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Kids who are enamored with fiery beasts will enjoy reading a wide variety of children's dragon books all about these magnificent creatures. In stories for young children, they are happy, friendly animals dealing with all the same Here are some cool facts about our fire-breathing friends that we think your kids will find interesting.


Dragonologist is the scientific name of a person who studies dragons.

There is no specific certification or training required to earn this title. It simply refers to anyone who devotes time to gaining knowledge about dragons. Most dragonologists are curious students who wish dragons well, while some dark dragonologists want harm to befall upon the magical beasts.


The dragon has a lot of symbolism in China.

The powerful mystical animal represents the emperor, the most powerful leadership position that reigned over China for 2000 years. Dragons are also considered benevolent symbols that produce rain during droughts. They also represent nobility, luck, and benevolence. As a preeminent symbol for the Chinese New Year, they appear as decorations in Chinese festivals, marching in parades, and as statues throughout the country.

chinese dragon


A dragonet is a small dragon.

Measuring at about four feet long, these tiny mythological creatures are incredibly fierce and hostile. There were believed to have unique, magical powers in addition to breathing fire, and possess a higher intelligence than their larger peers.


Smaug is considered one of the most famous dragons in literature.

As the main antagonist in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, Smaug is a hoarder who refuses to share his accumulated resources with others. He is considered a powerful and fearsome dragon who has a history of invading kingdoms. Smaug plays a big role in Lord of the Rings, which picks up about 60 years after the end of The Hobbit.

smaug the dragon

Elliott is the most well-known, friendly dragon who appeared in Pete's Dragon. 

A Disney movie originally released in 1977, Elliott became an instant hero. As an invisible best friend and guardian to a little boy fleeing an abusive home, Elliott is a loving, constant companion and source of strength for Pete.

pete the dragon

There is only one sort-of real dragon.

Everyone knows that dragons don't really exist. They have been brought to life in myths, legends, movies and books, but there were never actually fire-breathing creatures that roamed the earth. However, there is a type of lizard called a Komodo dragon that resembles the mythical beasts. These giant lizards grow to more than 2.5 meters long and live in the Indonesian forests. While they don't breathe fire, their bite is poisonous.

komodo dragon


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