7 Darling Narwhal Gifts for Kids

plush narwhal mommy and babies
Stuffed Narwhal Mommy and Babies

A mommy narwhal has four little babies tucked away in her belly. Kids will love unzipping the pouch and playing with the newborns. Simply adorable narwhal plush toy set.

Whimsical Narwhal Toys for Children

A fun and thoughtful gift is to pair a fun toy with a children's book about narwhals Here are some of the cutest, softest, most engaging narwhal toys that would nicely complement a story about these deep sea creatures. These plush, interactive toys will help children develop their cognitive and motor skills. And best of all, they are perfect companions to snuggle up with during quiet story time. Be sure to share some fun facts for kids about narwhals while playing with these whimsical toys together.


plush narwhal

Adorable Plush Narwhal

This darling stuffed narwhal comes in five different colors. Super soft and marked with little stars that add a splash of color. Adorable gift to pique a child's interest in this mysterious sea creature. 



  sterling silver narwhal necklace

Sterling Silver Narwhal Necklace

A beautiful narwhal with blue rhinestones dangles from a lovely sterling silver chain. This piece of jewelry would add the perfect touch to a unicorn-of-the-sea themed gift.


narwhal backpack

Narwhal Backpack

Just the right size for toddlers and preschoolers, this narwhal backpack is simply adorable. Fill it with narwhal stories and head to a quiet place for some reading time.


narwhal trinket box

Precious Moments Narwhal Trinket Keeper

An exquisite narwhal ceramic container perfect for storing tiny treasures. This beautiful little piece is perfect for storing narwhal jewelry.



sterling silver narwhal earrings


Sterling Silver Narwhal Studs

Adorable narwhal earrings just right for small ear lobes. Little girls will love these studs, especially when paired with a narwhal necklace!


narwhal squishy toy

Narwhal Squishy Toy

Squishies are all the rage for little kids who need to let get of some stress. This cutie pie smells delicious and is ready for little hands to squeeze away.


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