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23 Engaging Children's Books with Multiracial Families

Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match

A spunky, confident Scottish-Peruvian girl named Marisol is not bothered by the fact that she doesn't fit neatly into a box. Kids are puzzled by how she looks (bright red hair and brown skin) and even more baffled by her mismatched clothing. Her varied playground activities- a princess one day and a soccer player the next- are equally perplexing. Through Marisol, children from biracial families will see that life is more fun when you don't fit into the mold.





mixed race family


Best Children's Books With Multiracial Families

Kids like to see families similar to their own reflected in the books they read. Fortunately, there is a huge selection of picture books for children about multiracial families from all different backgrounds. Beautiful children who are fortunate to share physical features from more than one race fill the pages of these picture books. Consider adding some kids' books about natural black hair for mixed race children who will enjoy the celebration of dark, curly styles.

Reading books about mixed race children will open up the conversation about why all families do not look the same and how to answer questions from friends and classmates that may arise. 


You Were the First

This lovely book is recommended for older siblings who are getting ready to welcome a new baby in the family. The parents happen to be multiracial, a topic not addressed explicitly in this book about a loving family. The child is reassured that the new baby will not displace his position in the family, and is reminded of the multitude of experiences shared with the parents well before the new baby ever came into the picture.



Mixed Me!

This is a cute book for young multiracial children who are feeling insecure about their differences. Told in rhyme, this colorful book is told from the perspective of a little boy, Mike, whose hair type and skin tone don't seem to match what he sees in others. The energetic child is lovingly reminded that he is the perfect mix of light and dark.


I'm Your Peanut Butter Big Brother

A young boy contemplates the arrival of his baby sister and whether or not she will look like him. With a black father and a white mother, the child wonders whose traits the new sibling will inherit. Making analogies delectable foods, like chocolate bars, cotton candy, and strawberry cream, the brother is excited to see his sister is peanut butter- just like him! A delicious and poetic picture book about a multiracial family that is a hit with preschoolers.



Black, White, Just Right!

A little girl, whose mother is African American and father is white, observes all of the blended similarities she shares with her parents. She's also quick to point out all of her unique traits that make her so special. The simplicity of the story is perfect for preschoolers of multiracial families who are starting to ask questions about their own heredity.




I Am Mixed

Twins Jay and Nia learn to appreciate all the wonderful aspects of being raised by parents who are different races. It's a simple and sweet picture books about a multiracial family that delivers a powerful message about acceptance and love. The charming illustrations bring to life the different physical attributes of the children, but the story itself focuses on the hobbies and interests of this lovingly blended family.




A coming of age novel about an 11 year old biracial girl who is navigating the treacherous waters of her parents' divorce. Isabella's black father lives in a fancy new neighborhood with his girlfriend where she often feels like an outsider. Her white mother lives with her boyfriend in a low key neighborhood where she feels much more at home. In the midst of dealing with the constant shuffle between both homes, Isabella is also learning how to come to terms with the constant barrage of questions about her own racial identity. An insightful and accessible book that offers the perspective of a biracial tween girl finding her place.



Who's In My Family?

Funny, charming and whimsical picture book about all kinds of families. Nellie and Gus head to zoo where they start their day observing animal relatives. Conversation between the children and their parents about multiracial families is incorporated throughout their daytime adventure.  When they return home, their special day is capped off with a visit from a diverse group of relatives. A very straightforward, matter-of-fact look at how wonderful families come from all different backgrounds.


 I Am Whole: A Multi-Racial Children's Book Celebrating Diversity, Language, Race and Culture

An inclusive book that emphasizes the intentional and loving way biracial parents joined together to form a family. A variety of ethnicities are represented without actually identifying each one, which makes this book a good choice for any multicultural family. This solid contribution also addresses topics beyond physical attributes, including various customs and languages. Children will conclude that their parents' unique characteristics blend perfectly to make their family whole. 




The Hello, Goodbye Window

A Caldecott Medal winner that perfectly captures the magical feeling a little girl experiences every time she visits her mixed race  grandparents. The kitchen window is the gateway for a safe, comforting, and imaginary place for this multiracial child. She spends her day exploring the garden, playing with make-believe friends, and taking peaceful naps in the comfort of this home. Whimsical artwork captures the emotional spirit of a child who is deeply loved.




Lulu the One and Only

This inspiring book tackles the difficult topic of racism in a very direct way. Lulu is a mixed race girl who is sick and tired of people asking her, "What are you?" She's most frustrated with the fact that her peers can't seem to see beyond her skin tone, her hair, and other physical attributes in their desire to get to know her. With the help of her big brother, Lulu finally finds the perfect way to answer all of these questions- "I’m Lulu Lovington, the ONE and only!". A highly recommended book for biracial children about building self-love, confidence, and identity.


