26 Intriguing Children's Books About Cousins

26 Intriguing Children's Books About Cousins


21 Cousins

A book rich in Latino heritage, this award-winner features a large, festive group of cousins. One by one, each cousin is introduced. Readers learn about their various skills, talents and hobbies. Even though they are close relatives, every individual has a different skin tone, height, personality type and other unique characteristics. But what they do have in common is a deep love for one another which is apparent when they gather for a family party at the end.

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Best Children's Books About Cousins

Kids lucky enough to grow up with cousins understand their good fortune. Family get-togethers are like parties with all your best friends. Every single birthday and holiday is extra fun since the kids can slip away and play into the wee hours of the night. Vacations to the beach, mountains, or pretty much any destination are memory-making events that cousins will reflect on for the rest of their lives.




Even when cousins grow older and move apart, they have a strong bond and close connection that is easily rekindled every reunion. We've gathered a list of the best kids books about cousins that capture all the ways these special people interact, love, and support each other.  



Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin

 Although raised in separate countries, two cousins learn that they share many common interests. Through a series of letters exchanged between the boys, Charlie and Carlitos, readers learn about all the similarities and differences in their everyday lives. The story is written in English with Spanish words introduced throughout. This book about the incredible bond between cousins will resonate particularly with immigrant children who have cousins in their home country.




When Winter Robeson Came

A stirring, middle-grade novel set in Los Angeles. In 1965, Winter leaves Mississippi to visit his cousin, Eden, in the midst of the Watts Riots. The kids find themselves in the middle of the violent and dangerous drama that plays out in the city. Meanwhile, Winter is determined to find out more about the disappearance of his father from this part of the city several years prior. This heartbreaking story has an ending that will surprise readers. A moving chapter about the powerful relationship of family, especially cousins, who are eternally connected.




The Lost Cousins

 A brilliantly illustrated and captivating seek-and-find storybook. It begins with a scene where a grandfather is looking through a photo album with a few of his grandchildren. It occurs to him that they have never met many of their cousins. So off they go on a journey to many countries, traversing a wide variety of landscapes and cultures. Readers will enjoy soaking in all the colorful details and searching for hidden objects on every page.



We Are Cousins / Somos Primos

This picture book in both English and Spanish covers all the good and bad parts of being a cousin. A big group of cousins plays together and enjoys snuggling up on their abuelo's lap for storytime.  They also get angry and fight from time to time, just like siblings. They are joined together by all their mothers who are sisters and their bond is so very special. Lots of fun chaos is captured across the pages, effectively conveying all the love and joy shared amongst cousins.



When the Cousins Came

Most children have experienced the disappointment when things don't go according to plan. This is the story of Lila, who has all kinds of fun things to do when her cousins come to visit. But when Takeo and Rosie arrive, they have skateboards instead of bikes and have no interest in camping outside. Things go from bad to worse when the cousins turn out to be much better painters than Lila.  Fortunately, the day is saved when Takeo and Rosie make a  banner pronouncing Lila the "best cousin ever" and she learns a lesson in adjusting her expectations.



Henry and Mudge and the Careful Cousin

Henry and his furry best friend, Mudge, are eager for Cousin Annie to visit. Unfortunately, Annie is not fond of Mudge's doggy kisses and is not impressed with Henry's fish tank. Despite feeling discouraged, the group tries to find something they can enjoy together. It turns out that a game of frisbee is what saves the day. For more reading fun, check out the rest of the Henry and Mudge book series.



When My Cousins Come to Town

Summer is an exciting time for this little girl. Her large group of cousins come to visit for her birthday. This extended family brings boundless amounts of love, energy, and fun. Their antics are amusing and each one has earned a special nickname, except for the birthday girl. But this year will be different. She is determined to stand out and finally earn her very own nickname, just like the others!



Cupcake Cousins

This is the first story in an early-reader chapter book series about cousins Willow and Delia. The girls are excited for an upcoming wedding, but not so thrilled about the frilly dresses they are expected to wear. So, they put their cupcake-baking skills to the test in an effort to get out of wearing the uncomfortable lacy frocks. This fast read is full of funny antics that occur when a large family gathers for a celebration. The book includes delicious recipes for the cupcakes made by these cute cousins.



