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17 Stunning Children's Books About Natural Black Hair

i love my hair

I Love My Hair!

 Keyana, a vibrant and spirited little girl, learns to love her hair and how it's a part of her identity. Her mother gently brushes it out every night, yet it always hurts when the bristles are worked through her tangled strands. When the work is finally done, Keyana appreciates all the beautiful ways her hair can be styled to match her mood and personality. For more than two decades, this book has helped girls embrace their natural hair.





Picture Books Celebrating Characters With Natural Black Hair

Raising children to feel confident and proud of their heritage is important. The struggles, obstacles, and hard work of ancestors paved the way for opportunities their offspring have today. The physical traits of black children, especially the hair on top of their head, are celebrated, embraced and cherished in these children's books about natural black hair. And when it's time for a trip to the salon or barber shop for a trim, take some time to explore all the  creative styles ahead of time. Every single family, no matter the race, should make an effort to read a diverse selection of books featuring kids of every color and hair type. Consider adding some stories about multiracial families that also celebrate the unique and beautiful traits of kids from diverse backgrounds.

There are more than 60 different styles perfect for black girls who want to try out different looks. They range from sophisticated to fun, so theyhave options based on occasion or mood. Short, tight braids can be worn as a bob while longer braids can be interesting when tied up in an intricate bun. Sometimes girls want to let loose and wear their hair in a fluffy afro, perhaps adding a crown braid for an interesting look. No matter the style choice, black hair offers so many possibilities. These kids' books about natural black hair bring to life all the amazing ways to style these beautiful locks.


don't touch my hair

Don't Touch My Hair!

Aria is a beautiful girl with hair that is the envy of everyone who sees her. Her natural black curly hair has an almost magnetic force. The hands of strangers, jungle animals, and sea creatures reach out to touch her magnificent head of hair. Even mermaids and aliens from outer space want to feel her wavy strands. An amazing and empowering story for little girls that redefines the standard of beauty often found in children's picture books.


my hair

My Hair

A very excited little girl is getting ready for a  big party.  A rhyming book told in first person, this story is full of endless hairstyle possibilities. Of course her outfit is important. But the way she wears her hair takes priority. There are just so many options to consider- dreadlocks, cornrows, braids, Bantu knots, or short and cropped! The only problem with this book is that it offers way too many awesome possibilities for styling black hair.



hair love

Hair Love

 Many times mommies are the ones who take the lead in styling hair.  In this reversal of roles, a loving daddy decides it's time for him to work on Zuri's hair. It's not an easy job when a girl's hair twists and curls, and is generally uncooperative. Despite a few little setbacks, the father-daughter duo  perfect a hairstyle that is just right for a special occasion. This book may seem like it's about hair on the surface, but look a little deeper to find the special bond between a daddy and his little girl.



i love my hair

I Love My Hair

Gabrielle joyfully tells readers all the wonderful things she loves about her beautiful, curly black hair. This fun board book is based on a fun Sesame Street song with the same name. This colorful book is a wonderful gift for new black babies or young children learning all the wonderful ways their hair makes them special.



my hair is magic

My Hair is Magic!

 Incredible artwork fills the pages of this hair-empowering book. While other try to tame, control, and tie back their unruly curls, this girl knows that her hair is her superpower. Both soft and strong, gentle and ferocious, this is hair that should never be manipulated or forced to conform. This is a book for girls who understand their worth and refuse to let the opinions of others affect their self-esteem.



my hair is beautiful

My Hair is Beautiful

A sturdy, photographic board book features children with different hairstyles on every single page. Cute toddlers with various skin tones show off their afros, cornrows, and other styles. It's a testament to the cultural significance of black hair and showcases all the beautiful and creative ways to style it. 



natural black hair



happy to be nappy

Happy to Be Nappy

An affirming board book for toddlers about the benefits of nappy hair. The text, while concise and snappy, effectively conveys a little girl's pride in her wonderful hair. The book is playful, but don't discount the powerful, important message it relays to young children.



happy hair

Happy Hair

A darling board book that emits positivity and self-love. Bouncy rhymes cover all kinds of styles that are perfect for curly, textured hair. Bantus, blow-outs, pom-pom puffs and braids are just a few of the examples. The illustrations are so very cute and the message for little girls everywhere is clear- love yourself!


i love my beautiful hair

I Love My Beautiful Hair

A darling, rhyming story about a little girl who heads to the salon for a special treat. She is excited by all the different and wonderful ways her hair can be styled. She wonders how she will ever choose while her mother reminds whispers that her natural hair is beautiful no matter what style she chooses.


maggie sinclair will you please fix your hair

Maggie Sinclair, Will You Please Fix Your Hair?!

