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28 Patriotic Children's Books about Fourth of July

My Fourth of July

A jubilant celebration of America's birthday! A little boy wakes up excited to begin the festivities, but he has a lot of preparation to do first. He busies himself preparing traditional picnic foods and completing other tasks. When he's finally done, he heads into town to join in the parade, get his face painted and participate in all other kinds of fun until the grand finale- fireworks. 




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Best Kids' Fourth of July Books Celebrate America's Birthday

It is never too soon to talk to your children about why we celebrate this important holiday. Kids' Fourth of July books feature parades, picnics, and fireworks that bring families and friends together.  Reading books about America's birthday is a wonderful way to instill a sense of pride in the USA. Here is a list of books for preschoolers through tweens about the Fourth of July that are both educational and entertaining.



Apple Pie 4th of July

An important Fourth of July book for children who will learn the value of celebrating holidays with an open mind. In this story, a girl is dismayed to learn that her parents are serving Chinese food in their store on America's birthday. She believes they are not behaving patriotically, and tells them so. But as she witnesses the parade and fireworks, the girl begins to realize there is more than one way to honor our country.



Enzo and the Fourth of July Races

What could be more exciting on the Fourth of July than a car race? Enzo joins his family, Zoe and Denny, to prepare for the most important race of the year. But when some kids tease his sister, he has to take matter into his own hands to restore her confidence so she can win her race. A fun, fast-paced read aloud that culminates in an exciting display of fireworks.


The Night Before the Fourth of July

This best-selling book based on the "Twas Night Before Christmas" poem is a fun-filled celebration of America's birthday. Join a loving family, dressed in red, white and blue, as they watch a parade, enjoy a barbecue with friends, and enjoy a night sky lit up with brilliant fireworks. This joyful Fourth of July book captures the essence of the holiday.


Grandma Drove the Garbage Truck

A quite humorous Fourth of July book with a clever twist at the end. This is the story of a grandmother who runs, of all things, a garbage truck business! Her three sons drive the trucks in her local town, but when they all fall ill on this patriotic holiday, she has to step out of her comfort zone. All of the trash has to be collected before the celebration, so grandmother gets behind the wheel and does the best she can.


Pie is for Sharing

A most heartwarming story of friendship and sharing on the Fourth of July. Beautiful illustrations and lyrics capture the core sentiment of this holiday. People join together to celebrate America's birthday and learn about the many things they can share, not the least of which is an apple pie. A children's Fourth of July book that is nostalgic, values-based and full of meaning. 


Berenstain Bears: God Bless Our Country

The Berenstain Bears celebrate the Fourth of July with all of their neighbors by taking part in a big parade. The cubs learn all about patriotism and the reason we celebrate this holiday. Lots of wholesome family fun to read about in this festive novelty book. Encourage your child to create some decorations with the bonus stickers on the last page.


The 4th of July Story

For many kids, the Fourth of July is all about parades and fireworks. But if you want to teach your little ones about the reason why we celebrate, this is one of the most accessible books that addresses this topic. Children will be taken back in time to when the colonists settled and the Declaration of Independence was ratified. The text is simple enough for preschoolers to understand and the nostalgic pictures capture the sentiment of the holiday. 


Curious George: Parade Day

A tabbed board book that is made up of four mini stories about our favorite monkey who can't seem to stay out of trouble. It's the Fourth of July and Curious George is overcome with excitement. He can't wait for the parade to start and his mischief almost derails the event. Will he be able to save the day in time to watch the fireworks? A clever Fourth of July book for preschooler and toddlers.



Hello, Fourth of July!

A sturdy Fourth of July book for preschoolers that captures all the patriotism of the day. A mother and child eagle watch a parade, explore historical statues, enjoy a barbecue with friends, and top off the day with a spectacular fireworks show. This oversized board book features a red, white and blue color scheme and American flags throughout every page.



Fourth of July Mice!

A beginner reader book overflowing with Fourth of July fun! Join the mice as they parade, picnic, play baseball, swim in the stream and watch some amazing fireworks. Lots of repetition and wordplay, along with charming illustrations, provide clues and reinforcement for kids learning to read independently. 



