28 Wonderful Kids' Books About Grandchildren

Someday We Will A Book for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Someday We Will

 A wistful story about all the things grandparents can't wait to do with their grandchildren when they can finally visit. There are so many activities they will enjoy together, like riding bikes, chasing bubbles, drawing on sidewalks, and so much more. The colorful illustrations capture the happy faces of everyone having fun outside and cherishing their time in each other's company. When readers turn to the last page, they will be thrilled to see that "someday" is finally "today". A wonderful book for long-distance grandparents to give their grandchild as a reminder that they are counting down the days.




Best Children's Books Celebrating Grandchildren

Grandchildren hold a very special place in the hearts of their grandparents. They are a bright light and full of love, hope, and dreams. For the older generation, spending time playing, imagining, reading, coloring, and just enjoying time with little ones is a gift. But sometimes grandchildren live far away or are too busy to visit very often. Reading some tender books about grandmothers will remind granddaughters and grandsons of the special love they share. Kids' books about grandchildren will remind them that they are loved, cherished, and missed. It's a way to stay connected every day even when seeing them in person is not frequent enough. You will want to add some stories about grandfathers that capture the warmth, love, and wisdom these special men share with their grandkids.


I'll Go and Come Back

I'll Go and Come Back

 A beautifully rendered story about a little girl, Jyoti, who visits her grandmother, Sita Pati, in India. At first the relationship is strained due to language barriers and cultural differences. But the two soon grow comfortable and learn to communicate in other ways. Jyoti immerses herself in new activities, like playing with colored sand and shopping at the local market. She also develops a liking for warm milk with saffron and chapatis. When it comes time to return to the United States, Jyoti learns to say "I'll go and come back" instead of "goodbye", as is customary in Tamil. This book is highly recommended, especially for grandchildren who live overseas.



 Grandma Loves Me ABC

Grandma Loves Me ABC

A darling book for little grandchildren learning their ABCs. Kids are reminded of all the ways their grandmas love them, starting with each letter of the alphabet. Charming pictures with lots of detail to explore fill the sturdy, pages of this book perfect for every grandchild.


 I Loved You Before You Were Born 

I Loved You Before You Were Born

Quite a touching book perfect for newborn grandchildren. Told from the perspective of a paternal grandmother, the lyrical words express the overwhelming love she has for the baby. Soft watercolor pictures in pastel tones create a soothing, gentle mood along with the loving verse.


Tiny Perfect Things

Tiny, Perfect Things

The gift of time that grandparents have to spend with their grandchildren is priceless. In this captivating picture book, a grandfather and grandchild spend a precious day observing the beauty all around them. What begins as an ordinary walk outside transforms into a wondrous day when they slow down and appreciate the nature all around them.

 Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street

A Caldecott Honor book and Newbery Medal winner, Last Stop on Market Street is a visual story with an important lesson. A little boy and his Nana exit church one Sunday, board the bus, and don't get off until they reach the final destination of the route. When the boy makes some observations about the dirty city streets and run down neighborhood, his Nana gently reminds him to try and find the good in everything. Together they make their way to a soup kitchen where the little boy connects with the people and finally understands his Nana's message. 


Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa 

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa

This reassuring book is perfect for every grandchild getting ready to spend the night with a grandparent. Llama Llama packs his overnight bag and heads over to his grandparent's house for fun evening. Everything is going well until it is time to go to bed. Llama Llama realizes he has forgotten his special stuffed llama, but fortunately Grandpa has the perfect solution. Check out the rest of the best-selling  Llama Llama books to help your grandchildren overcome all kinds of obstacles.


You Are My Wish

You Are My Wish

A sweet celebration of the special relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. Playful illustrations and catchy verse highlight all of the fun things they do together. Tickle fights, fishing trips, horsey back rides, and lots of spoiling are just some of the benefits of being a grandchild. The best-selling authors of You Are My I Love You have delivered another heartwarming winner.



Engaging Books Just for Granddaughters

There is a special relationship that grandparents share with their granddaughters. Oftentimes the stress that comes with raising their own children has passed, so grandparents can love and embrace their granddaughters with clarity of mind and total acceptance. The day-to-day worries that parents carry, like performance in school or on a sports team, are not usually a grandparent's burden. Coming from a place of greater perspective and wisdom, grandparents love their granddaughters unconditionally and enjoy every opportunity to engage, watch, and immerse themselves in their lives. The best children's books about granddaughters capture the essence of this unique bond and unwavering support. 


