14 Lovely Ladybug Books for Kids

 the grouchy ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug

Eric Carle packs a lot of little lessons in a story about a ladybug who doesn't behave in a very respectful way. She forgets her manners and is not keen on sharing with her friends. Eventually she realizes that her grouchy disposition isn't allowing her to live her best life. Learning concepts like shape, size, and time are woven throughout this humorous story. 




 Kids' Books About Ladybugs Are Valuable to Read

Watching a bold spot of red climbing on a leaf always brightens the day. Little ladybugs look like buttons of hard-coated candy with their shiny shell marked with perfect black dots. Other bugs sometimes seems a bit icky and squishy, but not this colorful insect. She is looks both delicate and tough. And when people discover these little gals in places where they don't belong, like indoor windowsills, squashing them is never a consideration. Instead, ladybugs are gently scooped up and set free, outside where they belong. Reading kids books about ladybugs will teach little ones about all the important role these insects play in nature. For more books about valuable insects, kids' bumblebee stories  are full of facts about the way these bugs pollinate food and all the ways both humans and animals need them for survival. There are a lot of little life lessons packed into these cute ladybug books for toddlers. Tiny insects teach preschoolers how to count, share, and explore the world around them. Ladybug board books are designed to stand up to tiny, fumbling hands touching the bright red insects crawling across the pages.



will ladybug hug

Will Ladybug Hug?

A loving ladybug is not shy about wrapping her six legs around her insect pals to express her emotions. So when she is ready to embark on a long vacation, she is eager to embrace each of her friends before leaving. An affectionate story about respecting the wishes of others and finding alternative ways to say goodbye.



 where's the ladybug

Where's the Ladybug?

A sweet, tactile storybook about a ladybug who hides behind different objects. Toddlers will love lifting the flaps on each page to discover a smiling, read insect waiting to be seen. The final page features a mirror for little ones to observe their own happy expressions. 




 little love bug

Little Love Bug

An adorable finger puppet book allows the reader to bring little ladybugs to life. Each page is overflowing with love, from morning until night. Hugs and snuggles are overflowing in a petite board book filled with the cutest scenes.



 counting with a ladybug

Counting with a Ladybug

Tiny tots will learn to count all the busy bugs enjoying a beautiful, sunny day. Shapes are cut out for little fingers to touch, feel, and explore as they turn the pages. Butterflies, grasshoppers, bees, bunnies, ants, and of course, ladybugs are all scurrying about through the grass and floating across the sky. Vibrant pictures are attractive and engaging for toddlers who love the outdoors.



 ladybug ladybug what can you see 

Ladybug, Ladybug, What Can You See?

A curious ladybug takes toddlers on a little outdoor adventure. She encourages readers to lift the flaps on each page to discover different bugs behind each one. The grand finale is a page with a mirror for little ones to see their own cute faces smiling back. 








A beautiful, photographic picture book for kids who want to explore the intricate details of ladybugs. Simple, easy-to-read text accompanied with high-resolution images provides little ones with a chance to examine these lovely little bugs in their natural habitats.


 ladybug girl

Ladybug Girl

 Something magical happens when Lulu, an imaginative little girls, dresses up like a ladybug. Together with her best furry friend, they go on outdoor adventures, build secret hideout spots in the woods, and explore exciting places all with the help of a pair of wings. 



 violet mackerel's natural habitat

Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat

Little Violet Mackerel develops a connection with a tiny ladybug she discovers. As the youngest, smallest member of her family, Violet sometimes feels left out and insignificant. She goes to bed before everyone else and is the last to learn new things. Surely, this ladybug, also small in stature, has had the same experience in life. Unfortunately, Violet learns a difficult lesson when she puts the insect in a jar and leaves some human food crumbs as a snack. 





An excellent, non-fiction book about ladybugs with easy-to-follow diagrams and lots of fascinating facts. Readers will learn that there are thousands of ladybug species with habitats all over the world. Little kids will enjoy reading about the four stages of development from egg to fully-developed ladybug and all the important jobs they do to help farmers protect their crop.



 sir ladybug

Sir Ladybug

A fun graphic novel for beginners with a royal spin on the life of a ladybug. Sir Ladybug lives in the tall grasses where he enjoys baking and video games. But duty calls when a hungry bug threatens the safety of his fellow bugs in the dandelion patch. His juicy caterpillar friend has caught the attention of a ravenous chickadee. With the help of a roly-poly and a snail, Sir Ladybug comes to the rescue and protects his kingdom from big critters looking for a tasty snack.




 a perfect spot

A Perfect Spot

 Readers are taken on a wondrous journey into the nature with a ladybug in search of a safe place to lay her eggs. She explores every leaf, branch, and flower trying to find someplace hidden from preying thornbugs and mantises. An enchanting introduction to the world of arthropods told through one lovely lady's quest to bring her babies safely into the world.






A musical ladybug who walks to the beat of her own drum stars in this exhilarating book. Lady B. Marie has irritated most of the forest critters with her loud singing and enthusiastic dancing. Unlike the other ladybugs, who quietly flutter about, Lady B. makes a lot of noise. When a band of beetles recognize her talent and join her for an epic concert, she finally realizes her dream of becoming a musical sensation.



 the ladybug party

The Ladybug Party

A darling early chapter book about a special friendship between Sophie the Mouse and a ladybug. The tiny red bug is planning a big party, so Sophie volunteers to help. She scurries into town to buy food and supplies, but by the time she arrives, poor Sophie has forgotten the items on her list. Time is running out and Sophie has to figure out what to buy before the guests arrive. 


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 Children's Ladybug Books Teach Lots of Lessons

Kids will love learning about all the wonderful ways ladybugs contribute to nature's life cycle and the huge way these tiny critters protect the food we eat. Non-fiction children's ladybug books are full of fascinating information that young readers will be surprised to learn. Kids will enjoy lessons about this beautiful bug's anatomy and all the tasks these busy bugs perform every single day. Fictional stories are also fun to read when talented authors and illustrators bring these vibrant insects to life with big personalities ready to explore the world. For more stories about all the ways bugs help the environment, read all about butterflies and caterpillars next.




Fun Ladybug Facts for Kids

  • Farmers love ladybugs. These lovely bugs protect a crops by eating other invasive insects. One ladybug can consume more than 5,000 plant-eating insects over the course of her life.
  • Ladybugs love warmer weather. They thrive outdoors from spring through fall, but when temperatures drop, these bugs seek alternative environments. Rotting logs and underneath rocks are popular places where they congregate during colder months. This is also when they most often find comfort and security inside houses.
  • Their color and markings keep predators away. Although people find their vibrant shell quite beautiful, it is actually a signal to predators that they make an unsavory snack. Birds are the biggest threat, followed by spiders, wasps, frogs, and dragonflies.
  • Eggs are laid in rows on the underside of leaves. After a few days, larvae resembling teeny, tiny alligators emerge. A process follows where skin is shed several times and they attach they tails to the leaf. Next a pupa is formed, which is another name for an insect between an immature and mature state. A few short weeks later a full-fledged ladybug is ready to take on the world.
  • European farmers gave the the ladybug her name. When their crops were decimated by plant-eating insects, the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary. Soon the little red bugs appeared in mass and began to eat the harmful insects. They were soon called "beetle of Our Lady", then "lady beetle", and ultimately "ladybug".
  • The ladybug population is dropping. Researchers attribute a number of different reasons why their numbers are falling, including climate change, introduction of non-native species, shifts in the use of land, disease, and decline in the availability of prey.




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