6 Fantastic Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids

Turkey Plush with Authentic Bird Sound

Plush Turkey With Sound

A soft and realistic plush turkey that just the right size for toddler hands. Little ones will love squeezing this toy bird to hear authentic turkey sounds.



Turkey Gifts for Kids on Thanksgiving

Pair a few children's turkey books with a fun themed gift for a festive gift this Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favorite toys, clothing, and plush turkeys that all feature this fascinating bird!


turkey onesie

Soft Turkey Onesie

Be sure to get some cute pictures this Thanksgiving of your baby in this darling onesie. Made from a cotton/polyester blend, this little outfit is available in sizes for newborn through 24 months.


realistic turkey figure

Realistic Turkey Farm Toy

A small, realistic toy turkey that can be added to any farm play set. Detailed, lifelike and sturdy enough to withstand lots of imaginary play. You can add to a child's collection with other farm animal toys from the same collection. 


turkey building block stem toy

Turkey Construction Stem Toy

This 70-piece toy set offers endless ways for children to build 3-D and flat mosaic turkeys. It comes in a handy tube for a light and easy on-the-go toy for young children. Can be mixed and matched with other sets in the Plus-Plus Stem Toy Collection.


turkey sticker craft

Turkey Sticker Craft

Keep all the kids busy this Thanksgiving with this 24-piece, reusable turkey sticker set. Children can decorate placemats, make pictures, and brighten up the whole house with these safe, colorful turkey stickers that can be used over and over again.


gund plush turkey


Gund Thanksgiving Turkey

A soft, well-constructed turkey plush by Gund is the perfect Thanksgiving gift for babies and toddlers. This 8-inch gobbler promises hours of snuggle time all season long.

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Turkey Facts for Kids

Turkeys take center stage at Thanksgiving day feasts, where the conversation is usually about how the bird was prepared for the meal. If you want to teach you children more about what they are eating, here are some pretty interesting tidbits about what life is like for turkeys who avoid the oven.

  • Wild turkeys spend the day on land, but fly up into the trees to sleep. This is the only way they can stay safe from predators at night.
  • Turkeys' heads change colors based on their emotional state. They can turn red, blue or white depending on how calm or excited they feel.
  • Only male turkeys gobble, which is their mating sound. Other turkey noises include yelps, kee-kees and purrs.
  • Turkeys have remarkable vision. They can see three times better than humans and their eyesight spans 270 degrees. 
  • Approximately 50 million turkeys are consumed each year on Thanksgiving.




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