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17 Kids' Books with a Black Santa Claus


The Real Santa

 Every child who lays down to sleep on Christmas Eve wonders about the special visitor who will be coming that night. This story is about a little boy who wonders if the real Santa looks like him. All of the figurines around his home are black Santas but he still wants proof that this magical man resembles him. His dreams come true when he manages to get a sneak peak of Santa's face one magical evening. The next morning, the boy and his family join together for a joyous celebration. An overall heartwarming book about a black Santa Claus for families to add to their collection this Christmas.



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Best Children's Books with a Black Santa Claus

Santa Claus delivers magic to children all around the world on Christmas Eve. Flying high through the sky on a sleigh overflowing with presents, he somehow gets an impossible job done just in time for all the little kids who wake up bright and early. Reading children's books with a black Santa Claus is a special way for families to get into the Christmas spirit. Here is a collection of some of the best African American Santa Claus books for kids of all ages to enjoy this Christmas season.


Santa in the City

Children's books usually show Santa Claus sliding down a chimney with a sack of presents. But Deja is a little girl who lives in the city and her house doesn't have the typical accommodations Santa needs to make a delivery. In fact, he probably wouldn't even be able to find a parking space for his sleigh. The seeds of doubt are further planted by other kids who question his existence. Fortunately, her mother opens her eyes to the spirit of Christmas all around her. She reassures her that Santa can manage to deliver gifts in apartments without chimneys, too.




A Piece of Black Cake for Santa

It's a Caribbean Christmas celebration for children who join together in making last-minute preparations. They excitedly decorate for the holiday, prepare the traditional ham, and make all kinds of goodies, including the delicious Black Cake and Sorrel. The author includes an interesting glossary of terms all related to Caribbean Christmas customs.




Snowflake Kisses and Gingerbread Smiles

A festive, photographic book featuring African American children enjoying all kinds of Christmas festivities. This sturdy board book with a padded cover is just right for preschoolers and toddlers. Every page has a bouncy little rhyme and a pictures of Christmas objects, including Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, and piles of presents.



'Twas the Night Before Christmas: An African-American Version

 A gorgeously illustrated version of the Clement C. Moore classic featuring a black Santa Claus as well as an African American family. The author includes a few creative but subtle changes throughout the poem in this culturally diverse rendition.



Santa's Kwanzaa

Two holidays are celebrated in a clever book about the importance of giving. A black Santa Claus returns to the North Pole after an exhausting night of delivering presents. Fortunately, he finds the energy to engage in a festive celebration of Kwanzaa with his wife and all the elves. Kwanzaa symbols and customs are introduced to young readers, along with illustrations and colors that are symbolic of this holiday. 



Does Santa Look Like Me?

AJ is extremely excited for the upcoming Christmas holiday, but one particular thing is weighing on him. Everywhere he goes, he sees Santa Claus toys and decorations that look nothing like him. He is further distraught when he visits with a real live Santa, and again, he looks just like all the others. In a creative twist, Santa steps out of the picture and assures AJ that he does indeed look however you choose to see him. A sweet Santa book about diversity and inclusiveness that will help parents of young children who have the same concerns.


The Day Santa Got Sick

Christmas is fast approaching and Santa is feeling a bit under the weather. Delivering presents on Christmas Eve requires him to be in the best of health, so Mrs. Claus and a little elf jump into action. They put together a plan of action so that little girls and boys will receive their gifts in time for Christmas. This is a refreshingly inclusive book with a black Santa, Mrs. Claus and other characters. Perfect for all kids, and especially those who want to see a Santa who looks like them.


The Night Before Christmas

 In a twist on the classic Clement C. Moore's classic poem, this children's book features a black Santa Claus and an African American family. The verse has also been creatively rewritten for a more inclusive and humorous retelling of this timeless Christmas story.




'Twas the Night Before Christmas

For families looking for a classic Christmas book featuring a black Santa and characters, this edition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is a good choice. It's almost identical in verse to the original classic, with only a few modifications that will appeal to young readers. A charming and accessible read aloud for preschoolers and up.