Dozens of Cousins

This is a group of cousins that knows how to have some fun! They show up uninvited, gobble up all the food, and head outdoors for hours and hours of action-packed adventure. They love each other unbashedly, play games of "truth or dare" and cause quite a stir with their chaotic, frenzied activity. Quite a fun book to read to a child who may recognize some of his or her own spunky cousins in these zany characters.


Houndsley and Catina and Cousin Wagster

 A short, illustrated chapter book about what happens when Cousin Wagster visits. He is full of energy and spirit, and at first Houndsley is happy to see him. But after a few days, Houndsley starts to feel uneasy. Wagster is interesting, entertaining, and good at so many things. In fact, all of Houndsley's friends are enamored with Wagster, and he wonders if they will even want to be his friend anymore. A cute story about friendship, jealousy and cousins!





Goodnight Ellie, Goodnight Marguerite: A Baby Book for Best Cousins

A darling book about two baby cousins who grow up to be best friends, despite the miles that separate them. Pastel watercolor illustrations show these cherubs as they move through various milestones in synch with one another. Short, sweet rhyming text will keep the attention of preschoolers who have some special cousins of their own.





This cute book depicts a family tree with little squirrels climbing on all the various branches. It's a great way to show children who how all of their many cousins are connected. A US map is included for families to show children where all their cousins live. There is also an empty family tree where kids can personalize the story with the names of their own cousins. A sweet keepsake book for cousins everywhere.




Eight Cousins

A classic novel by Louisa May Alcott about Rose Campbell, a young girl who is mourning the recent death of her father. This thirteen year old moves from her comfortable home to "The Aunt Hill", a house lovingly named in honor of her six aunts who reside there. Not only must Rose adjust to this large group of women fussing over her, she is faced with living under the same roof as 13 loud and crazy male cousins. Feminist issues open opportunities to reflect on how much has changed since the book was first published more than 100 years ago.



25 Reasons Why I Love My Baby Cousin

This adorable keepsake book is perfect for any child who has recently welcomed a brand new cousin into the family. Every single page provides a prompt and then ample room for a cousin to personalize a written response. There is also plenty of space to add photographs. A wonderful gift for a little cousin's birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. 



Cousins Forever

Thanks to modern technology, two cousins who are separated by thousands of miles stay connected. The girls spent the first several years of their lives together. But when one of the cousins moves to a distant country with her family, the girls are distraught. Through video chat, their bond remains intact. They share everything that happens in their days, artwork, and other important moments. A wonderful story especially for children who move far away from their beloved cousins.



Just Me and My Cousin

Sometimes a cousin can be just like an annoying older sibling. Such is the case with Little Critter. His cousin visits him for the afternoon, and truth be told, the day plays out miserably. The two get into some trouble, thanks to the cousin, and there is quite a bit of bullying and antagonizing. But at the end of the day, the cousin feels a sense of remorse and writes a note of apology. The naughty parts will elicit a few giggles from little readers who may happen to have a cousin just like the one in this book.


Loretta's Gift

Aunt Esme and Uncle Jax just had a new baby, and cousin Loretta couldn't be more excited. In fact, she has been trying to think of the best possible gift to give her baby cousin, Gabe. But like a lot of newborns, Gabe has received so many generous presents from all of his parents' friends and family members. Finally, Loretta comes to the realization that her love and attention more important than anything she could buy for baby Gabe. 


Forever Cousins

 Not only are Kara and Amanda best friends, they are also cousins. Growing up together, they enjoyed powow dancing, beautiful sunflowers, and delicious chokeberry jam. But then one day Kara and her family move to the reservation while Amanda stays in the city. The girls stay in touch through letters but each one is secretly nervous that their friendship is fading. When they reunite at a family reunion one year later, the cousins are relieved  their love for each other just as strong as before.


King Kong's Cousin

Junior and King Kong are cousins but they couldn't be more different. Kong bravely scales tall buildings. Junior is terrified of heights. Kong does what he wants, when he wants. Junior is always stuck doing chores. When Junior's cat climbs a tree and cannot get down, he has to channel his big cousin's bravado and rescue his beloved pet. This story will most definitely resonate with every little cousin who spends childhood looking up to the older cousins.


In Aunt Lucy's Kitchen

The first book in the Cobblestreet Cousins series  is a sweet story about three cousins spending the summer at their aunt's house. Lily, Tess, and Rosie shares lots of secrets and dreams about the future. They also decide to start a cookie business to make a little money over the summer. A pleasant outcome is meeting some very special neighbors along the way. This easy-reader chapter book is a great transition for kids beginning to read independently.


