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14 Funny Valentine's Day Books for Kids

roses are pink your feet really stink

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Uh oh. Gilbert has stirred the pot with his Valentine's Day cards. He write some genuine notes to most of the kids in his class. But there are two classmates that are troublesome and are not particularly kind to Gilbert. So he uses this opportunity to get even with some not-so-loving notes, and then he puts someone else's signature at the end. A best-selling, timeless, funny Valentine's Day book that is chock full of some important lessons.


valentine's day candy


Best Children's Valentine's Day Books 

Laughing with your children is so good for you. Sharing a sense of humor with your little loved ones is a gift. And some of the best children's books weave humor throughout the storytelling. Lucky for you we have searched high and low for the funniest children's books centered around Valentine's Day.  Romantic mishaps, meddling cupids, love gone many things go wrong on this universal day of love. Even toddlers love to read stories about this heartwarming holiday.

red roses


Funny Kids' Valentine's Day Books 

We promise belly laughs with your favorite Valentine. These picture books are packed with humor only the best children's book authors and illustrators can deliver. Oodles of love fill the pages, too, so grab your precious child and settle in for some quality reading time this Valentine's Day. And for older readers ready to delve into more romance, check out some sweet love stories for tweens.


pete the cat valentine's day is cool

Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is Cool

Do you have a kid who is too cool for Valentine's Day? Pete is not down with this silly holiday until he takes stock of all the special kitty cats in his life. So he gets to work on his cards and he's feeling pretty good about what he's accomplished. That is, until he realizes he forgot to make a card for his best cat of all.  For all of us cool cats who have messed up on Valentine's Day, this Pete the Cat book is for us. A bonus page of punch out Valentine's Day cards in the back. Meow!



amelia bedelia's first valentine

Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine

Parents who grew up laughing at the classic Amelia Bedelia will get a kick out of this Valentine's Day book featuring our favorite, confused, forgetful gal. Amelia cannot wait to exchange cards with her classmates. But after she boards the school bus, she realizes she has left her cards at home! Using her signature resourcefulness, she crafts a solution and manages to deliver lots of love to her friends.



porcupine cupid

Porcupine Cupid

Porcupine decides to play matchmaker on Valentine's Day. And why not? He has built in arrows just like the arrows of Cupid. Unfortunately, his tactics don't produce the desired results. The woodland creatures cry out in annoyance- love is the last thing on their minds with the piercing of each quill. (Cue, kids laughter!) So our prickly little protagonist has to rethink his ways to save the day and even find a Valentine of his own.



click clack moo i love you

Click, Clack, Moo: I Love You!

Click, Clack, Moo is a best-selling, award-winning, FUNNY series. This Valentine's Day book lives up to the reputation of its predecessors. Little Duck is overflowing with excitement. She has been very busy decorating the barn for a day of celebration. But what happens when the foxes, who were not invited, crash the party? Will they ruin the fiesta or add an extra dose of fun? Kids will laugh out loud through the very last page of this fun book.



a crankenstein valentine

A Crankenstein Valentine

The funny book cover kind of says it all. And maybe, just maybe, it accurately captures the sentiments of both kids and adults who aren't feeling all lovey-dovey on Valentine's Day. A cranky little boy transforms into a monster with a severe dislike for the syrupy sweet day in February.  Kids will giggle at his expressions, chuckle at his grunts and groans, and find themselves charmed as he warms up to this heart-filled holiday.



would you rather

Would You Rather?

Kid-friendly "would you rather" questions all centered around Valentine's Day! A cute activity book that would make an entertaining gift for little boys and girls. Lots of hilarious scenarios that even adults will ponder and debate. Creative kids will probably take things a bit further with their own thought-provoking dilemmas.



the yuckiest stinkiest best valentine ever

The Yuckiest, Stinkiest Best Valentine Ever

Leon has a crush! He knows that heart-pounding, hand-sweating, butterfly fluttering feeling first-hand! But don't you think for one second that he is going to reveal his true feelings, even if it is Valentine's Day. In a wacky, imaginative, funny Valentine's Day chase, Leon pursues a card that has come to life with a message of its own! An action-filled Valentine's Day book that appeals to the silly funny bone in little kids.



arthur's valentine

Arthur's Valentine

There is something exciting and magical about having a secret Valentine. It's flattering that someone has chosen YOU as their special someone. Arthur is one lucky fellow to be the recipient of such attention. He wonders which of his friends is an admirer and then worries that perhaps it's just Buster playing another one of his not-so-nice pranks. Part of a timeless, best-selling series, Arthur's Valentine should be added to the top of your reading pile this February 14th.



the ballad of valentine

The Ballad of Valentine

Charming, quirky and oh-so-frustrating, this funny Valentine's Day book is about an "almost" jilted admirer who is probably the most persistent letter-writer in history. He has a fondness for a lovely lady named Valentine. So he takes to his pen and paper to script his feelings. After a series of mishaps, oversights, and a general lack of awareness, Valentine FINALLY gets the message. A love story for all ages about never giving up on true love.




love, splat

Love, Splat

If you don't have any Splat the Cat books in your collection, please start by ordering this absolutely adorable Valentine's Day story. Splat has a HUGE crush on a cute little furball named Kitten. He has made her a very special valentine, but there is one big problem. Splat's arch nemesis, Spike, also has thing for Kitten. A sweet book about fighting for the one you love.



if you'll be my valentine

If You'll Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to openly express your love for everything in your life. If you need a little inspiration, this boy will show you how it's done. He sits down at the table and diligently crafts letters to his mom, a bird, his grandmother, his teddy bear, a neighborhood friend, and many other lucky recipients. His sweet poems are funny, heartwarming, and honest. We could all learn something from this loving  children's Valentine's Day book.



hedgehug a sharp lesson in love


All a prickly hedgehog wants is to be loved on Valentine's Day. He just has one very big obstacle standing in his way- he's covered in sharp prickles that don't exactly lend themselves to hugging or even getting close to anyone for that matter.  There are a lot of lessons in love to unpack in this adorable book about overcoming insecurities and going after what's important in life.




there was an old lady who swallowed a rose

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose

A silly, cumulative, rhyming Valentine's Day read-aloud. Our favorite old lady is determined to make a very special valentine by doing the one thing she does best- swallowing the most absurd objects that will make you laugh and gag at the same time. Outrageous, preposterous and totally hits the mark for little kids ready to giggle.


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heart candy


Read Funny Kids' Valentines Day Books for Lots of Laughs

Chocolate candy may be a favorite gift. But if you want to give something lasting, grab a few of these laugh-out-loud picture books all about love. They are so entertaining, your kiddo may want to read them well beyond the month of February. The stories are full of facts, traditions, and history including the origin of this celebration, how roses came to be the symbolic flower, and how conversation hearts evolved into a holiday staple.   

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