10 Crunchy Apple Facts for Kids

Little ones hungry to know more will find these apple facts for kids very satisfying. There is so much to learn about this delicious fruit, like how apple farmers take care of their trees, the many varieties, consumption trends, baking ideas, and so much more!


Apple Facts Kids Will Love to Know

Reading children's books about apples is a fantastic way to share all the healthy benefits, delicious recipes, and funny stories about characters who can't get enough of this delicious fruit. In the meantime, here are some interesting tidbits to share with your kiddos.

(1) Despite modern technology, most apples are still hand-picked.

So give the apple farmers a hand this fall and go on an apple-picking outing with your whole family! 

(2) Apples float because 25 percent of their volume is air.

Bobbing for apples at Halloween would never be possible if the fruit had a different composition.

(3) A whopping 36 apples is required to make just one gallon of apple cider.

Keep this in mind if you ever decide to try a homemade recipe. In addition to a huge apple supply, you will need some sugar, cinnamon, and allspice to make a deliciously sweet cider.

(4) An apple tree does not produce fruit until 8-10 years after it has been planted.

Patience is definitely a virtue if you want to grow a brand new tree that bears delicious fruit in your own backyard.  

(5) Apples, as well as pears, cherries, peaches, and plums, are part of the rose family.

Some theories suggest that apples originated from roses due to a change in climate or some catastrophic environmental occurrence at least 40 million years ago. 

(6) Although 2,500 apple varieties are grown in the US, only 100 apple types are for commercial sale.

Even so, this is still too a high variety for grocery stores to carry. Some of the most common apples found on store shelves include Red Delicious, Fuji, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, and Gala. 

(7) Apples are an incredible source of fiber.

In fact, a large apple contains about 5 grams, which is 17% of the daily recommended amount. The type of fiber in apples is called pectin.   

(8) Apples contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol, so they are a heart-healthy treat!

A medium sized apple contains 95 calories. One juicy, round piece of fruit has 1 protein gram, 19 sugar grams, 3 fiber grams, and 25 carbohydrate grams.  

(9) In George Washington's spare time, he was known to prune his apple trees.

The Yellow Newton Pippin was apparently his favorite apple variety.   

(10) Apples are a common food allergen.

In fact, about 5% -8% of children are allergic to this fruit, and can experience itchiness, hives, and swelling of the tongue and mouth with just one bite. The best children's books about food allergies are valuable resources for kids who have food sensitivities and severe allergies.




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