster than sound, we see lightning before we hear thunder. Sound travels at 767 miles per hour, while light travels at 669,600,000 miles per hour.
  • Philosophers from thousands of years ago used to believe the sound of thunder was created by clouds colliding.
  • Astraphobia is fear of lighting and thunder. This form of anxiety is most prevalent in children, though sometimes adults have this affliction as well. Treatment involves therapy and relaxation techniques, and perhaps even anxiety medication for more severe cases.
  • Every year there are about 16 million thunderstorms on that occur on Earth. At any one point in time, there are 2,000 ongoing storms. 
  • Storms are approximately 15 miles wide and generally occur for a 30 minute duration.




Best Children's Books About Thunderstorms

Picture books for kids about thunderstorms are fun to read. The likelihood of getting seriously injured in a storm is slim, but it's always a good idea to teach kids the safety tips. These books are funny, entertaining, and cautionary all at the same time. Kids will learn that there is nothing to fear when they are safely inside, no matter how violent the boom of thunder or strike of lightning.




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