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6 Children's Activities To Celebrate Independence Day

There are so many ways to celebrate the Independence day.  A good place to start is by gather the best picture books about the Fourth of July  that provide both kids with a good overview of why we honor America on this day. Here are some additional ideas and activities for your children that will help them appreciate all of the freedoms they enjoy living in the U.S.A.  


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Things to Do With Your Kids on the Fourth of July

Watch movies or TV shows that have Fourth of July themes or patriotic celebrations.

Also, find some good flicks that celebrate the diverse people and amazing opportunities in America. Some examples include The Sandlot, National Treasure, An American Tail, This is America, Charlie Brown, Independence Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Born on the 4th of July.


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Visit local parks and memorials that honor veterans and everything they sacrificed for our country.

Try to make the experience meaningful by enjoying a picnic in the park and talking with your children about all of wonderful opportunities at their disposal. Bring along some stories to read about all the soldiers who fought for the freedom we enjoy today.


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Plan an Independence Day party in your backyard and allow your children to invite all of their friends.

Play games with a holiday theme, like Fourth of July BingoAssign your children the task of decorating your home for the holiday. You can use craft supplies around the house, such as construction paper, to make festive red, white, and blue paper chains. You can also purchase small American flags to place around the house and yard.

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Make Fourth of July cupcakes and treats with your children.

Deliver them to fire stations, friends, neighbors, local police departments, and other helpful members of the community. Add some festive cupcake toppers for a special touch.

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Ask your children to complete an entry every year in a Fourth of July journal documenting something interesting about their lives.

They can write a funny story, write about a big accomplishment, record a hurdle they have overcome, or talk about their dreams for the future. The point is just to take some time to reflect and share something about themselves and all the benefits they enjoy living in the U.S.A.


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Head outside when the sky turns to night and watch a spectacular display of fireworks.
If there is not a public show nearby, buy your own sparklers and have some fun from the comfort of your own backyard. Bask in the warm summer night and soak in the sounds of Fourth of July.


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