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20 Humorous Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers and Babies

10 Fat Turkeys

A delightful counting story about 10 very active, plump turkeys who one-by-one, drop out of the picture. Our fat feathered friends swing from vines, dance and roller-skate on the pages of this funny Thanksgiving book that toddlers love to read.




  Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers and Babies

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach toddlers how to appreciate all the good things in their lives. Even babies are able to learn gratitude for their family and a delicious Thanksgiving Day feast! These Thanksgiving board books, built to withstand clumsy little fingers, cover all the important elements of the holiday with simple, easy-to-understand stories. For older kids, be sure to add children's Thanksgiving books which feature a mix of both serious and silly stories about this festive  holiday.

Little ones will learn a little bit of history and a whole lot about turkeys in these Thanksgiving books for toddlers. They will also practice counting, expand their vocabulary, and work on their fine motor skill with books that have interactive slides and flaps. 



Where is Baby's Turkey?

Adorable Baby who appears in the popular Karen Katz lift-the-flap books is back and on a mission to find her stuffed turkey. Every vibrant page begs toddlers to help Baby on her search by peeking behind the flaps and discovering lots of other little treasures along the way. 



Biscuit is Thankful

Biscuit is thankful for all the little things that make his puppy life so good. Simple things like bones and biscuits top his list, but he manages to add some more items to his list.  Perfect Thanksgiving book for toddlers who are starting to learn and talk  about all they to be thankful for as well.




The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim

Toddlers who already know the Itsy Bitsy Spider rhyme will be thrilled with this Thanksgiving version. Itsy Bitsy pilgrims journey across the ocean and make friends in a new land. They build houses and settle in with all their itsy bitsy charm!




What Is Thanksgiving?

A great addition to your toddler's Thanksgiving booklist. Two young children learn that the holiday is a time for family, food and football. They also delve a bit deeper into the meaning of Thanksgiving and learn that God is the reason for all the good things in their lives.



Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George

All of the funny antics of our favorite monkey are captured in this tabbed board book. Toddler will love to flip through the pages and take in all of the colors and symbols of Thanksgiving.  Lots of laughs along the way as Curious George causes trouble wherever he goes on Thanksgiving.




The First Thanksgiving: A Lift-the-Flap Book

Lift-the-flaps, simple words, and bold illustrations will grab the attention of toddlers. This is a great little introductory book about how the pilgrims and Native Americans joined together for a Thanksgiving feast.




Ladybug Girl Gives Thanks

Lulu is so very thankful for everything in her life- books, family, friends, her dog. But she must not forget one of the most important things to be thankful for this holiday, pumpkin pie!




Spot's Thanksgiving

Join Spot this Thanksgiving as he wants to make the best pumpkin pie ever! With the help of his dad and mom, he may just be able to make it happen. A simple, sweet Thanksgiving story perfect for toddlers to follow along!



My First Thanksgiving

Bold illustrations and simple text introduce toddlers to some of the basic terms and traditions around Thanksgiving.



One Big Turkey

A loving turkey and all his best friends celebrate Thanksgiving by counting all of the things for which they are grateful. Rhyming text, eye-catching illustrations, and an abundance of objects to count work together in this sweet Thanksgiving board book for toddlers.



 Five Silly Turkeys

 This adorable Thanksgiving novelty book is shaped like a turkey. The gold-foiled tail feathers will grab the attention of little readers. A counting book that features silly turkeys dancing, chasing, and basking in the sun is sure to be a favorite this holiday.



Llama Llama Gives Thanks

Llama is thankful for everything in his life, like autumn leaves, pumpkin pies, and clear, blue skies. Rhyming text and cheerful pictures capture the appreciation Llama and his family share for one another all year long. There are more than 40 titles in the best-selling Llama Llama book series!



Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish

Mr. Fish has prepared a festive Thanksgiving Day feast under the sea. Toddler will love this underwater celebration, especially as they watch the star of this book bring smiles to all of his friends with his delicious creations. For more deep-sea adventures, read all the books in the Pout-Pout Fish Mini Adventure Series. 