There Is Nothing Sweeter in Life Than a Granddaughter

There is Nothing Sweeter in Life Than a Granddaughter

 This exquisite book is filled with inspirational poems, sage advice, and uplifting words of wisdom. It is written from the perspective of a grandmother who wishes her granddaughter a life full of  happiness. Expressions of unconditional support, love, and pride appear throughout the pages of this thoughtful book for granddaughters. It is a book gift that comes from the heart.


 Grandma's Girl

Grandma's Girl

Quite the perfect book for a grandmother to share with her cherished granddaughter. Told in rhyme, this story captures all the fun things they do together. Splashing in the rain, eating delicious ice cream, working in the garden are just some of the many fun activities. But most important of all, they share an unbreakable bond sealed by a goodnight kiss! Charming illustrations capture this special relationship between a diverse group of grandmothers and granddaughters everywhere.



To My Granddaughter A Gift of Love and Wisdom to Always Carry in Your Heart 

To My Granddaughter

 A charming little book filled with words of wisdom for granddaughters. Inspiring quotes, heartwarming poetry, and whimsical drawings fill the pages of this keepsake. The black and white illustrations are appealing as they stand, but it may be fun to give this book along with some colored pencils for granddaughters to add their own touch.

 Dear Granddaughter: Life Lessons from Your Grandmother

Dear Granddaughter: Life Lessons from Your Grandmother

 A simply beautiful keepsake book for granddaughters to treasure their entire lives. The pages are filled with inspiring quotes and advice that grandmothers would want to share. Consider giving this book to girls who are on the brink of adolescence or older. The overriding theme is about enjoying the journey while enjoying indulgences, experiencing heartbreak, and living with dignity. The artwork and photographs nicely complement the timeless advice.



 Letters to my Granddaughter

Letters to My Granddaughter

There is a story waiting to be written in the blank pages of this beautiful journal. It's a place for grandmothers to write letters, inscribe quotes, draw pictures, share recipes and attach photos. There are over 100 pages to fill with thoughts, advice and wisdom to guide a granddaughter through life. A fantastic idea is for grandmother's to begin working on this project when a granddaughter is born, and then give it to her on a special birthday when she is old enough to appreciate it.


What are Granddaughters Made of? 

What Are Granddaughters Made Of?

This Hallmark recordable storybook is a very personal, special way for grandparents to bond with their granddaughters. Little girls can listen to them read every night before bedtime, no matter how far away they live. There are opportunities throughout to customize the verse with the little girl's name, which makes the experience even more special. The verse is positive, affirming, and full of loving touches.



 Granddaughter, I Love You So Much

Granddaughter, I Love You So Much

A keepsake book full of stories, advice, and humor will appeal to tweens and teens who are starting their journey to adulthood. The whimsical and fun illustrations add a light touch to the heart-tugging words that may cause a few tears. It's a petite book overflowing with all of the things grandmothers want to say to their granddaughters to get them through the ups and downs in life.


Love, Grandma and Me A Guided Journal for Girls and their Grandmas  

Love, Grandma and Me

For grandmothers looking for that special book to connect with their granddaughters, this keepsake journal is it. The pages are filled with prompts for the two to fill out together while they share stories and memories. There are blank places to doodle, lists that encourage interaction, and opportunities to write letters back and forth. There are helpful conversation topics, like comparing dreams, changes in society, favorite foods, and a whole lot more. When the journal is complete, grandmother and granddaughter will have a precious keepsake. But more importantly they will have spent hours of invaluable time talking and sharing.


Best Granddaughter Ever 

Best Granddaughter Ever

 This notebook-sized journal with a glossy cover is a great gift for granddaughters of all ages. With more than 100 lined and blank pages, there is ample room to write, doodle, and create. Consider adding some colorful pens, fun markers, or cute stickers to this gift. Be sure to start the first page with a handwritten message expressing how much you love your precious granddaughter.

 Granddaughter You Make the World Grand


Granddaughter, You Make the World Grand

This special hardcover book is a wonderful gift for a newborn granddaughter. Grandparents have the unique opportunity to record themselves reading the book. When a precious granddaughter flips each page, she will hear their loving voices telling the story. Twinkly music plays along, adding a magical touch to this amazing book for granddaughters.