I Spy 4th of July

A fun activity book for young elementary aged children. Patriotic images fill the pages of this charming, seek-and-find picture book. Every page features a letter of the alphabet. Reader are encouraged to find objects on that page that start with that letter. Developed by an educator, this Fourth of July book develops a child's phonetic skills while showcasing all the images that celebrate America's birthday.



Fourth of July

This sing along book is just what you need to get your preschool child in the mood to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Jubilant kids participate in all kinds of fun activities, like parades, picnics, and fireworks. Look for other books in this charming Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme series to add to your collection!


Independence Day: A Coloring Book for Preschoolers

Coloring with your child is a fun way to spend some quiet time together this Fourth of July. Here is 50 page coloring book featuring pictures of kids having fun celebrating. Grab your red, white and blue crayons and enjoy bringing these coloring pages to life with your preschooler. 



Let's Bake Fourth of July Treats!

A collection of delicious recipes for Fourth of July themed food and treats. Each one is easy enough for young children to follow with the helping hand of an adult. Picnic foods, barbecue fare, and yummy deserts are all included in this colorful cookbook for kids. 



What is America?

If you are looking for a book that is about more than fireworks and parades, this is the one for you! In an accessible book that is both humorous and serious at the same time, toddlers learn about the meaning behind the statues and celebrations. Concepts of freedom and democracy are introduced in a rhyming story with charming illustrations. 


Red, White, and Boom!

Short stanzas convey all the excitement of a Fourth of July celebration. Diverse people are featured on every page as they come together to enjoy picnics, parades and an exciting fireworks display. A fun, quick, colorful book perfect for toddlers.



You're My Little Firecracker

This is the perfect chunky Fourth of July book for babies! Each page contains a little poem that celebrates a parent's love for a child. Die-cut shapes will stimulate babies and keep their attention through many readings of their very first patriotic board book.



Corduroy's Fourth of July

A sturdy, shaped Fourth of July board book for babies and toddlers featuring Corduroy. He and his friends enjoy the holiday by eating delicious treats, swimming in the pool and marching in a parade. They most exciting part is at night when they watch the fireworks.



The Case of the July 4th Jinx

Beginner readers will enjoy this Fourth of July mystery featuring supersleuths Milo and Jazz. The town fair is well under way, with fireworks, parades and games, when suddenly everything seems to go wrong. What could be causing all of the chaos? A captivating book with lots of fun puzzles, quizzes, and mini mysteries to solve.




The Independence Day Cookbook

Enjoy some quality time in the kitchen with your children this Fourth of July. Chock full of kid-friendly recipes, this cookbook provides a variety of delicious, festive ideas for your next picnic or barbecue.  Red, white and blue foods are included in these snacks, meals, and deserts that will delight all of your guests. And best of all- kids can make all of these recipes with just a little bit of adult guidance.



Daniel's First Fireworks

Preschoolers nervous about seeing fireworks for the first time will relate to this story. Daniel and his little sister, Margaret, are headed to the beach to watch fireworks. The endearing little tiger is afraid of the loud noises, but with his sweet sister by his side, he feels more confident. Together, the siblings enjoy a beautiful display of fireworks in celebration of the Fourth of July. Check out the rest of the books in the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood series. 




Fright of July

When a town's Fourth of July celebration has been canceled, all of the people are disappointed. Nick and Kim decide that they want to find a way enjoy the holiday, so they slip off to an island on Gloom Lagoon. Their plan to set off some fireworks goes very wrong when they mysteriously explode into a horrifying beast. Will the kids be able to safely escape and prevent this monster from doing harm? A frighteningly fun Fourth of July book for kids who like a good scare.



July Jitters

An early chapter book that beginner readers will not be able to put down. The mayor of a small town has announced that there will be a contest. Everyone is invited to dress up their pets for a Fourth of July parade, and the winner gets to be mayor for the day. Four friends transform their dog into the Declaration of Independence, and they create a Thomas Jefferson costume for their pony.  But when the animals begin to march in the parade, the pony and dog mysteriously disappear. Will the kids find their pets in time for the parade? And who is responsible for their disappearance? For more books in this series, check out these Calendar Mysteries


Happy 4th of July, Jenny Sweeney!

