33 Heartwarming Children's Books About Grandfathers, Grandpas and Abuelos


How to Babysit a Grandpa

This New York Times Bestseller is a hilarious guide full of advice on how to make the most of a visit with grandpa. A little boy has no shortage of pointers on how to have endless fun when a grandfather is left in charge. Some of his tips include how to play together (i.e. build a pirate cave), what to eat for snacks (ice cream and cookies are always on the list), and how to liven up a leisurely stroll. One thing is for certain- grandpa is going to need a long nap after all this activity.


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Children's Books About Grandfathers, Grandpas, and Abuelos

A grandfather plays a very special role in a child's life. He can be a carefree father figure since he doesn't have the responsibility of raising the grandchild. Grandpas can dispense wisdom, share stories from long ago, and guide their grandchildren without worrying about the day-to-day stress. It is understandable, therefore, that grandparents leaves a gaping hole in a child's when they pass away. Reading kids' books about a grandparent dying can help a little one process grief and sadness.

Grandfathers have a broader perspective on life and don't get caught up in the same burdens parents carry. So it's time to read some of these wonderful children's books about grandfathers to fully appreciate these special men. This collection of kids' books about grandpas include humorous, heartwarming, and even some pretty serious stories about grandfathers and all they do for their grandchildren. Be sure to include some children's books about grandmothers as well!


The Grandpa Book

Little kids will love reading about all the different kinds of grandpas represented in this silly book. Maybe they will even find one who is just like their own! There are grandpas who golf, tell jokes, and give gigantic bear hugs. Bold illustrations and funny cartoonish pictures are appealing especially to preschool age children. 



Grandad's Camper

Grandad is despondent over the loss of Gramps and seems to have lost his desire for adventure. The two of them spent years traveling across country in their fun camper, but now the vehicle is neglected and in disrepair. So his granddaughter decides to take matters in her own hands and formulates a plan to get the camper up and running again. It turns out this is just what Grandad needed to reclaim his zest for life. A touching story about the special relationship between a girl and her grandfather!



Grandpa and Me

A colorful, lift-the-flap board book about a young child who is making pizza with her grandpa. Under each flap, children will discover all the delicious ingredients they need for the perfect pie. This cute book captures just one of many fun kitchen activities grandfathers can share with their grandchildren!


Song and Dance Man

Lots of history is stored in attic of a grandfather's home. One day his grandchildren follow him up the stairs into this hidden place where he pulls out his cane, tap shoes, and bowler hat. They are surprised to learn that he was once a vaudeville performer and still has some pretty impressive dance moves. This fast-paced, energetic book takes children back in time where they get a sneak peak a what life was like for their grandfather as a young man. 



Grandpa Green

A gorgeously illustrated, compelling book about a great-grandfather who documents his life through topiaries.  Passerbys admire his impressive creations, but it's his great-grandson who takes readers on an in-depth stroll through the garden to uncover the meaning of his work. From his time as a young boy, to a WWII veteran, and then eventually as a gifted horticulturalist, his journey is artistically documented throughout the lush garden.


The Matchbox Diary

 An inspiring story about a great-grandfather's immigration from Italy told through a treasures stored in matchboxes. When his granddaughter expresses curiosity these boxes, he lets her explore all of the objects and tells her stories about what each of them signifies. For example, there is an olive pitt his mother had him suck when they had no food, and a bottle cap he picked up on his way to the boat. Through each of these mementos, the little girl learns about his struggles and the rewarding new life he began in America.




Grandpa's Top Threes

A simple yet powerful story of a grandson's desire to connect with his grandfather. This grandpa is experiencing tremendous sadness and has become withdrawn. The little boy finds a way to pull him out of his depression by engaging in a fun little game called Top Threes. They engage in a fun conversation about favorite sandwiches, zoo animals, trip, and more. Soon the grandfather finds his voice again and connects with his family in this story of love and loss.



Hey Grandude!