A Granddaughter Is Love 

A Granddaughter is Love

This lovely book is a collection of letters written by various grandmothers to their granddaughters. Each heartfelt message expresses love, pride and joy. Some are whimsical notes written in verse. Others are thoughtful reflections and advice that girls will carry with them forever. Pastel, watercolors are a gentle backdrop for the bursts of colorful, symbolic pictures throughout.



 Mimi and Me

Mimi and Me

This sweet story highlights all the special moments shared between a Mimi and her beloved granddaughter. They have a very special bond and cherish all the time they have just being together. The author includes some helpful tips in the back for improved comprehension skills, especially for kids learning to read independently,



Picture Books Featuring Grandsons

Grandparents have a lifetime of advice, wisdom, and loving words to bestow upon their grandsons. There is so much to say and yet sometimes it's hard to find the right words that will make a lasting impact. Children's books about grandsons provide an opportunity to share all the wonderful ways they brighten the world. There are picture books full of stories and journals for grandsons and grandparents to personalize together. Through these books, grandsons will always remember how much they are loves, cherished, and adored. 

Nothing Fills the Heart with Joy like a Grandson

Nothing Fills the Heart With Joy Like a Grandson

Whimsical pictures decorate the most heartfelt collection of letters written by grandparents to their grandsons. This touching book is a forever keepsake perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or simply to remind a grandson how much he is loved. There are words of advice about the importance of values, pursuing dreams, and trusting instincts. Add a special touch  with your own written inscription inside the cover. This will be a book your grandson will go back to throughout his life.



Dear Grandson 

Dear Grandson

 A touching keepsake book for grandsons full of anecdotes, stories, quotes, and pearls of wisdom for them to live by. This book captures all the things grandparents want to say to their grandsons that will carry them through the many milestones of their lives. This hardcover gift book provides encouragement and support for grandsons when you are not there to tell them in person. It's a thoughtful gift for little boys that they will never outgrow.


Dear Grandson: Life Lessons from Your Grandmother

Dear Grandson: Life Lessons from Your Grandmother

This hardcover book full of wise words written by grandmother to grandson is a wonderful gift for birthdays, graduations, and other important milestones. She offers advice about love, integrity, and grace. Her words, which come from the heart and a lifetime of experience, emphasize enjoying the journey. The pages are too beautiful to mark up, but grandsons would love to see some little notes from you in the margins and perhaps a longer message inside the cover! 



 I Love That You're My GRANDSON

I Love That Your My Grandson Because

Tell your grandson how you feel about him by filling this journal with your own personal words. There are 25 thought-provoking prompts with space for grandparents to respond with their thoughts, advice, and love. For an added touch, attach photos, stickers, and memorabilia (i.e. ticket stubs) to preserve special memories. This keepsake gift is the perfect book for grandsons of all ages.


 Grandson You Make The World Grand 

Grandson You Make the World Grand

Grandparents can be part of their grandson's bedtime story routine every night with this recordable book. The touching story is about all the ways a grandson brightens the world. However, the real gift for the grandson is listening to the voices of his grandparents as he turns each page. A truly heartwarming book gift to remind little guys how much you love them even when you can't be there in person.



 Between Grandma and Me A Guided Journal For Boys And Their Grandmas 

Between Grandma and Me

This journal for grandsons to complete with their grandmas is an incredible way to spend time together. Using guided prompts, the two will share stories, talk about how they spend holidays, and discuss dreams for the future. There are also pages for them to write letters back and forth, forever preserved in this special gift book. 



 Dear Grandson A Message of Love 

Dear Grandson: A Message of Love

A heartwarming gift book for grandsons that they will appreciate even more as they grow older. It is filled with inspirational quotes, sage advice, and thought-provoking words of wisdom that will help them through many obstacles in life. There are pages to personalize this book for grandsons with photos and written notes as well. It's truly a timeless gift from the heart that will forever have a place on his bookshelf.


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Special Time Reading With Grandchildren 

Grandchildren hold a very special place in the hearts of their grandparents. With their entire lives ahead of them, these special kids are full of hope and promise. There is so much to say to these cherished little ones. A lifetime of lessons, experience and wisdom is a gift that grandparents can share with granddaughters and grandsons. But sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to express all of these things. These heartwarming children's books about grandchildren capture everything grandparents want to say. Think about inscribing a few special words inside to personalize the book and remind them how much they are loved! 


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