12 Cute Kids' Poodle Books

monty and the poodles

Monty and the Poodles

Monty and Ginger are best canine friends who want to reside together. The only problem is that Ginger is a fancy pooch who lives in a poodles-only mansion and Monty is a scrappy street dog who does not meet the requirements to move in with the rest of the poodles. Refusing to give up on their dreams of living together, the dogs come up with a plan to live where every breed is accepted. 




Fun Kids' Poodle Books 

Poodles are appealing pets for a lot reasons. Known for their intelligence, these dogs are easily trainable and obedient. Keeping the house free and clean from dog hair is easy since poodles do not shed. They also crave human contact, making them loyal and constant companions who will follow family members wherever they go. The best kids' poodle books bring to life the spirit and personality of these bright dogs. Their problem solving and social skills are highlighted in tales of friendship, adventure, and plain silliness.




 Children's Books About Poodles

Poodles are popular pets for good reason. They are highly intelligent, easily trainable, and love human companionship. The best thing about poodles is that they come in three different sizes. People who love large dogs will prefer the standard poodle which typically weighs between 45 and 70 pounds. For those that prefer smaller dogs, the miniature poodle weighing between 10 and 15 pounds is a good option. And for people who like tiny dogs, toy poodles weighing between 7 and 10 pounds would be a perfect match. All of these varieties are features in the best children's books about poodles. Tiny dogs are tucked under little arms or inside small purses and toted around with their humans. Larger poodles take off on adventures of their in this collection of fun stories.


the pumpernickel daffodil

The Pumpernickel-Daffodil

A young poodle is being groomed to perform in his very first dog show. He comes from a long lineage of successful blue ribbon winners, so the poor guy is feeling lots of pressure. All of the champions in his family expect Wodehouse Chili Pepper Pumpernickel the Third to take first place in the competition. When he scopes out the other dogs, he is not sure he has what it takes to win. A sweet story with a valuable lesson about finding one's own path in life.




the toughest cowboy

The Toughest Cowboy

The roughest, toughest cowboy in the Wild West is feeling a bit lonely. He decides a dog is the perfect companion for his long days on the ranch. Instead of choosing a typical cowboy dog, like a border collie or an Australian shepherd,  Grizz Brickbottom opts for a miniature poodle. With illustrations that a blend of cartoon and caricature, this is the perfect poodle book for kids who love cowboys.






A valuable story about a poodle who is suffering from a low case of self-esteem. Although Antoinette has a heart of gold, she feels like her clever, strong and fast brothers all have talents that overshadow her own. Then one day when her best pal's sister disappears in the park, Antoinette sets out on a mission to find the missing pup and a bit of herself along the way. 





 catch that dog

Catch That Dog!

 Tweens will enjoy reading this action-packed mystery about a poodle who is on the run. His name is Masterpiece, a well-suited moniker about a dog who has known nothing but the best his entire life. A celebrity poodle who has starred on television, graced the covers of magazines, and lived alongside other superstars, Masterpiece finds himself in a bit of trouble. Some dognappers snatch him up in hopes of collecting a big ransom. The clever poodle manages to escape and spends some time living a hard life on the streets. When a little girl named Joanie stumbles upon the dirty, ragged pooch, she cleans him up and discovers his true identity. A generous reward for returning the poodle is on the line, but Joanie is not sure if she can give up her new best friend.




 fluffy scourge of the sea

Fluffy, Scourge of the Sea

Fluffy is a poodle who is accustomed to living a life of luxury. When this dashing canine sets out for a relaxing cruise, his vacation is interrupted by a some scurvy pirates who have their eyes on his riches. Ever the smart poodle, Fluffy uses his  charming ways to win over the burly bunch of pups. Kids will love this pirate-themed poodle book written in clever rhyme and humorous pictures.


 pinkalicious puptastic

Pinkalicious: Puptastic!

A poodle is the perfect dog for a girl like Pinkalicious. When she is asked to watch a puppy for the weekend, she is over the moon with excitement, especially because the poodle happens to be her favorite color- pink!  At first the fluffy visitor is shy, but Pinkalicious has some fun ideas to help her new furry friend to feel more comfortable. A short, easy book for kids who are learning to read independently.