This best-selling picture book by Paul McCartney features a grandfather like no other. This cool dude is a world-traveler who is constantly seeking out new adventures. In this story, he takes his grandchildren on the trip of a lifetime where they ride flying fish, escape from avalanches, and outrun a wild stampede. Impeccable illustrations draw kids in for this riveting read aloud. For grandfathers who like to tell tall tales, this book will be a favorite!



Grandpa Grumps

Not all grandpas are cheerful. Daisy learns this lesson the hard way when her Yeh-Yeh arrives for a visit all the way from China. She had been eagerly anticipating his arrival and made lots of plans for all the fun things they would do together. Unfortunately, this grumpy grandpa was not interested in making snow angels or having tea parties. But Daisy refuses to give up and works harder than ever to turn his frown upside down!




Dear Abuelo

Juana is embarking on a new life with her family in America. Leaving her beloved grandfather behind in Mexico, she is anxious about all of the scary, new experiences that lie ahead. In a series of correspondence with her abuelo, she writes about her airplane ride, the new apartment, and the language she cannot speak or understand. Eventually she makes a new friend and feels more comfortable in her new surroundings. A moving story about the comfort and security grandfathers give to their grandchildren, no matter the miles between them. 


Grandpa Loves You!

This keepsake book makes a perfect gift for a newborn or first birthday. Soft, watercolor pictures capture the special bond between a grandfather and grandchild. The pair of bunnies explore the outdoors, fly kites, and share special moments together. There is a page set aside for grandfathers to write an inscription and affix a photo. Beautiful, simple and tender story reminds grandchildren how much they are loved.





When Grandpa Gives You a Toolbox

 A little boy is less than enthused when his grandpa gives him a toolbox, instead of the dollhouse for his toys. In an age where instant gratification can be problematic, this grandfather is about to teach his grandson a lesson that will pay dividends for the rest of his life. He learns about patience and hard work. And in the end, the grandson gains some carpentry skills that he puts to use by building that dollhouse after all!


A Morning with Grandpa

An award-winning children's book about a special morning an Asian American girl shares with her grandfather. When she observes Gong Gong practicing tai chi, Mei Mei runs outside to join him. But instead of slow and graceful movement, Mei Mei adds her unique energetic touch. Later, she encourages Gong Gong to join her in a yoga session where she teaches him all of the positions. A lovely book about tender moments shared between a grandfather and his granddaughter.



The War with Grandpa

 A really funny, award-winning chapter book about a grandfather who displaces his grandson from his room. At first, the idea of Grandpa moving in with the family sounds great. But all of that changes when Peter is forced to move to a spare room updstairs so that Grandpa can have his bedroom on the first floor.  The fun continues when both grandfather and grandson engage in all sorts of trickery and shenanigans as each one fights for dibs on the best room in the house. This fast-paced book will keep readers wondering if their once-close relationship can survive this epic tug-of-war.


I Never Met My Grandpa

A poignant story of a little girl who longs to know more about her grandpa. He died before she was born, so she never had a chance to get to know him personally. Her inquisitive nature takes her on a journey into the past where she explores his old belongings and gathers stories about this important man. Eventually she comes to peace with the fact that although she will never meet him, she can always think about all the special things she knows about him. 

Drawn Together

Winner of multiple, prestigious book awards, this beautiful picture book with sparse text examines the connection between a grandfather and his grandson. When they first meet, a language barrier prevents them from communicating. Soon they sit down together and discover a common interest in drawing. Through their pictures, they share stories and form a bond that is stronger than words.


