20 Spooky Halloween Chapter Books for Tweens and Teens

The Best Halloween Ever

The Herdman kids wreak havoc all over town, ruining special holidays and events for everyone involved. Halloween is an excuse for them to act out in a particularly bad way every single year. They steal candy, torment little kids, and just generally cause trouble. The mayor decided that enough is enough and cancels Halloween altogether. The Herdmans witness the disappointment and take initiative into turning the worst Halloween into the best Halloween ever.





Spooky Halloween Chapter Books for Kids

Halloween books for tweens, teens, and kids who like to read offer a range of entertainment. Some like to read really scary chapter books about hauntings, ghosts, and other paranormal activity. Others prefer Halloween chapter books that are humorous- full of pranks and mishaps. For younger siblings, kids' books about haunted houses are fun and age-appropriate Halloween stories.

Wherever your reader's preferences, we've got you covered with this comprehensive list of Halloween books for advanced readers. Make sure to add some fun children's books about witches and kids' skeleton books for younger kids who like scary Halloween stories.

Goosebumps: Wanted and The Haunted Mask

This cover says it all! Settle in for a creepy Halloween Goosebumps book that will keep your reader glued to the very end. Best friends Lu-Ann and Devin usually spend every Halloween together, but this year Devin has to go away. Much to her surprise, Halloween is not the dull night she was expecting. A haunted mask and lots of scares along the way make for a great tale for kids looking for a good fright.




Creepover: Home Sweet Haunt

If a really spooky Halloween book is what you are looking for, Home Sweet Haunt is good one! Nora and her brother are forbidden to leave their apartment after a terrible fire. Their parents have been acting strange ever since the devastating event and they don't know what the future holds. Finally, Nora is permitted to go trick-or-treating on Halloween and meets up with her new friend, Caitlin. This friend shares some scary stories about ghosts that are haunting Nora's apartment building. Piecing together everything that has happened to her family over the past several months, Nora begins to wonder if there is some truth to what Caitlin has told her.




Lola Levine and the Halloween Scream

Lola absolutely loves Halloween and all of the fun costumes, pumpkins, and festivities. But she especially loves to play pranks on her friends.  When her carefully laid out plans go terribly wrong, will her friends ever forgive her? Will she be able to make amends and save Halloween. A funny read for anyone who enjoys a good practical joke.




The Halloween Tree

Settle in and get ready to read one of the creepiest Halloween stories perfectly accompanied by eery eery illustrations. A group of boys meet up at a haunted house and end up on an epic time-travel adventure. They witness the persecution of witnesses, strange rituals, funeral processions, the discovery of fire and many other events that are attributed to the meaning of Halloween. 




Trixie the Halloween Fairy

Jack Frost and his devious goblins are up to no good on Halloween. They are stealing all of hte candy, potentially ruining Halloween for kids forever! It is up to Trixie and her friends to stop them from all their naughty tricks so that kids have treats on Halloween. Are Trixie and her friends Rachel and Kirsty up to the task? For kids who love a little magic and suspense, pick up this sweet Halloween book.





Charlie Bumpers vs. The Squeaking Skull

Charlie is excited to spend Halloween trick-or-treating with his best friends. When one of the friends invites the kids to spend the night afterwards, Charlie is even more thrilled. That is until he learns that the friend plans to show horror movies all night for entertainment. Will Charlie be able to overcome his fear of scary movies and enjoy a sleepover with his friends? Kids who get the spooks easily will relate to Charlie's dilemma.



Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise

This installment in the best-selling Mercy Watson beginner chapter books series is highly recommended for Halloween!  Our favorite pig is stuffed into a princess costume and paraded around town for a night never to be forgotten. Chris Van Dusen's illustrations and Kate DiCamillo's storytelling work so well together in this hilarious and adventurous Halloween book for new readers.




The Halloween Moon

Lots of kids will relate to Esther Gold, a kid who loves Halloween and insists on trick-or-treating for one last year, despite her parents' protests that she's too old. Esther has every detail of the night planned out, from the details of her costume to the route she will take to maximize candy collection. When the night finally arrives, Esther is disturbed by strange children on the streets, an eery moon, and dark houses with no one to hand out treats. As much as she loves Halloween, this night is far more ominous than in years past and she is determined to figure out what is happening. A spooky Halloween mystery for middle grade readers.



Amelia Bedelia: Scared Silly

A humorous, not-so-scary chapter book about a character known for misunderstandings and mishaps. It's Halloween and Amelia is excited show her new friend, Candy, all the fun things to do in her town. Despite Amelia's enthusiasm for decorations, pumpkin-carving, and costume parades, Candy is underwhelmed with all the usual Halloween festivities. When Amelia finally tells her about the haunted hayride, she finally has Candy's attention. But what happens when this event is canceled? Readers will get a good laugh out of Amelia's well-intentioned, however misguided, efforts to impress Candy with some Halloween fun.



Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Magic Tree House fans will find this particular mystery a fun read around Halloween. Jack and Annie have a new mission to retrieve the Stone of Destiny from within the walls of a haunted castle. On Hallows Eve, they set off  to solve one of the spookiest mysteries yet. Beginner readers will like the short chapters with black and white illustrations. 



The Case of the Halloween Ghost

A funny book about a special investigation that takes place on Halloween. Hank the Cowdog responds to a call about some disturbing creatures. Specifically, pirates, ghosts, witches, and skeletons are making their rounds. They are threatening the peaceful neighborhood with demands of "tricker trees." An easy chapter book packed with lots of Halloween humor.



It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green!

It's a Halloween to be remembered for the kids at Ella Mentry school. The hallways are brimming with excited energy, in anticipation of all the candy to be collected. But what happens when someone overdoes it and eats a little too much chocolate? This Weird School Special promises to deliver a lot of laughs and may be helpful in moderating candy consumption.


The Thirteenth Cat

When Aunt Alice welcomes Zoey to her home for the summer, she doesn't warn her about the danger lurking in the surrounding forest. Before long, Zoey has a sense that she is being watched by something in the deep, dark woods. She soon learns that a number of black cats are lurking there. When Zoey meets an ancient lady who claims to be their owner, she uncovers a dangerous secret that puts her safety at risk. A deeply disturbing book for Halloween or any time of the year.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This bone-chilling collection of legendary short stories is just what thrill-seeking readers need this Halloween. These tales of murder, revenge, supernatural events, and overwhelming horror will keep brave kids occupied for hours. The highly disturbing illustrations add an extra element of terror to these very scary Halloween stories.


Halloween Party

Is it a Halloween prank or a real life murder? That's what partygoers at a teen Halloween party want to know. They received an invitation to attend a mysterious gathering at a creepy old house on Fear Street. It was a normal, festive party until everything went dark. When the lights finally came back on, a boy with a knife in his back was lying on the floor. This scary Halloween chapter book is the perfect read for kids who like murder mystery.


All the Lovely Bad Ones

A fast-paced, hauntingly good book about a brother and sister who are sent to their grandmother's spooky Vermont inn to stay for awhile. They've heard rumors that the house is haunted but have not been witness to any ghost sightings themselves. So Travis and Corey decide to take matters in their own hands by creating their own hauntings. The real scare comes when these pranks awaken the actual spirits which leads to a chilling cascade of events.




Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt

Nate is always game for solving a mystery, and this Halloween is no different. All the kids are ready to head out for a fun night of trick-or-treating. But Nate's plans are derailed when his friend's cat, Hex, is missing. Nate jumps into action looking for clues in an effort to return the kitty safely to its owner. A quick and easy Halloween chapter book for beginner readers with lots of fun activities in the back.

Goosebumps: Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns

When Drew and Walker hatch a plan to get back at Lee and Tabby, things take a sinister turn. The prior year they were victims of a terrible prank and are determined to set things straight. When the friends carve the most frightening jack-o-lanterns, their creations come to life and spray fire from their mouths. Drew and Walker must figure out how to destroy the pumpkin monsters they created before Halloween is ruined for everyone.



Eden Eld is a prosperous town that is living under a terrible curse. Every thirteenth Halloween, three thirteen-year-old kids disappear. Ominous occurrences involving the chosen ones occur before they go missing. Spooky dogs with flowing eyes follow them around and black birds stare at them as they move throughout the day. Only the three selected teens can see what is happening around them. When the newest targets, Eleanor, Pip, and Otto, discover a book describing the history behind the curse, they take it upon themselves to reverse it before they disappear like the others.

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Scary Halloween Chapter Books for Kids 

 Kids never outgrow Halloween. Halloween celebrations may no longer take place in the classroom, but there are still plenty of parties. Cute little ghost costumes are replaced by more macabre disguises. Halloween book choices shift from stories about pumpkins trick-or-treaters to scary ghost stories and hauntings. Younger readers will especially love reading kids' ghost books which feature both the friendly and scary variety.

For tweens headed out to babysit little tots, they will want to take a few of the best Halloween books for toddlers and babies to get them excited for their very first time trick-or-treating. Together they may work on carving jack-o-lanterns, so reading children's pumpkin books is especially fun to do while working on their very own masterpieces.

Advanced readers will love to get lost in some of these ghoulishly good Halloween chapter books for kids. For tweens with little siblings, check out the best non-scary Halloween books for children that include stories about much friendlier ghosts, witches, and skeletons.

Kids who love spooky stories will enjoy reading tween chapter books about Halloween. Murder mysteries, spine-tingling thrillers, and stories of mischief set the mood. For more chapter books recommendations, check out the best tween book subscription with a variety of genres including horror chapter books perfect for Halloween.





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