chrysanthemum kevin henkes

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes


A little girl- a happy, secure, content, well-loved little girl- is thrust into that brutal, unfriendly place called SCHOOL. On her very first day, she skips all the way with a pretty smile on her face to match her equally beautiful name- Chrysanthemum. 




Chrysanthemum Book Review: A Flowery Story about Fitting In

The desire to fit in and make friends is present at the core of every child entering new social situations, especially school. This Kevin Henkes book is a touching tale of a child who struggles to make friends simply because her name is so different. She ultimately learns to appreciate her uniqueness, after enduring some heavy-duty teasing, and comes out stronger for it.


chrysanthemum kevin henkes


At some point in every child’s life, he or she will undoubtedly experience feeling left out, sad, and insecure, just like Chrysanthemum. It is a rite of passage that no one can or should escape. The key is to overcome the situation relatively unscathed; preferably, with more strength and dignity of character. And that is exactly what she demonstrates.





Chrysanthum is a Children's Book for All Ages

Chrysanthemum is a picture book that that must be read to every child. The story is extremely balanced- the teasers are not evil bullies and the little girl is not an overly sensitive victim. This story about bullying is a very realistic and common situation that arises in school. However, the effects can be very devastating if the child on the receiving end does not have a strong support system of family and teachers behind him or her. The valuable lessons learned in this endearing story should be shared with every child.





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