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13 Comical Thanksgiving Chapter Books for Tweens


charlie bumpers vs the perfect little turkey

Charlie Bumpers vs. The Perfect Little Turkey

Many boys and girls will appreciate Charlie's dilemma- his family expects him to take care of his irritating cousin all Thanksgiving day. The holiday pretty much goes as expected with Charlie getting in trouble and feeling frustrated by the antics of his little cousin Chip.When he returns to school on Monday, his first assignment is to write about the meaning of  family. Can Charlie get some perspective and see past everything about Chip that annoys him? Kids will laugh and relate to Charlie's situation.



thanksgiving dinner

Funny Chapter Books for Tween Readers this Thanksgiving

These fun tween novels about Thanksgiving will have readers laughing and perhaps even reflecting on all they are thankful for this season. We've also included some fun mysteries and action-packed books that all center around turkeys, family gatherings, school shenanigans, and Thanksgiving day feasts. So encourage tweens to put down their electronics and bury their noses into some of these funny stories that valuable lessons about the importance of this holiday.


candy corn contest
The Candy Corn Contest

A librarian has a brilliant idea. She places of jar full of candy corn on her desk and sets up a guessing game. The winner gets to keep the the jar of treats. But here's the catch- the kids have to read a page out of a library book to earn a guess. Richard loves candy corn and he hates reading. He is determined to win the contest honestly but one day his sweet tooth gets the better of him. Richard helps himself to the candy jar and now is afraid the librarian will find out. This short chapter book is perfect for reluctant readers who love candy as much as Richard.




nate the great talks turkey


Nate the Great Talks Turkey

Nate the Great is a world class detective, so when a turkey is on the loose and the whole town is investigating, he doesn't want to get involved. Will Nate ultimately decide to use his skills to help track down the missing turkey?  This short Thanksgiving chapter book includes lots of fun activities.


History Smashers: The Mayflower

History Smashers: The Mayflower

Learning about history has never been more fun. This graphic novel shatters all the myths and falsehoods that have become commonly accepted facts about Thanksgiving. Kids will love reading all the fascinating truths about the Mayflower, the pigrims journey and an ill-fated boat that was not fit to make the trip. Side bars packed with tidbits, humorous illustrations, and graphic panels fill the pages of this non-fiction  book.


Dr. Carbles is Losing His Marbles!

Dr. Carbles is Losing his Marbles!

This short, illustrated chapter book is perfect for reluctant readers or anyone who wants a good laugh this Thanksgiving. AJ and his buddies are bouncing off the walls with excitement. It is their last day of school before a four-day Thanksgiving holiday break. But just when they are ready to go, grumpy Dr. Carbles shows up at school and threatens to fire the beloved principal, Mr. Klutz. Time for the kids to step in and save the day.


The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

This zany chapter book about Thanksgiving has been entertaining kids for decades. Recently re-released with updated illustrations, this book is ridiculous fun even for children who don't love to read! Arthur Bobowicz has just one job- buy a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. What he comes home with instead is a gigantic chicken that wreaks havoc in Hoboken, New Jersey. An action-packed, exciting, and very funny read for kids with big imaginations.


the great turkey heist

 The Great Turkey Heist

Kids will love getting lost in this Boxcar Children mystery that takes place around Thanksgiving. The owner of a new restaurant in town has plans to open a food pantry. In order to collect donations and support from the local people, a free Thanksgiving dinner is offered to everyone. Food for the feed is purchased and signs advertising the feast are placed all over town. But when the signs are mysteriously moved and the giant turkey goes missing, The Boxcar Children jump in to solve the case.



 Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Gooney Bird Greene is a spunky second grader who loves to be the center of attention.  Her strong personality and her ability to tell outrageous stories sometimes lands her in the hot seat. This time she's got her eye set on the lead role in her classroom's Thanksgiving play. So she makes a deal with the teacher to find a much-needed room mother in exchange for the role of Squanto. A funny, fast-paced Thanksgiving chapter book with illustrations that add to the humor. 


The Thanksgiving Cookbook

The Thanksgiving Cookbook

Lots of time is spent in the kitchen over Thanksgiving break. Why not let your tweens join in the fun? This colorful Thanksgiving cookbook is full of delicious treats that are simple to make and don't require any help from adults, except maybe a trip to the grocery store. For budding chefs who want to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner, this book offers up some tasty treats your guests will enjoy along with their favorite slice of pie.


molly's pilgrim

Molly's Pilgrim

 Molly has recently moved to America where she is preparing to celebrate her very first Thanksgiving. She has moved here with her family in search of religious freedom and a new home. As a modern day pilgrim, she finds it difficult to acclimate to the customs in this strange, new country. Things go from bad to worse when she brings a homemade project to school that looks like a Russian refugee instead of the intended New England pilgrim. With a little bit of good fortune, life take a turn for the better in this modern day Thanksgiving story.


Thanksgiving on Thursday

Thanksgiving on Thursday (Magic Tree House)

Fans of the best-selling Magic Tree House Series will enjoy going back to the very first Thanksgiving with Jack and Annie. They time travel back to 1621 when the pilgrims were preparing for the big feast. This duo wants to help with the preparations, but they are afraid they will ruin the dinner. The pilgrims prepared their food quite a bit differently, so Jack and Annie have a lot to learn- and fast! An illustrated Thanksgiving chapter book for emerging readers to enjoy this holiday season.


The Thanksgiving Trip

The Thanksgiving Trip

This Thanksgiving chapter book is a mystery that more mature readers will enjoy. Tess and her best furry friend, Tilly, head to a mountain cabin in Montana after she learns that her father had visited the place frequently. He was supposedly killed in a truck accident, but Tess has her doubts about what really happened. A fast-paced mystery novel suited for teen readers who are ready for a good chapter book this Thanksgiving. 




Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten

Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten (and Other Thankful Stuff)

A really funny, illustrated Thanksgiving chapter book starring Junie B. Jones. This feisty girl is excited up the upcoming Thanksgiving feast in school. To get ready for the big day, her class is having a contest to see who can write the best list of reasons to be thankful. This proves to be a very difficult task for Junie B. She sure wants to win, but she has an easier time coming up with things she dislikes (like pumpkin pie, squash, and Tattletale May). 

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Thanksgiving Novels Pre-Teens Will Love to Read

Thanksgiving is a time when families unite to enjoy a delicious dinner guest-starring a juicy turkey. It is a social occasion when tweens are expected to interact with cousins, grandparents, and other relatives, engaging in conversation over long periods of time. A healthy way to unwind during this holiday is to curl up with some good chapter books about Thanksgiving.

Some of these books tell funny stories that lots of kids will find relatable. Others are exciting, page-turning Thanksgiving Day mysteries that will keep tweens engaged and enthralled to the very end. Every single one of these titles will provide a healthy escape and an opportunity to recharge before the next family gathering.


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