Dr. Seuss's Thankful Things

A sweet, simple rhyming book features Thing 1 and Thing 2 sharing all that they appreciate in life. These upbeat creatures celebrate the little things that are important, like games to play, delicious pies, and the ability to learn. This adorable board book is perfect for Thanksgiving or any other time of year! 


A whimsical little book that emphasizes all the things we need to be thankful for every day of the year. Practicing thankfulness for all of the service people, like firemen, who keep us safe, and others who are part of our community. This wonderful message about slowing down and appreciating others is important to share on Thanksgiving day.



Baby's First Thanksgiving

Bold images on each page feature a Thanksgiving related object or activity. Sparse, bold text describes the pictures in this petite-sized book just right for small hands to grasp. Pair this with a plush turkey or a cute turkey-themed onesie for an adorable gift on baby's first Thanksgiving!



Corduroy's Thanksgiving

 Celebrate Thanksgiving this year with Corduroy and all of his friends. Together they watch a parade and then gather around the table for a delicious dinner. But before they eat, everyone shares something they are thankful for this year. This fun-shaped board book is sure to be a hit with your toddler this Thanksgiving.



Let's Be Thankful (Paw Patrol)

 Fans of Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol will be happy to see all of their favorite pups in this adorable book perfect for Thanksgiving. Marshall, Skye, Rubble and more characters share all the people and things they are thankful for on Thanksgiving and every day of the year.



Five Little Thank Yous

Every parent is familiar with the construction paper turkeys preschoolers make from tracing their hands. This novelty Thanksgiving board book was inpsired from this endearing craft. A simple rhyming story covers five important things that all children should be thankful for this holiday.


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Best Thanksgiving Books for Babies and Toddlers

It is never too early to start teaching toddlers to be thankful. Talk about things like feeling good and healthy, having food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, and some nice friends and neighbors. You can help little ones develop an appreciation for the things that they take for granted. This list of fun Thanksgiving books for toddlers can help you start the conversation and deliver a few chuckles along the way! Be sure to include some funny kids' books about turkeys to learn how clever birds try to avoid landing on a Thanksgiving Day serving platter.

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year for families who gather near and far to celebrate together. So much work goes into cooking delicious turkeys, baking scrumptious pies, and preparing traditional side dishes from scratch. All of the memories created around the dining room table amongst family and friends are priceless.

Just remember to take some quiet time to read Thanksgiving books with your babies and toddlers. Not only will reading force you to slow down and enjoy quality time with a little one, will also give your toddler a better understanding of the Thanksgiving holiday and what it is all about. For older siblings, here are the best Thanksgiving chapter books for tweens that share funny stories and mishaps that happen when families gather on this holiday.



Thanksgiving Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

A precious little baby or toddler in our lives give us reason enough to be thankful. Here are some adorable Thanksgiving plush toys and outfits for little ones that can be paired with a few books to make a truly thoughtful gift.

Taddle Toes Turkey Plush

This soft and chunky stuffed turkey is ready for some snuggle time. He's 10" from head to toe, just the right size for toddlers to cuddle while reading some books all about Thanksgiving.



Baby's First Thanksgiving Bodysuit with Pants

 Adorable set for a baby's very first time feasting on turkey with the family. Sizes run from newborn up to 24 months. 



Turkey Plush Animal

This soft and colorful turkey stuffed toy will make a special toddler happy this Thanksgiving. He's adds a nice festive touch to a nursery or playroom. Pair this guy with a few books about turkeys for a super fun Thanksgiving gift.

Baby's First Thanksgiving Toy Set

This is one of our favorite little gifts for a baby's first Thanksgiving. A charming bag is filled with four toys that crinkle, jingle, rattle and squeak. Such a darling set to keep a toddler occupied during Thanksgiving festivities!



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