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18 Spiritual Children's Books About Heaven


god gave us heaven

 A tender story about heaven in which a little Cub asks her Papa lots of questions about life after death. Each of her questions leads to another more probing one, all of which Papa answers with great wisdom and reassurance. This beautiful picture book about heaven is perfect for inquisitive kids of all ages.


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 Picture Books For Kids That Explain Heaven

Children tend to ask a lot of questions, especially after someone special like a parent dies, and sometimes we don't have all the answers. This is especially the case when they want to know very specific information about what it is like in heaven. Some of their questions may seem trivial (Is there ice cream?) and others are more thoughtful (Will I see all of my friends when I arrive?). Little ones may want to know if angels will be waiting to greet them when their day finally comes. There are many different ways to respond depending on your personal religious or spiritual beliefs. But at the end of the day, children are just looking for a sense of security and reassurance that everything will be ok. These picture books about heaven will help guide you in your conversations and perhaps even help children feeling sad about a death by providing answers to their more pressing questions about heaven.


someday heaven

This picture book about heaven is biblically based and complemented by glorious illustrations. Children are promised an everlasting life by God in a special place above the clouds. There are short verses from the Bible throughout, and the pictures captivate little readers by providing answers that sometimes can't be put into words.



a travel guide to heaven for kids

A little boy named Joey goes on the adventure of a lifetime to get a sneak peak at what heaven is all about. His guardian angel, Gabby, whisks him away for a tour of a most magical place. In heaven, all animals and people live in harmony and are joyously basking in God's glory. This book about heaven is full of adventure and happiness. 



when i'm with jesus

 This Christ-centered book about heaven has broad appeal for any child facing the loss of a loved one. The concepts are explained in simple terms for young readers who have questions about heaven. As a nice touch, one page is left blank for a special dedication to a grieving child. 



home in heaven

A thought-provoking book about heaven that follows some important transitions in the life of a little girl and her grandmother. While Emma is moving to a new home, her beloved grandmother is moving into hospice care. This touching book captures the close bond between these two individuals, and the heartbreak they feel knowing their time together is coming to an end. Emma understands that heaven will soon be her grandmother's new home, and she is having a tough time dealing with her grief. Heartwarming story of love, loss, and belief in eternal life. 



tell me about heaven

A stunning picture book about a very in-depth conversation between a grandfather an his grandson. The boy has so many unanswered questions about heaven since the recent passing of his grandmother. The grandfather explains everything to him based on his Christian beliefs, referencing scripture to support his responses. This lengthy picture book about heaven is better read over multiple days, much like a chapter book, to give readers time to think about the message.


heaven god's promise for me

A very comforting story about heaven for young children mourning the death of a loved one. When someone dies and goes to heaven, Jesus is waiting for them with open arms. Heaven is a place of happiness and light where people live for eternity. The whimsical illustrations will comfort children. Reader will relate to all of the questions and uncertainty expressed by the little boy and girl in this comforting kids' book about heaven.



what's heaven

Maria Shriver is the author of this insightful picture book about heaven. The story follows the experience of a little girl whose great grandmother recently died. She has so many questions for her mother about heaven. The book paints a rather traditional view of heave, a wonderful place that exists high above the clouds. In this special place, everyone is happy and no one fights or falls ill. Once the girl is satisfied with her understanding of heaven, she moves on to ask a lot of other questions about her great grandmother's physical body. Her mother explains that the spirit has left the body, which will be laid to rest at the funeral. This well-regarded children's book about heaven will help parents guide their own children through their grief when a loved one dies.


a hug from heaven

A touching poem that reminds a grieving child how much they are loved. Written from the persepective of the person who died, readers are encouraged to embrace their sadness and find ways to honor the one they lost. At the same time, children are urged to go out and live happy, productive, positive lives. Every time a child feels sad, reading this picture book about heaven will help them feel a little better.



my heaven book

A beautiful gift book filled with prayers and scripture verses young children will understand. Based on Christian beliefs, the message throughout is that life is everlasting.  Charming illustrations against the soothing backdrop of a heavenly sky, this book makes a wonderful bedtime story.



the berenstain bears learn about heaven

Sister Bear has a lot of questions about heaven. She and the other cubs engage in a lively discussion about their ideas of heaven and what life is for the people who are there. This book is a great conversation starter and encourages readers to think about their own beliefs and ideas about heaven. 



there's a party in heaven

A gorgeously illustrated picture book that paints heaven in a most magical, happy, joyous light. Rhyming prose offers children a glimpse of what life is like in heaven. Each of the passages is supported by a total of forty Bible verses in this religious book about heaven.



a place called heaven for kids

Young children with questions about heaven are almost always looking for concrete answers. This whimsically illustrated picture book about heaven covers ten questions that are commonly asked by little ones. This biblically based book handles a complex topic in terms and concepts that are easily understood by children as young as four.

anna's heaven

This is a profoundly spiritual book about a conversation between a girl and her father on the day of her mother's funeral. Together they share their thoughts about what heaven is all about and find comfort reliving memories of the time they spent with her. The artwork is, at the same time, beautiful and haunting. This picture book about heaven is suited for mature children ready for deep conversations about life after death.


how high is heaven

A beautiful and relatable book to give to any child who has recently lost someone special. This story, written in rhyme, is told from the perspective of a little boy with a lot of questions. His grandmother has recently passed away and he wants to know how he can see her again one day. The main message is to believe in God and to be kind to others. Children will learn that if they are good people while alive, they will have a happy, eternal afterlife in heaven.

god made me for heaven

The concept of eternity is introduced to young readers through a conversation between Leo and his grandmother. This story is based on the gospel's explanation that heaven is with God, in a place where there is no illness or despair. Leo learns that the way to everlasting life is through accepting Jesus into his heart and his life. The idea of heaven existing above the clouds with angels flying about is replaced by a different explanation. Heaven isn't so much a place as it is an existence with God forever. 


the awesome super fantastic forever party

A most upbeat, fun, celebratory look at heaven on earth. The concept of life forevermore, in new bodies with a brand new beating hearts, will ease the anxiety of little ones worried about dying. Colorful pictures show people dancing in the streets and having a big party in honor of Jesus. This unique, less conventional story will facilitate a conversation with your own inquiring readers about what they believe heaven will be all about.

heaven for kids

A spiritual chapter book for kids ages 8 to 12 who are ready for a deeper explanation of the gospel. The author's popular book for adults, called Heaven, has been abridged for a younger audience. Broken down into ten chapters, each one exploring a specific question of topic, this book offers an opportunity for parents and children to have meaningful conversations about the gospel and how they will go to heaven one day.


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