That's My Santa

Santa Claus is overwhelmed with his workload one year, so he has to recruit help. When a little boy named Keenan is out and about with his mom one day, he comes across a Santa who doesn't look like all the others he has seen. This enlightening, inclusive book for children features a black Santa Claus, as well as a fun cast of Santa characters that defy the norm. Funny pictures and an important message for every kid who wonders about the appearance of the real Santa.




Count with Santa

A delightfully rhyming picture book with a black Santa for toddlers and preschoolers. Young children will have fun counting Christmas objects on every page. They will also enjoy the seek-and-find aspect of this charming Santa book.




The Secret of Santa's Songbird

A poetic book about a songbird who has a very special gift to deliver on Christmas. He has a problem, though, because his feathers are not growing quickly enough to allow him to make the flight. A spiritual book for older children who can appreciate the deep meaning of this prose. The front and back are illustrated with a black Santa and angel. The inside pages do not contain illustrations, but provide room for children to draw their own visual interpretation of the message.



All Aboard! : The Christmas Train

An interactive book for toddlers with a black Santa Claus captures all excitement aboard a Christmas train. Little kids will love opening each door to reveal a busy holiday scene. They can practice counting all the fun objects on pages featuring penguins at play, elves making toys, and reindeer getting ready for their biggest day of the year.


I Got the Christmas Spirit

A little girl gets into the Christmas spirit by visiting the holiday displays all around town with her mother. She is delighted by the displays in the store windows and the colorful lights everywhere. Together they enjoy the Christmas carolers singing beautiful holiday tunes and the delicious aroma of chestnuts roasting on the street corners. This uplifting story culminates in a visit with Santa Claus when she shares her secret wish- love and peace around the world.



Little Santa's Workshop

A cheerful, little board book for toddlers with a black Santa Claus getting reading for Christmas. The toy workshop is filled with lots of exciting gifts for all the good girls and boys! Kids will love exploring all the colorful pictures of reindeer licking candy canes, treats being preparing in the kitchen, and all kinds of special Christmas magic. A wonderful gift for baby's first Christmas.



Black Santa Coloring Book

 Kids will have lots of fun coloring in the pages of this book. A black Santa Claus is on every page, sometimes with Mrs. Claus and surrounded by lots of excited children. A great stocking stuffer paired with a brand new box of crayons.


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Kids' Books with an African American Santa Claus

Santa Claus brings the spirit of Christmas alive by delivering presents to all the good little girls and boys. The legend of Santa is based on the life of Saint Nicholas, a monk who generously gave to those in need and followed the command to love your neighbor.

Over hundreds of years, Santa Claus has evolved into a jolly, old man who maintains very detailed Naughty and Nice lists. He rewards the well-behaved little ones with presents, and leaves coal behind for the kids who could use a little self-improvement.

This is the general idea of the modern day Santa Claus. Families bring their own version of Santa Claus into their homes, creating their own traditions around this magical, mystery man. Books for children featuring a black Santa Claus is an important way include a diverse cultural representation of this figure.


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Black Santa Claus Toys and Gifts

Collecting children's books with a black Santa Claus to read at Christmas is a special way for families to spend time together. To make this season even more magical, here are some wonderful gifts, toys, and decorations to share with your children- all with a black Santa Claus!



Black Santa Christmas Tree Ornament

 A Hallmark collector's ornament features a cool, roller-skating Santa rocking out to his favorite music. Almost four inches tall, this groovin' Santa is ready to deliver candy canes to everyone he skated past. A great stocking stuffer gift or pre-Christmas surprise to hang on the tree!


African American Santa Claus Mug

Kids will love drinking hot cocoa out of this attractive mug. Made of ceramic, this solid mug will hold 16 oz of your child's favorite drink. For a fun gift idea, fill it with packets of novelty hot chocolate or Christmas-themed marshmallows. 


Outdoor Inflatable Black Santa Claus

A fantastic, 6-foot tall Santa is ready to decorate your front yard this Christmas. He is inflatable, very durable, and has 2 LED lights that illuminate from within. The waterproof figure is built to withstand all kinds of weather. And after the holidays, Santa can be easily deflated and stored until the next year.

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