12 Tender Children's Books About Death of a Cat

cat heaven

Cat Heaven

If your child mourning the loss of a precious cat, this book will help ease the pain. Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant paints a wonderful picture of feline life after they pass away. Cat Heaven is a place where cats roam free with no shortage of trees to climb, clouds to jump through or angel laps on which to snuggle. The whimsical illustrations bring to life a magical place that will bring peace of mind and heal a broken heart.





Best Children's Books about a Cat Dying

 Cats have an uncanny way of stealing a piece of our hearts when we least expect it. They are both fiercely independent and loving playmates with big personalities. Cats, who are low maintenance by nature, are ideal pets for busy families. The best books about cats capture the playful spirit of these feline companions. But when they have exhausted nine lives, cats leave a gaping hole in the lives of those who have come to love them. Reading children's books about a cat's death, tenderly referred to crossing the rainbow bridge,  can help young children process their grief. These stories will validate sad feelings and also provide coping mechanisms for children devastated by the loss of their cat. For families coping with the loss of a dog and other furry friends, reading stories can provide comfort during the healing process.


boy and cat



for every cat an angel

For Every Cat an Angel

A darling book that will cheer up any child who has recently experienced the loss of a cat. The premise is that a guardian angel is responsible for matching every single kitty up with a special person. And when a cat passes away after a most fulfilling, loving life, it will live forever in the heart of its human. This book is a wonderful gift for any child who has experienced an incredible connection with a cat.



the cat who went to heaven

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

An award-winning classic about the most astounding gift a cat unwittingly brings to a struggling artist in ancient Japan. Although initially weary of his ability to care for the cat, the artist is soon commissioned to paint the Buddha for a generous sum. He attributes his turn of luck to the cat, and is forever grateful. Without spoiling the rest of the story, the main theme of love and loss is beautifully rendered in a timeless tale.



 the heaven of animals

The Heaven of Animals

Best-selling author Nancy Tillman is a master at writing the most soul-soothing books. Her lyrical tribute to animals who have passed on with bring tears to your eyes and comfort to your heart. In this beautiful picture book about the death of pets, she paints a picture of all kinds of animals living in the most magical, mystical place. Here, cats bask in their own rays of sunshine, and live forever after in heaven.



 big cat little cat

Big Cat, Little Cat

Grab a box of tissues before you sit down to read this Caldecott Honor book to your child. A cat is joined by a new kitten and the two form a very close friendship. After time, the older cat eventually disappears to pass away alone. Black and white illustrations punctuate the passage of life and time in this moving book about the death of a cat.



cats in heaven

Cats in Heaven

An uplifting story about cats living their very best lives in heaven. It's a place with the most magical balls of yarn, endless green fields to roam, and a limitless supply of treats. A beautiful poetic story that encourages readers to look toward the sky and they will find their beloved cats amongst the clouds and stars. For all children mourning the passing of a cat, this book is a gentle reminder that their special pet will live forever in their heart.




the tenth good thing about barney

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney

Judith Viorst, author of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, perfectly captures the voice of a child whose cat recently died. The family decides to have a funeral in Barney's memory, and the little boy is encouraged to come up with ten good things to talk about at the ceremony. A touching, non-secular picture book about a cat's death that will resonate with readers young and old.



goodbye mog

Goodbye Mog

For more than 50 years, the Mog series has been entertaining readers with tales of a most beloved cat. Mog has enjoyed many adventures with the Thomas family over the years, but she is slowing down. In fact, Mog is so tired she wants to fall asleep forever. When Mog passes away, the family brings a new kitten into their home. But Mog is still with them in spirit to guide and love them.




i will see you in heaven

I Will See You in Heaven

 Written by a Franciscan Friar, this book is heavily based on scripture and will bring peace of mind to anyone with a strong faith in the afterlife. Readers are provided reassurance that they will be reunited with their cats one day in heaven. Several prayers are included to help children process their grief and find solace during this time of sadness.




 tear soup a recipe for healing after loss

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing after Loss

This grief book offers sage advice for older children, and can be especially helpful for anyone who has recently lost a pet cat. Packed with moving poetry, stories of love and loss, beautiful artwork, and solid advice for handling the overwhelming sadness a child feels when a special pet passes away. 




cat heaven is real

Cat Heaven is Real

 This gorgeous keepsake is a most thoughtful gift for a child who has lost a cat. Lovely rhyming prose fills the pages, honoring the enduring love of cats. Readers are encouraged to add their own photos and fill the blank pages with thoughts and memories of their beloved feline family member. Eventually this book is transformed into a very personal scrapbook that children can read when they are feeling blue.



 remembering my pet

Remembering My Pet: A Kid's Own Spiritual Workbook for When a Pet Dies

An interactive workbook that invites readers to deal with their grief through a variety of activities.  Some of the suggestions include planning a memorial, collecting photos, and honoring the cat's memory through charitable giving. Kids are encouraged to record their favorite memories and jot down their feelings as part of the coping process.


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Reading Books to Kids About a Cat Dying is Good Therapy

For many young children, the passing of their cat may be their first experience with death.  When a pet dies, it's important for children to have an opportunity to grieve. That's the only way they will eventually come to terms with the loss, move on to acceptance, and finally feel a sense of peace. Talking about a heaven where frisky felines enjoy playing with other pets that have passed followed by long naps can alleviate the heartache.

Reading children's books about a dying cat  help children understand that their sad feelings are normal. They will also learn how the characters in the stories learned to come to terms with the loss and memorialize their feline family member. After a child has had time to mourn the death of a cat, it may be time to think about adding a new pet to the family. Stories about pet adoption are tell heartwarming tales of furry friends waiting to lift the spirits of their adoptive families. Sometimes bringing a new feline companion into the family is the perfect way to heal a broken heart.


girl with cat


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