Ginger Green + Cousins = Total Chaos!

A black and white illustrated chapter book about a special visit from out-of-town cousins. Ginger Green cannot wait until Tess and Tom arrive. She is a tad worried about what they will think of her since they are coming from New York City. When they finally arrive, the duo brings a whole lot of trouble into Ginger's small home. A fun book for any child whose cousins are full of a bit too much energy.


100 Cupboards

A fast-paced mystery book for middle grade readers about a pair of cousins who are drawn into a dark and unsettling place in search of answers. When Henry hears strangs sounds behind the wall of his bedroom, he removes the plaster to find a series of cupboard doors. These doors each open into a world of strange, unexplainable people and events. Henry wants to keep them shut tight, but when his curious cousin Henrietta boldly passes through the threshold, he has no choice but to follow. 


The Cousins

A best-selling young adult novel about a complicated and mysterious family torn apart by a grandmother. Rich and reclusive, she disinherited her children at a young age and moved to an island to buy a resort. Years later, each of her grandchildren receives an unexpected invitation to come live on the island for the summer. Their parents think this is an opportunity to restore their family, but the cousins quickly learn that there are dark, hidden secrets that are perhaps better left alone.

The Feather Chase

 When two cousins who have nothing in common find themselves in the middle of a mystery, they have no choice but to work together. Sophie and Jessica, both twelve years old, couldn't be more different. One enjoys outdoor activities in her small town while the other prefers shopping and experiencing life in a big city. One day they accidentally stumble upon a briefcase with something very important inside, and soon become entrapped in a tangled web. Putting their differences aside, the cousins come together to solve the crime before it's too late.


My Cousins, My Friends

A lovely tribute to cousins that tugs at the heartstrings and reminds these relatives of the special bond they share. The beautiful, bilingual picture book is written in flowing verse that describes the unique love and friendship cousins from all over the world share. Inscribe a message inside the cover for your favorite cousins as a gift that will warm their hearts and remind them of you.

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Picture Books About Cousins for Kids

Some kids grow up with their cousins who are part of their daily lives. Others have long-distance relationships with cousins whom they see only occasionally. There are first cousins, second cousins, and cousins removed a few branches on the family tree. Sometimes kids are even surprised by the sudden appearance of cousins they never knew existed! All of these picture books about cousins tell heartwarming stories of these special relationships. These incredible stories capture the diverse spirit and relationships of cousins from all walks of life.

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Fun Facts About Cousins

Cousins are like the perfect blend of best friends and siblings. A fixture at family celebrations, holidays, special events, and important milestones, these relatives are an integral part of a child's upbringing. Kids may understand where their cousins fit into the family tree, but there is so much more to learn aboutt genetics, culture , and historical perspective on these relations.

  • Marrying first cousins is illegal in only about half of the US states, but marrying second cousins is perfectly fine in the majority of states.
  • Some of the states that allow the marriage of first cousins have certain stipulations in place. For instance, Indiana, Arizone and Illinois will only permit first cousin marriage if the woman is of a certain age or cannot have children of her own.
  • A few states have passed laws making it completely illegal to marry cousins of any kind, no matter how distantly related. These states actually consider it a criminal offense. So, if you want to marry a cousin, definitely do not move to Texas, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Oklahoma.
  • If first cousins have a baby together, the risk of a birth defect doubles. But it is still a fairly low percentage (4%-6%).
  • There is a holiday devoted to cousins. July 24th is the official National Cousins Day, so plan a party and invite all your cousins over to celebrate!
  • First cousins share about 12.5% of their DNA. For comparison purposes, siblings share about 50% of their DNA.
  • About 10% of marriages worldwide are between cousins.
  • In the most basic sense, cousins are relatives who share common ancestors.
  • First cousins are the offspring of siblings. 
  • All Europeans of Jewish descent are distant cousins.
  • An interesting study indicates that third cousins who marry and decide to start families experience higher rates of fertility compared to the general population.
  • There are so many versions of cousins depending on how closely related they are to each other. First cousins, second cousins, and cousins once removed are just some of the ways to define the relationships. However, there is another, less well-known version called double cousins. If two brothers marry two sisters, their offspring are considered double first cousins!
  • The blood relationship between cousins is equal to that of half siblings.


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