11 Chewy Children's Books about Bubble Gum

11 Chewy Children's Books about Bubble Gum


Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum

A big wad of sticky bubble gum traps a whole slew of animals in the middle of the road! One by one, a goose, a toad, a shrew and other creatures accidentally step into the gooey mess. In this rhyming bubble gum book, tension builds when a blue truck is headed straight toward the pile of animals stuck in the sweet, pink blob. Will they escape before it's too late? This funny book will make readers think twice about where to spit out their gum next time.




 Children's Books about Bubble Gum

Learning how to blow a bubble is a rite of passage for little kids. The first time a child pops in a piece of chewing gum, this seemingly simple skill can actually take awhile to master. Making the perfect bubble is super fun and messy, so fortunately kids usually move past this trick and simply enjoy chewing a soft, squishy delicious-tasting piece of bubble gum!

There are quite a few children's books about bubble gum for you to have to some reading. Kids will get a little history lesson and learn how gum was invented. They will also enjoy all the trouble a single piece of chewing gum can cause when not discarded properly. There are lots of funny, creative stories to be read all about bubble gum! So gather around some kids, pass around some chewing gum, and enjoy these interesting and funny books.


Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum

A fantastic, non-fiction picture book about the origins of bubble gum. Comical pictures add to the entertainment of this highly readable book about a man by the name of Walter Diemer. Although chewing gum had already been around for centuries, it wasn't until the 1920s when this accountant who worked for a candy factory invented bubble gum. After hours spent in a lab, Diemer invented a gum that bubbled. Chock full of interesting facts, this book is a must-read for kids who want to learn a little history about bubble gum.


On Account of the Gum

This hilarious book is all about the single most problematic thing about bubble gum- getting it stuck in your hair! Never mind how it got there in the first place. The great debate is how to effectively remove it once the gooey mess is firmly attached to a handful of strands.  An unfortunate little girl has to endure some of the most ridiculous experiments in an attempt to solve this sticky situation.



Trouble Gum

 Leave it to Grammy to provide her piglet grandsons a sticky solution to their boredom. When two porcine brothers are looking for something to do, Grammy produces a pack of bubble gum and gives each one a piece. Mom is not thrilled with the mess that follows, despite her strict instructions that gum is only meant to be chewed. Little readers will get a kick out of the piglets' antics and the problems they create with bubble gum.



The Bubble Gum Girl

A most whimsical book about a little girl with big dreams. She saves all of her money to buy bubble gum, of course. But what starts as a seemingly harmless purchase gets her into the stickiest situation of her life! Charming, detailed illustrations capture the essence of an ambitious girl with a  fondness for bubble gum.

Bubble Gum Brain

A creative bubble gum book with a valuable message. Two boys with very different brains- one bubble gum, the other a brick- compare and contrast the way they think about life. Bubble Gum Brain enjoys a flexible way of looking at things and a flexible, expansive mind. Brick Brain is resigned to the mindset that things will never change and there is no sense in trying. A good book that opens a discussion about having a positive perspective and learning from mistakes.



The Bubble Gum Kid

 Billy Bob has a big problem. There is a bully at school who teases him relentlessly. So he decides to come up with a plan to the the bully in his place. After putting together quite the competition involving the biggest bubblegum bubble ever, will Billy Bob finally defeat the bully? Kids will love the creative use of bubble gum to solve a common problem.

Bubblegum Pie

There's an imaginative baker in town who has unconventional ideas. His creativity in the kitchen is often met with disdain by the local people who are not known for their open-mindedness. One day, the baker has a bold idea of a new way to spice up his pies. Bubblegum is his not-so-secret ingredient and he makes it his mission in life to convince everyone of this exciting idea.




Love is Bubblegum

Love can be a hard word to define for little kids. So this author put together a collection of the sweetest words, out of the mouths of babes, that explain what love means to them. One particular child brilliantly compares love to bubblegum. His words will undoubtedly resonate with all the bubble-blowing, gum chewing children who read this book. 



Two little boys are engaged in a fierce competition to win top prize in a gumball machine- a shiny, silver race car! Only one lucky person will have the good fortune of receiving this toy in addition to the gumballs. All it takes is a lucky quarter, but which boy will be the one to win? Simple and fun with retro-style illustrations make this a fun read for preschoolers.



Gabby the Bubble Gum Fairy

An illustrated chapter book for beginners who happen to love bubble gum! In this Rainbow Magic book, Gabby is a fairy with a very special power. She can turn everything into delicious sweets. When Jack Frost sweeps in and steals her magic, the other fairies step in to save Fairyland from losing its sweetness forever.


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Best Kids' Books About Bubble Gum

Bubble gum may be fun to chew, but it also happens to make an entertaining subject in children's picture books. The story almost always involves blowing gigantic bubbles in some kind of contest or whimsical fantasy. The bubbles often take on a life of their own, growing in size beyond a child's wildest imagination. These books about chewing gum are always fun, silly, and lighthearted that will keep your kids' attention for many readings!


double bubble


Fun Facts About Bubble Gum

This gooey candy comes in so many yummy flavors, like grape and green apple. In fact, bubble gum is a flavor itself that has made its way into ice cream and toothpaste.  Most people don't think much about grabbing a pack of bubble gum while checking out at a store, other than what brand or flavor to choose. But there are some pretty interesting tidbits about gum that will get you thinking next time you are chomping away. 

  • People chew a whopping 100,000 tons of bubble gum around the world every single year! 
  • Chewing gum can help you lose weight.  Doing so burns 11 calories per hour!
  • Ever notice that you swallow a lot more when chewing gum? That's because your salivary glands produce 250% more saliva when munching on some bubble gum.
  • The very first commercial bubble gum was invented in 1928 and was aptly named Double Bubble.
  • North Americans spend nearly half a billion dollars every year on bubble gum.
  • The largest bubble recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records was 23 inches in diameter!




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