The Snow Bear

A magical story about a little girl, Sara, who is inspired by her grandfather's stories growing up in the Canadian Arctic. One late winter night, she slips out of her room and journeys into the cold to meet up with a polar bear cub. The night is one to remember, but not without challenges and lessons that will stay with Sara forever. A fast-paced, easy chapter book with illustrations just right for beginner readers. For more adventurous reading, check out the rest of the titles in the  Winter Animal Stories

A Plan for Pops

Lou is one lucky kid. Every single Saturday he spends precious time with his two grandfathers- Grandad and Pops. These two men are as different as night and day, but they share one very special thing in common- their beloved grandson! They frequently walk to the library together, listen to music and genuinely enjoy each other's company. All of that changes one day when Pops falls and must spend his remaining days in a wheelchair. Lou and Grandad get to work putting together a plan, and soon enough Pops resumes an active, happy life with the people that mean the most to him.


Grandpa and Jake

 Jake has the best grandpa in the world who has a very special day planned. Hand in hand, they take a leisurely walk through town and Grandpa shares stories of special moments he shared with his own grandfather. Meanwhile, Jake is wondering where they are headed. Could they be going to see a movie or to the ballpark? Turns out Grandpa has an even bigger surprise, the library!




Grandpa's Wish List

A heart-tugging story about all the wishes a grandfather has for his grand baby. The wisdom of someone who has lived many years is shared across the pages of this sturdy, padded book. This keepsake book is the perfect gift from a grandpa to a newborn child, and the message is one that even older children will grow to appreciate.



Just Grandpa and Me

 Little Critter has a very special relationship with his grandpa, and he's excited for their big day in the city. Although he's small in stature, Little Critter is a huge help. He leads his grandfather safely across the busy street, shows him the proper way to use the escalator, and give him a lesson on using chopsticks.  Mercer Mayer's Classic Little Critter Books have been entertaining kids for generations.


Grandpa Loves Me!

A darling board book, just right for babies and toddlers, expresses all of the wonderful things a grandfather does with his grandchild. There are pictures of all kinds of animals, like lions, whales, giraffes, and foxes, sharing sweet moments. Simple text will keep the attention of even the littlest listeners.


Time for Bed, Old House

Isaac is excited for his first sleepover at his grandfather's house. They enjoy a fun evening together playing games and reading stories. But when it is time to go to bed, Isaac starts to feel a bit nervous. It's a good thing Grandpop knows just how to put him at ease. He announces that it's time to "put the house to bed". Together they move from room to room checking on things and turning out lights. Once they are finished, Isaac feels much better about going to bed. The special bond between a grandfather and grandson is reflected in this sweet bedtime story.

Grandpa Across the Ocean

A little boy embarks on a journey across the ocean to visit his grandfather in South Korea. When he arrives, things get off to a rough start. They don't speak the same language and the boy accidentally knocks down a potted plant. His loving grandfather makes him feel better by giving him a delicious peach and a brand new toy car. Soon enough, the boy feels comfortable at his grandfather's home where they enjoy ice cream and many trips to the beach together. This is a helpful book to read to grandchildren who are separated from grandfathers by both miles and language barriers.



Grandpa Hugs

 An adorable baby board book about all the fun things grandfathers do with their grandchildren. They ride bikes, share hugs, and say bedtime prayers. A wide variety of animals painted in soft watercolors are featured in this sweet story told in rhyme.


Being Mindful Like Grandpa

A little boy learns the importance of being mindful, present, and aware based on lessons from his grandfather. Together they would hike to the top of a mountain and soak in the beautiful nature. When the boy moves to a new town far away, he can no longer enjoy this restorative time with his grandfather. He begins to feel anxious and worried, but then reflects on his grandfather's advice of being mindful. A beautiful story with a valuable message for all readers.

The Day Abuelo Got Lost

One of the hardest events to witness is memory loss in a beloved grandfather. Luis and his abuelo have a special bond and enjoy cooking and building model airplanes together. But when Abuelo experiences dementia, Luis is determined to find new activities that they can still do. A heartfelt story that addresses a very real problem and the impact on sad, confused grandchildren.


Grandpa and Me

In this darling board book, the grandpa literally gives the best bear hugs. He and his grandson loving playing outdoors, swimming in the creek, building campfires, and generally enjoying each other's company. A loving addition to a child's bookshelf. 


