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7 Reasons Why Children Should Practice Yoga

Kids can reap the rewards from practicing yoga just like adults. By purchasing just a few inexpensive yoga props, little ones can get started. It's a practice that can be incorporated into a child's day without interfering with the many other commitments, like school, sports practices or music lesson. Just like eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep, practicing healthy is an excellent way for a child to maintain good mental and physical health. Reading children's books about yoga walks little ones through a variety of poses while also sharing all the benefits experienced by the characters in these stories.

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How Yoga Benefits Kids

Children need tools to handle their stress.
Just like their parents, kids are carrying quite a bit of stress on their shoulders. Many times they are not able to articulate what is bothering them, so the symptoms of stress show up in their behavior and temperament. The cause  may seem insignificant in comparison to the burden adults are carrying, but it is very real and difficult for little ones to handle. Yoga is an effective way for children of all ages to release the physical symptoms of stress through breathing and stretching. Like the characters in kids' books about anxiety, children who feel constantly worried can benefit tremendously by practicing yoga.

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Research points to improvements in children with ADHD who practice yoga.
Kids who struggle with impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity can benefit from daily yoga practice. Physical exercise alone helps with these symptoms, but when the meditative and breathing components are added, the results are even more impressive. Teachers, therapists, parents, and researchers have all reported the benefits, especially in kids who have difficulty listening.

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Yoga improves physical strength and flexibility in children.
All kids, no matter how athletic or inactive, will experience positive physical changes by practicing yoga. Children become much more aware of muscles they never knew existed, and learn how to challenge each of their muscle groups in new ways.

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Focus and concentration are at the core of this practice. 
Children learn how to train their minds to hone in on their poses. They develop a laser focus on their yoga stretches, and block out all other noise, thoughts, and stressors. This ability to concentrate carries over into school and other endeavors. Some studies have reported an improvement in grades amongst students who do yoga.

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Yoga is a practice children can carry into adulthood.
Many organized athletic and exercise programs come to an end for kids at some point during their school-age years. Youth sports provide so many health benefits. But the majority of these activities end when kids graduate from high school, and oftentimes even sooner. The beauty of yoga is that kids can do it for the rest of their lives. As their bodies change and age, they can adjust their movements according to their ability and comfort.

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There is no pressure to compete with yoga.
In a world where young children feel the need to outperform others to make the cut for a sports team, the pressure can feel overwhelming. Kids are escorted to excessively long practices, private lessons, and extra coaching sessions all in an effort to get ahead. With yoga, there is zero competition. In a roomful of people, there will always be a diverse range of ability in terms of flexibility and fluidity. However, the only thing that matters is how much each individual is benefitting both physically and mentally from the session.

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Emotional control is a key benefit.
Kids who are prone to throwing temper tantrums usually outgrow this behavior once they are through the toddler years. But sometimes older children still have difficulty controlling their anger and can have outbursts that are disproportionate to the triggering event. When this happens, the disruptive behavior interferes with relationships and other aspects of a child's life. Breathing and meditation tools are extremely helpful in these situations.

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