11 Crunchy Kids' Books About Carrots

creepy carrots 

A Caldecott honor book about a bunny who can never get his fill of carrots. Jasper nibbles on them all day long. Whenever he passes a field of carrots on his way to school or baseball practice, Jasper alway grabs a snack along the way. His obsession starts to interfere with his daily activities when he starts to imagine creepy carrots following him wherever he goes. A funny story with a little lesson about moderation and greed. 





Children's Carrot Books Encourage Good Nutrition

Carrots provide incredible health benefits for active, growing children. These orange vegetables, a favorite food among bunnies, are high in beta-carotene, an ingredient that boosts immunity and supports vision. They are also high in calcium, fiber, iron, potassium, and many other valuable minerals. While some kids love crunchy carrots, others may need a little more encouragement to work these vegetables into their diet. Reading kids' books about carrots is a great tactic that will convince little ones to try them. Teaching children the benefits of eating healthy foods can be effectively accomplished through reading picture books about carrots.


 just enough carrots

An engaging math concept book that takes readers on a grocery store outing with a mother bunny and her son. As they add items to the grocery cart, the peer into the carts of other carts to compare quantities of peanuts, worms, and of course, carrots each shopper is purchasing. Cute pictures of animals shopping for food offer lots of humorous details. And for kids will get a kick learning how the bunny funny determines exactly how many carrots is just enough.



 the carrot seed

A timeless classic about the importance of patience, perseverance, and hope. This is the story of a little boy who is determined to grow a carrot. He plants a tiny seed in the ground and waters it every single day. Everyone around him says that a carrot will never appear from this one little carrot seed. But the boy refuses to listen to the naysayers and continues to diligently care for the patch of dirt where the seed is planted. Finally, his hard work and devotion pays off when the biggest, healthiest, most beautiful carrot springs from ground.



 too many carrots 

A best-selling picture book about a bunny who loves carrots is packed with life lessons. The floppy-eared critter has accumulated more carrots than he can eat, yet he selfishly refuses to share them with his friends. When each of the critters helps out the bunny by providing him shelter, he accidentally destroys their homes by toting the huge, unwieldy pile of carrots along with him. After every single house is ruined, bunny finally opens his doors to his friends. But in order to make room, he ultimately shares his carrot stockpile with the other animals. Lots of good humor and important values shared throughout this popular carrot book.




 when carrot met cookie

An unlikely friendship between a carrot and a cookie, two foods on the opposite spectrum, plays out in this cute book about inclusiveness and embracing differences. The two pals frolic along, teaching each other how they are best enjoyed. Cookie, for instance, shows carrot how to take a dip in a glass of milk. And carrot introduces cookie to the benefits of diving into some hummus. Cute pictures and lots to talk about with little ones after reading.




 that's my carrot

A friendship between two neighborly rabbits is put to the test when an enormous carrot sprouts between their properties. The fighting heats up as the two frantically try to dig up the treasure and claim it as his own. Humor builds as the rabbits shift from simple garden tools to big mechanical equipment in an effort to get the job done. In all the confused frenzy, another animals gets its paws on the vegetable and finds a way for everyone to enjoy it together.



carrot soup

Things do not turn out as planned for a carrot-loving bunny, but maybe the ending is happy anyway. All season long, he has been planting, watering, and waiting patiently for his favorite food to sprout from the ground. While he is not looking, the rabbit's animal friends pluck the harvest and get busy making carrot soup. When the bunny returns to find there are no carrots, his disappointment is replaced with a happy surprise. As an added bonus, a carrot soup recipe is on the last page of this darling story. 




The pictures tell the whole story in an adorable book about bunnies fighting over a carrot. With each turn of the page, the argument gets more intense as each one tries harder and harder to take control of the colorful orange vegetable. When a snowman enters the battle and stakes his claim to the carrot, he comes up with a clever solution. A relatable story, told in just four simple words, especially for siblings who have trouble sharing. 


carrots grow underground

 A photographic picture book about carrots that gives kids a close-up view of the various stages. Easy to understand text explains the maturation process of carrots from the time seeds are planted until full carrots are ready to be pulled from the dirt. An excellent supplemental read for kids interested in gardening. 



carrot and pea an unlikely friendship

A valuable book for preschoolers learning how to fit in and to include others who are a bit different. Carrot is a long, slender stick trying to befriend a group of petite, round peas. The little green spheres can do all sorts of things that the carrot cannot. The orange carrot wonders if he can ever have fun and get along when he doesn't look or act like the others. A simple story with a very important lesson about inclusiveness written for very young readers. 


curious george and the perfect carrot

In this easy-reader book for beginners, Curious George decides to grow carrots in a little garden. After carefully preparing the soil and planting the seeds, he is rewarded with a beautiful carrot. The only problem is that George thinks the carrot is too perfect to eat. But when a some hungry pet bunnies wander into his yard, George does the right thing by letting them nibble on his prize carrot.


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Kids Love Reading Stories About Carrots 

Getting kids to snack on carrots will benefit them in so many ways. They are high in water content, so they can definitely help keep little ones hydrated while providing them with invaluable nutrition. This amazing vegetable has high levels of potassium, which regulates blood pressure and helps blood carry nutrients throughout the rest of the body.

Carrots are the perfect food for little kids to nibble upon throughout the day. Packed with vitamin A, they support eye health and some say may even reduce the risk for needing glasses. They can be sliced into small, bite-sized pieces or cut into spears for kids to easily dip into their favorite sauce. Working these nutritional vegetables into a child's regular diet should be a priority in order to promote healthy development. And remember, reading children's books about carrots is another fun way to encourage kids to make healthy eating choices.  




Facts About Carrots for Kids

Lots of kids have a few things to say about these crunchy vegetables. For example, it's common knowledge that they are good for your eyes. Little ones also might know that they grow underground and that bunny rabbits love to nibble on them.

  • Most people only eat the root. The long, orange crunchy part of this vegetable is actually the root. Most of the nutritional value of this vegetable is concentrated in this section. However, the seeds, flowers, and leaves are also delicious and edible components. They can be used in salads, to make jellies, and to add flavoring to recipes.
  • The first carrots were not orange. The color we most associate with carrots was cultivated by Dutch horticulturists in the 1600s. In fact, there are a wide variety of colors dating back hundreds of years ago. They can be found in shades of white, purple, red, and yellow even today in different parts of the world.
  • Carrots can be planted in the ground to make seeds. Farmers will replant the best carrots from a harvest so that high quality seeds are produced from that batch. The leaves are removed and the root is placed underground. After the cold weather passes, the carrots breaks their dormancy period and sprout up from the ground with brand new leaves. Soon they will flower and grow seeds that can be used to grow a brand new crop.
  • The flowers are amazing sources for pollinators. The tiny white umbels, or flower clusters, produce nectar for beneficial insects like  syrphid flies, bees, and ladybugs. During the summer months when carrot flowers are in full bloom, gardens are buzzing with pollinators eager to get their tongues on the valuable nectar.
  • Baby carrots are not actually a separate variety. A prudent farmer in California was unhappy with discarding carrots that either did not fully mature or had unappealing blemishes. So he began carving these imperfect products into tiny, perfectly shaped objects with no signs of imperfection. Other farmers caught on to the idea and together began promoting baby carrots as a healthy alternative to crunchy chips and junk food.




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