Thank You, God, for Grandpa

A tender rhyming story celebrating all kinds of grandfathers and everything they do for their grandchildren. They teach them how to skip rocks, throw curve balls, and make the most delicious banana splits. No matter what you call this special person- Pop, Papa, Gramps or Granddad- he is someone to appreciate and love. 

When a Grandpa Says "I Love You"

Grandpa's say "I Love You" to their grandchildren all the time. But there are many other ways they express their feelings, too. Maybe it's by spoiling them with extra scoops of ice creams or having a tea party. Beautiful illustrations portray various activities a grandfather bear and cub enjoy together in this tender story about a special bond.


40 Uses for a Grandpa

A silly book that lists all the many ways a grandpa comes in handy. Each page shows a grandpa in a funny pose, costume, or location for the sole purpose of meeting a grandchild's need. From basketball hoop to butler, grandpas fill many different roles. At the end, little grandchildren understand that their grandfather is their friend. A cute, novelty book that makes a great gift on Grandparents' Day.

My Grandfather's Coat

A delightful picture book based on a classic folksong about a thrifty grandfather. He wore his coat until it was threadbare. Instead of tossing it aside, he puts his sewing skills to the test. The grandfather's coat is transformed into a jacket, and the scraps of material are repurposed into a tie, a vest, and toys for the kittens. The illustrations capture the feel of a bygone era when frugality was a way of life. Upbeat, rhyming, and lots of energy throughout this picture book about a resourceful grandfather. 


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Best Kids' Books about Grandfathers and Grandpas

Grandfathers of all kinds are represented in these books for children. Some grandpas are active and ready for adventure, while others are prefer restful days at home. Some grandfathers actively participate in the every day lives of their grandchildren, and others too live far away to visit often.

But one thing is true of all grandfathers. They love their grandchildren and cherish all the moments, no matter how infrequent, with the next generation of little ones. Now is the time to gather around and read some children's books about grandfathers. Choose books that remind you of the grandpas in your life! These books make great gifts for Grandparents Day, the first Sunday after Labor Day, or for a grandfather's birthday.




Why Grandfathers Are So Important 

A grandfather's role is vitally important in the upbringing of grandchildren. Their valuable wisdom, compassion, and patience can have a remarkable impact on a child's mental wellbeing and stability. Kids's books about grandfathers capture the essence of this relationship. Let's explore some of the ways a grandfather can be a positive force for the years he has left with the special children who are lucky to have him. Also, check out the best kids' books about grandchildren that capture the special bond shared between grandparents and grandkids.

  • Grandfathers can spend unlimited time with grandchildren since they are living without the demands of a work schedule. They don't have the same time constraints as parent who are juggling work and household responsibilities. Therefore, they can immerse themselves in hours of playtime, reading stories, coloring and engaging with their grandchildren without feeling the tug to get things done. 
  • Grandfathers offer wisdom and knowledge based on a lifetime of experiences. They may be less concerned with test scores, grades, and other academic metrics. This is not to say that they do not value education. But their focus is on broader lessons and values that grandchildren can carry with them throughout their lives.
  • Grandfathers love watching their grandchildren participate in sports regardless of their success or failure. While parents are often more focused on a child's performance, grandfathers are just happy to be there to witness the granchild's participation. They don't care if the child strikes out, misses a ball, loses a match, or fumbles. From their perspective, the outcome is far less important than the experience.
  • Grandfathers are an important link to child's ancestry through storytelling. They are a connection between history lessons learned in school and personal accounts of those same events. They also bridge their grandchildren with relatives who may not be part of their lives, like great aunts and uncles, distant cousins and other who have branches on the family tree.
  • Grandfathers are a special kind of father figure to their grandchildren. They love unconditionally, listen generously, and offer guidance when needed. Grandfathers have the unique privilege of being a secondary parent, having already learned the ropes when they raised their own children. 


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