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9 Thoughtful Adoption Gifts for Families

Adoption Celebration Gift

Personalized Elephant Adoption Gift

Wanted, Chosen, Loved, Adopted. These are powerful words printed on one ear. The other ear is personalized with the date of birth and name of child. A precious, plush toy to lovingly decorate a child's nursery.


adoption certificate

Loving Adoption Gift Ideas For Parents

When families are finally made whole with the adoption of a beautiful child, a new chapter begins in their lives. An overwhelming amount of love, acceptance, and belonging finally fills a void that only those who experience it can understand. This incredibly special journey deserves to be commemorated with special gifts especially for adoptive parents and adopted children. Here are some of our favorite ones. Consider choosing some children's adoption books to add to a special, personalized gift for an adopted child. These stories will help parents talk to their children, when the time comes, about the journey and provide tips for answering kids' questions about their own adoption.


Personalized Wooden Adoption Block

Personalized Wooden Adoption Block

A special little wooden block to display on a shelf in an adopted baby's nursery. Personalize this piece with all the important details like the baby's name, date of adoption and more.



adoption journal

Adoption Baby Book

A wonderful journal for adoptive families to record all the important dates, milestones, photos, and memories for a child's first five years of life. Ample space for moms and dads to write special letters to the child and document everything they want to remember for years to come.



Adoption Prayer Wood Plaque  

Adoption Prayer Plaque

A beautiful wooden plaque with a sentimental message for parents to place in their home. Perfect to hang in a baby's nursery, place on a side table, or display on a bookshelf. The rustic design with twine rope will add a nice touch to any room and serve as a daily reminder of a mother's love for her child.

adoption christmas ornament

Adoption Christmas Ornament

Brighten up the Christmas tree with this sentimental gift commemorating the year a child was adopted. An elegant, stainless steel ornament will forever have a place dangling from a branch and serving as a reminder of a very special time.

Gifts For Adoptive Child

Wanted Chosen Loved Adopted Journal

A whimsical, soft-covered journal with 100 lines pages provides the perfect space for parents to document their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Light and easy to transport, this colorful notebook gives parents a place to record all of the special moments while on the go.

adoption wall art

Adoption Personalized Art

A stylish, customized gift that can be framed to match a bedroom, playroom, or study. The most important dates that will be forever imprinted in a parent's heart are boldly displayed along with the child's name at the bottom.

adoption bracelet
Adoption Symbol Charm Bracelet
A stylish braided bracelet with a stainless steel triangle/heart adoption charm is a gift all mothers will wear lovingly. An adjustable strap provides flexibility for all wrist sizes. Understated and classy piece of jewelry is a wonderful gift for any adoptive parent.

Keepsake Adoption Journal

I Wished for You: An Adoption Keepsake Journal

One of the best, most comprehensive journals for adoptive families that is filled with stories, inspirational messages, and room to document a family's personal memories. A mama and baby bear share their own journey that brought them together, expressing the unconditional love they share for each other. The messages of inclusiveness, family, and love will pull at the heartstrings of all families who relate to the experience and sentiment shared throughout.

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