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8 Whimsical Tooth Fairy Gifts

Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow


Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow and Kit
This adorable superhero tooth fairy kit comes with a little journal and a picture frame to display that first smile when a tooth is lost.  The pillow has a small pouch under the cape to store teeth until the special visitor stops by to retrieve them.


Tooth Fairy Pillows and Boxes

When baby teeth start falling out, usually around the age of six, a new imaginary figure takes center stage in a child's life. A popular tradition involves the tooth fairy sneaking retrieving little teeth from under the pillows of sleeping little ones, and leaving behind a shiny silver coin in its place. There are a lot of really adorable gifts, trinkets, and pillows to help celebrate this toothy milestone. Pair one of these charming gifts with a book about the tooth fairy for kids who experience their first wiggly tooth.



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Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

A darling little pillow with a tiny pocket to tuck in a tooth. Kids will love hanging this cute tooth fairy pillow in their bedroom. The special visitor will be sure  to find the little pearly white with this cute keepsake displayed in full view.


Kids Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

A sweet, ceramic tooth fairy box to keep all those little teeth safe and sound until the fairy visits. A nice alternative to tucking teeth under the pillow, especially for kids who don't want to be disturbed while sound asleep.



Dinosaur Tooth Fairy Pillow

Dinosaur Tooth Fairy Pillow

A cute, plush dinosaur whose mouth is ready and waiting for that loose tooth ready to fall out. Kids will love tucking the tooth inside and finding a little surprise in its place the next morning.

Tooth Brigade Book and Blue Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Brigade Book and Blue Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

An adorable gift set includes a blue plush monster whose mouth is the perfect place to store lost teeth. The Adventures of the Tooth Brigade is an entertaining story about the magical little lady and her three helpers- Ollie, Potato, and Blue- as they climb mountains to retrieve teeth before sunrise.


mermaid tooth fairy pillow

Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow

An adorably embroidered pillow with a tiny little mermaid. The shell, with the words Tooth Treasure, is the perfect pocket to store a little pearly white until the special visitor arrives.


shark tooth fairy pillow

Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow

A marine-life tooth fairy pillow with a cute little fish pocket ready to hold tiny teeth. Hang it from a doorknob or tuck it under a pillow at night. 


Unicorn Tooth Fairy Doll

Unicorn Tooth Fairy Doll

A ballerina unicorn is all ready to handle an exchange with the tooth fairy. She stands 14 inches tall and adds a touch of whimsy to a little girl's bedroom decor.


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Tooth Fairy Trivia for Kids

Curious little minds will want to know more about this little visitor who slips into their bedrooms every time they lose a tooth. Here are some fascinating tidbits about this magical being and how she rose from obscurity into the most popular keeper of baby teeth. 

1. She is More Than 100 Years Old

The first reference to the Tooth Fairy appeared in a Chicago Daily Tribune article from 1908. In a column called Household Hints, the author advises parents about the removal of lose teeth. It is suggested that children will comply if promised that a little fairy will deliver a small gift in exchange for the tooth.  

2. She is Not Really a Fairy in Some Parts of the World

In the United States, she is portrayed as a tiny being who flutters daintily from house to house delivering coins and treats under pillows at night. Other countries, like Spain, France and Belgium, believe that a mouse slips into the house at night to retrieve teeth. Children commonly leave morsels of cheese alongside their teeth to beckon the magical mouse. 

3.  Dr. Rosemary Wells was the Undisputed Expert

In the 1970s, Dr. Rosemary Wells was a professor at Northwestern University's dental school. She became fascinated with the popular notion of the a visitor who retrieves little teeth,  but realized she knew very little about this history of this mythological creature. So she interviewed anthropologists, parents, and children to collect data and get a better understanding of the interpretations and traditions. Dr. Wells rose to prominence at the foremost Tooth Fairy expert, writing numerous articles and even appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. From 1993 to her death in 2000, her house was a museum that showcased memorabilia, books, art, and dolls across all cultures.


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