Lots of life lessons are packed into this darling book about Poodlena, a fancy poodle who lives a pampered lifestyle. She spends hours primping her hair, powdering her body, and examining her reflection in the mirror. Her singular goal in life is to be the perfect pink poodle. One day when prancing through the park, Poodlena accidentally falls into a mud puddle. What seems like an unfortunate event actually turns Poodlena's life upside down, in the best possible way. She learns to let go of her desire to be perfect in exchange for a life of fun and freedom.




 noodle the poodle

Noodle the Poodle

Cute Noodle is going through a temporary crisis. He desperately wants to look like all the other dogs with straight hair. After many failed attempts to "fix" his curly locks, the little poodle learns a valuable lesson about learning to love his differences. 







An engaging, non-fiction picture book about poodles for kids who want to learn all about this breed. Large photographs of different types of poodles are paired with easy and informative text. Readers will enjoy examining all the features of the various dogs and perusing the glossary full of poodle terms and definitions.




 nanny paws

Nanny Paws

 A cute book about a poodle who takes her job very seriously. Every day she takes good care of twins, Ally and Mae, by feeding, protecting, and playing with them. Even when the girls are sick, Nanny Paws finds a way to nurse them back to health. This short and sweet story about the love a poodle has for her little humans is a favorite among preschoolers.




 punk rocker poodle

Punk Rocker Poodle

Kids will have a rockin' good time reading about a poodle who jams on a guitar and stomps around the house. Funky illustrations perfectly complement the text that reads like a rap. The frenetic poodle dances and stomps through the rooms with a high level of energy, until he finally collapses for a nap. Sounds just a little bit like the toddlers who will love this funny poodle book.



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Funny Children's Poodle Books 

Poodles are high-energy dogs that require lots of physical activity. They also have high mental acuity, so owners need to keep them stimulated indoors as well. Kids can have fun spending endless hours training their poodles to do tricks. These smart pups are also adept at solving problems around the house, like using doorknobs to opening door. It's important for family members to keep their poodles busy or they may get into a bit of mischief when no one is looking.




Poodle Trivia for Kids

Kids who love their poodles can tell all kinds of stories about what life is like living with these amazing dogs. Anecdotal evidence of intelligence is shared through all the different clever behaviors witnessed every day. Poodles are amazing family pets that love to snuggle up and keep their owners company when reading books, watching television, taking naps, or just hanging out. But beyond the obvious behaviors that are observed, there are so many interesting facets about poodles that kids would love to know.




  • Poodles were originally bred to be hunters. This fact may come as a surprise to those who think of poodles as prim and proper dogs with fancy haircuts. In fact, poodles are as adept at hunting as labradors and other associated breeds. They are amazing swimmers which makes them quite adept at hunting waterfowl like ducks and geese. Poodles are also excellent assistants for pheasant hunters. After the birds are shot, poodles retrieve these injured targets without crushing their bodies.
  • Poodles are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds. For this reason, poodles score highly at dog shows. They routinely outperform all other dogs in demonstrations involving both agility and obedience. Poodles can be trained to do a variety of tricks, like walking on their back paws and jumping effortlessly through hoops. Poodles also can acquire an understanding of around 400 words, whereas the average canine comprehends approximately 165 words. The downside of having such intelligence is that poodles get bored easily. Poodle owners have reported destructive behavior that is usually associated with long periods without any form of stimulation.
  • Poodles don't particularly like other dogs. When observed at dog parks, poodles tend to stick by their owner's side rather than socializing with the other canines. Even if the poodle ventures out to sniff or briefly run with the others, these dogs typically return to their humans after a short period of time. The only real exception is when other poodles are also at the park and they seem to be drawn together for more extended playtime.
  • A poodle's haircut is about functionality, not style. Poodles have very distinctive haircuts, which was originally more about function than style. Poodles are waterdogs, so it makes sense that less hair would help them swim more efficiently. However, they still need some degree of protection from the cold water. For this reason, owners leave puffs of hair around their joints and torso to protect vital organs from frigid water.
  • Poodles can be put to work by performing important jobs. Because they are so intelligent and highly trainable, poodles are often utilized as guide dogs for people with disabilities. They are frequently fill the roles of therapy dogs and service dogs due to their keen ability to identify the physical and emotional needs of their owners.





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