Black is Brown is Tan

 First published in 1973, this is one of the first children's books about a multiracial family. It poetically describes the beautiful skin tone of each family member. And the watercolor illustrations offer a look at the distinct physical characteristics of each family member. The overrideing theme, however, is the love and joy the family experiences together.




The Colors of Us

Beloved author of books for toddlers, Karen Katz wrote this book in honor of the daughter she adopted from Guatemala. A little girl wants to color a picture of herself, but when she reaches for the box of crayons, she is perplexed. She always considered herself to have brown skin, though finding the right shade proves difficult. So she and her mother set out on a walk around town to observe all the beautiful skin tones.  An excellent picture book featuring people from a variety of races that challenges children to open their minds. 



Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me!

If only every child was as gifted as Lilly! This exuberant child is bright, cheery, strong and independent. She has many wonderful personality attributes, so she quickly tires of people who constantly focus on her physical traits. She has freckles, big curly hair, and deliciously full lips. For some reason, she is constantly asked "What are you?" So this confident girl has devised the perfect response that will help all biracial children think about their own way of handling intrusive questions. 




The Heart of Mi Familia

A young girl is proud of her bicultural roots. It is her brother's birthday, so she works diligently with her abuela and her grandmother to make him a gift that celebrates their family's heritage on both sides. This heartwarming picture book about a multiracial family embraces the rich culture and deep love all its members share. 


Two Mrs. Gibsons

A moving tribute to two women who had a lasting influence on the author's life- her Japanese mother and her African American grandmother. Told from the perspective of a little girl, this multiracial children's book takes a look at both the physical traits and cultural riches each woman passed along to her. Warm tones and gentle expressions effecively convey the love and nurturing this tightknit family shared.



Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color

An empowering biracial children's book about a little girl named Simone. She's a happy child with an incredibly loving, multiracial parents who help her in her quest to find a color. All the other people she knows have a definitive skin color, and Simone wants to know how to identify herself. After some soul searching, she comes up with the perfect answer- Honeysmoke! A simple and sweet book for kids looking for an accessible answer to a complex question.


I Love Saturdays y Domingos

A little girl has the good fortune to enjoy her weekends with two sets of grandparents. Saturdays are spent with European-American Grandma and Grandpa. Sunday are enjoyed with Mexican-American Abuelito y Abuelita. She learns all about their rich cultures and history in this celebration of multiracial heritage. This cherished book contains written content in both English and Spanish.


Chloé's Curls

A cheerful book for multiracial preschoolers who are beginning to get questions from their little friends. Like most toddlers, Chloé never really thought much about the fact that her father is white and her mother is black. But when her friends ask her "What are you?", she needs some help finding the right answer. An affirming book that helps young children celebrate their unique physical characteristics.


Hermanito: Little Brother

An Afro-Latinx family is the focus of this loving story about siblings. Amaya and Mateo learn quickly about all the hard work involved in taking care of their little brother. Written in both English and Spanish, this multiracial children's book captures the unconditional love and unity and new baby brings to a family.


I Am Tan

A six-year-old biracial boy has heard other people use colors to define their skin color- black, white, yellow, and red. But when he looks at himself in the mirror, he doesn't identify with any of these colors. So at school the next day, he asks his teachers and friends to describe his skin tone. On this quest for information, the boy inadvertently takes a deeper dive into learning about stereotypes. A variety of biracial children from a diverse combination of ethnicities are pictured in this useful children's book about multiracial families.


Mixed: A Colorful Story

Budding artists will love this adorable book about the beauty created when primary colors are blended. Each blurb of color proclaims its superiority over the others, which leads to a conflict with unanticipated consequences. The new colors that emerge raise hopes that the original trio may learn to live in peace. A thought-provoking look at blended racial harmony through the literal use of color.


I'm Mixed!

As a biracial child, the author struggled with her need to identify as either black or white. In this simple and effective book for preschoolers, children learn about accepting their unique status as mixed. This short and sweet book encourages young readers to appreciate their position as a blend of two races.


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Why Read Children's Books about Biracial Families

 All parents should seek out picture books with mixed race families for kids to read to their children. By exposing our children to diversity in books, we open their hearts and their minds to all the beautiful ways families come together. Kids who are part of multiracial families may receive questions from time to time about their heredity, and they should be prepared to proudly and openly talk about the racial background of their parents and relatives. Reading these children's books about mixed race families just like their own will help them appreciate their unique place in this world and to fully embrace their special characteristics.



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