For kids of any color, Maggie Sinclair has something important to communicate. Her does not need to be fixed because it was never broken in the first place. Unfortunately, when her grandmother comes for a visit, she seems to disagree. Her wild, unruly curls are a mess. But Maggie shows her, through her imagination and creativity, that her hair is simply perfect.


nappy hair

Nappy Hair

Brenda is part of a large and loving family who likes to lovingly make fun of her curly, twisty hair. In back-and-forth, lovingly fun-poking style, her parents and siblings make hilarious observations about her wild hair. Throughout the entire banter, readers learn about the deeper cultural meaning her hair represents. Brenda is a good sport throughout all of the teasing, which is perhaps just disguised jealousy of her glorious head of hair.




A very simple board book perfect for African American babies and toddlers. Four little girls compare their bouncy, curly, braided hair. The pictures are captivating and luminescent. Consider giving this book as a baby shower gift along with some cute bows, hair ties, or barrettes for baby girls.




me and my afro

Me and My Afro

The author of this book is a 10-year-old boy who is proud of his Afro. The story, short and sweet, delivers the important message of loving yourself and feeling content in your own skin. He wears his hair proudly and naturally, a sign that he is happy and self-confident.



the story of afro hair

The Story of Afro Hair

A gorgeously illustrated, non-fiction book that goes back nearly 5,000 years to cover the rich history of Afro hair. This 125-page volume can be appreciated by older children and adults alike who are interested in a unique history lesson. This informative book is chock full of stories about how politics and fashion collide to shape the myriad of Afro hair styles. Rich in culture, history and nostalgia, kids will learn the important role hair plays in making a statement.




cool cuts

Cool Cuts

This is the coolest book you can give to a little black boy, perhaps as a baby shower gift or first birthday.  A bouncy poem provides inspiration for boys who want to have amazing hair. Every single page introduces a unique style for little guys, like cornrows, afros, and fro-hawks. An esteem-boosting book about hair, but really so much more!


hair story

Hair Story

Two girls with personalities as big as their hair spend a lot of hours talking about and styling their locks. In a fun little rhyme, they share their frustrations with trying to flat iron, straighten and otherwise force their hair to do something against its natural form. They have a lot of fun setting up a pretend salon, where they draw inspiration from their neighbors, relatives and cultural icons. Most important of all, they learn about ancestors whose genes are reflected  through their hair type.


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girl with afro

African American Dolls With Natural Hair

Lots of little girls love styling and accessorizing their hair.  Experimenting with different lengths, braids, bows, and barrettes is all part of the fun. A fun gift idea is to pair some books celebrating African American hair styles for girls with dolls who share the same hair color and texture. Young kids love to play with a variety of toys, but there's something pretty special about having a doll that looks just like them. 


african american doll

Adorable African American Baby Doll

This beautiful girl measures 12 inches tall. She is flexible and can be easily adjusted into a variety of positions. Her most outstanding feature is a head full of magnificent curls. Girls will love tying a variety of bandanas and bows into her hair to change her look. 



african american newborn doll

African American Newborn Doll

An amazingly realistic-looking newborn doll that weighs close to 4 pounds. Her movable arms and legs allow children to position her in many ways. This baby's features are hand painted and she comes with clothing and several fun baby accessories. 



black doll with braids

Pretty Black Doll With Braids

This girl has style! She's rocking an awesome rainbow tee and some cool kicks. Kids will love playing and styling her long braids. Her clothes and accessories are interchangeable with other items in the Unicorn Element Collection. 



chavonne journey girl doll

Journey Girl Doll: Chavonne

Beautiful and stylish, Chavonne stands 18 inches tall. Her long, shiny dark hair complements her large, expressive eyes. All of her clothing is interchangeable with other dolls and and clothing in this collection. Shop the Journey Girls Store for more dolls and accessories.


 black doll with accessories

Beautiful Black Doll With Accessories

This gorgeous girl is ready to head to an exotic location. Her hair, fun and natural, is ready to be embellished with a bow or barrette. Kids will love taking her along on their own travel adventures! She stands at about 15 inches tall and can be styled with other clothing and accessories from the BDDOLL collection.



black rag doll 

Adorable Black Girl Rag Doll

Meet Kaylie. She is soft and snuggly with removable clothing that helps develop fine motor skills. This darling plush doll is well-crafted for hours of snuggle time and play. Check out the Playtime by Eimmie store for more dolls and accessories for your little girl or boy.


black boy with afro



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