Told in bouncy, rhyming text, this story captures the essence of the Fourth of July in a small town. Jenny hops on her bike and rides past all the people getting reading for the festivities. She sees lots of folks getting ready for the parade, enjoying picnics, and even showing off their new citizen paperwork! The busy day is topped off with a brilliant display of fireworks. The last few pages include information about the Liberty Bell, the U.S. flag, and the very first Fourth of July celebration.



Hats Off for the Fourth of July!

A fun book about a Fourth of July parade set in Chatham captures the camaraderie of the people in this small town. The parade participants include cowboys on horseback, fire engines,  baton twirlers, and lots of other entertainment. When it is finally over, the people are treated to a spectacular fireworks show. Realistic illustrations of people coming together to celebrate America's birthday add to the spirit of this patriotic book. 



Happy Birthday, America

An epic Fourth of July party is underway in small town America. Join a large multi-generation family as they revel in the sites and sounds of this festive holiday. Together they watch the parade, enjoy American foods like popcorn and pizza, and admire a collection of antique cars. There is a reading of the Declaration of Independence followed by an amazing display of fireworks. The author does a fantastic job of capturing all the small details that are part of a much larger, more important reason to celebrate.




The Journey of the One and Only Declaration of Independence

Kids will love reading about the amazing journey of the Declaration of Independence. History classes focus on the content of this important document, but there is a very interesting backstory about how this paper survived some incredible adventures and obstacles. It has been rolled up, hand-copied, and transported via horseback, mail truck, railroad car, and military vehicle. Through British invasions, devastating wars, and periods of peace, the one and only Declaration of Independence remains an integral part of America's backbone.


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Children's  Books about the Fourth of July Celebrate Freedom

It is never too soon to talk to your children about all of the freedom we enjoy in the USA. Choosing where your child goes to school, how to worship, and what clothing to wear are things we take for granted on a daily basis. We live in one of the best countries to pursue our dreams without limitations. Some of these concepts may be difficult for little children to grasp, so drill it down to all the things they get to appreciate like  playing the sports they love, going on trips to the beach, and choosing what to watch on TV. Reading children's books about the Fourth of July is a fantastic way to educate your children about why we take this time to celebrate America's birthday. 

Here is a list of best-selling children's Independence Day books to check out.


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How to Enjoy Independence Day With Children

There are so many reasons to celebrate the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, with your family. Here are some ideas and activities for your children that will help them appreciate all of the freedoms they enjoy living in the U.S.A.  

  • Watch some movies or TV shows that have Fourth of July themes or patriotic celebrations. Also, find some good flicks that celebrate the diverse people and amazing opportunities in America. Some examples include The Sandlot, National Treasure, An American Tail, This is America, Charlie Brown, Independence Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Born on the 4th of July.
  • Visit local parks and memorials that honor veterans and everything they sacrificed for our country. Try to make the experience meaningful by enjoying a picnic in the park and talking with your children about all of wonderful opportunities at their disposal. Bring along some stories to read about all the soldiers who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.
  • Assign your children the task of decorating your home for the holiday. You can use craft supplies around the house, such as construction paper, to make festive red, white, and blue paper chains. You can also purchase small American flags  to place around the house and yard.
  • Make Fourth of July cupcakes and treats with your children and deliver them to friends, neighbors, local police departments, fire stations, and other helpful members of the community. Add some festive cupcake toppers for a special touch.
  • Ask your children to complete an entry every year in a Fourth of July journal documenting something interesting about their lives. They can write a funny story, write about a big accomplishment, record a hurdle they have overcome, or talk about their dreams for the future. The point is just to take some time to reflect and share something about themselves and all the benefits they enjoy living in the U.S.A.
  • Head outside when the sky turns to night and watch a spectacular display of fireworks. If there is not a public show nearby, buy your own sparklers and have some fun from the comfort of your own backyard. Bask in the warm summer night and soak in the sounds of Fourth of July. Read some children's books about firefliesgather some jars, and collect some lightning bugs after the fireworks are over.



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