17 Fun Children's Books About Aunts and Uncles

17 Fun Children's Books About Aunts and Uncles


Auntie Loves You!

A charming book about the special role an aunt plays in a child's life. The illustrations capture all the love between an aunt and her bunny as they play and snuggle. A special page in the back the book is saved for a personal picture and note from an aunt. This book makes a wonderful keepsake or baby shower gift for every niece and nephew.

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 Loving Children's Books About Aunts 

Children who have aunts who love them are very lucky.  An aunt is someone who will whisk a niece or nephew away for day of fun, indulgence, and spontaneity without all the burdens that can weigh down mothers. They don't have to worry about homework, extracurricular obligations, chores, bedtimes, nutrition, and all of the other things that can get in the way of fun.




That's not to say that an aunt doesn't care about these things. But the responsibility doesn't have to fall on her shoulders. She is free to spoil her nieces and nephews, break some rules, live in the moment, and drop off special cherubs with their parents when the fun over. These children's books about aunts celebrate everything they do and the positive effect they have on nieces and nephews.



What Aunts Do Best

A fun tribute to aunts and all the special things they do with their nieces and nephews. A variety of  aunt animals, like sheep, cats, and squirrels, take their little relatives on roller coaster rides and give them piano lessons. They take them on speedy rides in a cool convertible and let them stay up way past their bedtime. Kids will love the detailed illustrations and may even draw comparisons to their own aunts!



Miss Rumphius

Alice Rumphius, an aunt with no children of her own, has a strong desire to leave this world in a better place than when she entered it. In this beautiful, classic story, Miss Rumphius (also known as the Lupine Lady), scatters seeds across the coast of Maine and her many other places of travel. She lives a fulfilling life, quietly touching all of those who have the good fortune of getting to know her. And when she is no longer part of this earth, the gorgeous lavender blossoms remind all of those left behind of a deeply caring, soulful aunt and human being.




That's What Aunts Do

Written by a devoted aunt, this charming book highlights all kinds of activities aunts and their nieces and nephews can do together.  Some like to go on outdoor adventures, while others prefer to spend time indoors baking cookies. But one thing is the same for all aunts- they love their special little ones unconditionally.




Tía Isa Wants a Car

An award-winning book about an aunt and a niece who join forces to buy a car. Their dream is to bring their entire family, near and far, to the beach for a reunion. This inspiring book is all about resourcefulness, ambition, and the love of a large family who wants to spend time together.




Auntie and Me

This colorful, lift-the-flap book is a great gift for aunts to give little toddlers. Kids will love peaking under each flap to reveal the many fun activities enjoyed between a child and an aunt. A thoughtful baby shower book or first birthday book from a fun aunt!



Truman's Aunt Farm

Truman, an insect-loving kid, ordered an ant farm and was pleasantly surprised by what was received. In this quirky book about a homonym mix-up, readers will get a kick out of Truman's reaction when "aunts" start arriving at his door. Instead of returning them, he quickly sets up a farm to train his instant family. This kid sure knows how to make lemonade out of lemons in this silly picture book about aunts.




Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!

A series of correspondence between Bettina and her Aunt Tallulah offers readers a glimpse into their lives and the special relationship they share. Bettina is enjoying a summer at sleepaway camp while Aunt Tallulah is moving around between exotic places like Antarctica and the Amazon. This story about a special aunt and her much-loved niece is fantastic for older elementary aged child.




Auntie Claus

Sophie may just happen have the best great-auntie ever. There is something fascinating about her eccentric great aunt. For starters, she lives in magnificent New York City penthouse. Also, she has the most glorious Christmas tree and takes a secretive business trip around the globe every December. This gorgeously illustrated picture book about a most mysterious and magical aunt is perfect to read around the holidays.




My Auntie is a Little Bit Bonkers

A cute, quirky little book that is great baby shower gift from aunties-to-be! Short rhymes and whimsical pictures show all the silly and funny things about this beloved relative. Every baby should have a crazy aunt waiting with open arms to show them the world from her point of view. And this story is the perfect way to introduce her to newborn!




Cool Children's Books About Uncles

Uncles are like the coolest big brothers around. They take their nieces and nephews on fun adventures, horse around all the time, and spoil them rotten, right? Here is a collection of the best picture books about uncles and all the amazing things they do for the little ones they love.


What Uncles Do Best

 Uncles do a lot of things really well. They teach you how to play the piano and help you win the best prizes at amusement parks. This book celebrating all uncles covers a lot of territory, but these is one thing they do best of all. Lucky nephews and nieces will agree with all the amazing things their uncles do for them in this adorable picture book.




The Cool Uncle

A cool book for preschoolers about their very favorite uncle. Humorous pictures capture all the fun, excitement and joy awesome uncles bring to a family.




Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray

Bad Kitty is a poor example of how to behave when your uncle comes to visit. In this hilarious, illustrated chapter book, Kitty's parents have left him under the supervision of Uncle Murray for a few days. Cat sitting shouldn't be much of a challenge for Murray, a proclaimed expert of all things feline. But he meets his match in Bad Kitty who sends him over this edge with his antics. Nieces and nephews who don't particularly love to read will love this funny book about a very frustrated uncle.




Uncle Andy's

This is the true story of a little boy named James who didn't have any ordinary uncle. His Uncle Andy was the one and only Andy Warhol. Growing up, James often visited his uncle and developed an appreciation for how he could transform junk into amazing art. This story offers an invaluable peak at the family life of a famous, eccentric uncle whose contributions to the pop art world were remarkable.




They Don't Make Books About Uncles

 It is kind of true. There are plenty of children's books about aunts but the pickings are slim when it comes to picture books about uncles! This enjoyable, rhyming book is written by an uncle who takes his nieces and nephews on an imaginary journey inside some favorite storybooks. This is a super cute and colorful book that celebrates uncles everywhere!




Uncles and Antlers

This is such a fun book for uncles to give to all the special kids on their Christmas list. A group of jolly reindeer relatives help Santa Claus deliver presents. Humor that appeals to both kids and adults fills the pages of this picture book about a zany bunch of uncles who happen to be reindeer. This is one Christmas book your nieces and nephews will want to read over and over again!




Uncle Bobby's Wedding

Chloe and Uncle Bobby do all kinds of fun activities together, like flying kites, swimming, and going on picnics. When she learns that Uncle Bobby is getting married to Jamie, Chloe is afraid he won't have time to do all those special things with her anymore. When she is invited to participate in their magical wedding day, this little niece learns that she is not losing an uncle- she is gaining a new one!


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Best Children's Books About Aunts and Uncles

Aunts and uncles have a remarkable place in a child's life. They often  play several different roles all at the same time, depending on what a niece or nephew needs them to be. These special relatives can be like best friends or like a second set of parents. They may be role models, playmates, counselors, confidants and advisors all at the very same time. We've put together a variety of children's books about all the amazing ways aunts and uncles can influence the lives of some very special children. 


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