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22 Best Books for Toddlers With Diverse Characters


chocolate me

Chocolate Me!

Little toddlers will celebrate everything that makes them unique in this book by Taye Diggs. A young boy wants to look just like everyone else. Tired of being teased for his dark skin and curly hair, he wishes he blended in better with his peers. His loving mother shows him how  all of his differences are what make him uniquely and wonderfully perfect.

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Amazing Multicultural Books for Toddlers

What we read to our children from the time they are babies will shape the way that they view the world. Illustrations and stories in toddler books should reflect the diversity of the world in which we live, including multiracial families of every ethnicity.Kids of every color, heritage, and culture should be well-represented and celebrated in books for toddlers. Fortunately for us, there are many amazing diverse, multicultural books for toddlers. We've gathered a list of some of the best toddler books with characters reflecting a wide range of skin tones and features.The pictures depict all kinds of friends and families that are just like all the wonderful people in our neighborhoods, classrooms, and playgrounds. 

 I Am Violet

A simple book for toddlers that covers the complex topic of race by using colors of the rainbow. In this board book, a little girl observes that all of the people around her are vibrant and unique. Some are red, some are blue, some are green. She takes great pride in her violet hue. A great book to teach youngsters that every skin color is beautiful.




i love my hair


I Love My Hair!

For more than 2 decades, this book has graced bookshelves and become an integral children's book celebrating African-American heritage. A best-selling book featuring a little girl named Keyana who loves her hair and everything else about her appearance.  Grab this title and make it a part of your toddler's reading list. Confidence, joy, and pride are abundant in this wonderful board book.


A Is for All the Things You Are: A Joyful ABC Book


A Is for All the Things You Are: A Joyful ABC Book

If you only add one multi-cultural book to your child's collection, this is the one to buy! 26 traits, one for each letter of the alphabet, are examined and explored in this toddler book about inclusivity. This book, developed by the National Museum of African American History, fosters the concept that we are all connected and deserve fair treatment.




Global Babies

Global Babies makes a terrific gift for a baby shower or new baby. Vibrant pictures of baby faces from around the world are features on each page of this sturdy board book. Simple text in both English and Spanish teaches young readers about what life if like for babies from all walks of life.




Bath! Bath! Bath!

A simple, rhyming baby book about the pleasures of bath time. Playing in a soapy bubble bath with a rubber ducky is the perfect way to unwind after a long day! Vibrant pictures and funny text perfectly depict a cute toddler embracing his favorite part of the evening.


Baby's First Words


Baby's First Words

A die-cut board book about a baby with two dads who are different races exploring the city. Your toddler will learn the words for a variety of object and sounds. There is a fun seek-and-find feature that keeps young readers engaged with this colorful board book. A perfect introduction to the concept, through illustrations, that all families are unique.  



Who is Making a Mess?

Family life sure is messy, especially with a toddler around. Join a diverse group of family members in this fun book about what babies do best! With sparse text and humorous pictures, this board book breaks the stereotype of what families normally look like in baby books. A book that promises lots of giggles!



Who? A Celebration of Babies

Simple, repetitive text and really cute baby pictures on every single page. Toddlers will love reading about the babies and all the people they love. An inclusive book featuring a wide variety of skin tones throughout make this board book a welcome addition to your baby's library.



The Babies on the Bus

Karen Katz puts her own spin on the popular tune in this adorable baby book. Featuring round cherub faces of every ethnicity, join along on this bouncy ride in a bright yellow school bus. Funny, vibrant and inclusive board book that will bring smiles to the tiniest of toddlers.



one love

One Love

Bob Marley's inspirational song is brought to life in this moving book.  In a community that shares one heart, children from diverse backgrounds join together to make the world a better place. 



See Saw Nursery Songs


See-Saw: First Book of Nursery Songs

A sweet book of old-school nursery songs as well as new, modern songs to learn. Simply adorable illustrations of little children from a variety of ethnicities on every page.  Toddlers will enjoy singing along and exploring the pictures of diverse, multi-cultural characters on every page. A hidden gem that new parents would love to add to their nursery bookshelves.


the snowy day


The Snowy Day

A classic, 1963 Caldecott medal winner by Ezra Keats that needs to be part of every child's book collection. The magical simplicity of the illustrations and text capture the essence of a child experiencing a snowfall. This book is considered one of the most important contributions to child literature because it was the first to full-color picture book to feature a black child. Millions of little readers have enjoyed this timeless masterpiece.





Whose Toes Are Those?

Little toddlers will love exploring their toes as they read along. Illustrations of adorable brown feet on each page are accompanied by sweet rhyming text. A fun read with the cutest little piggies will be a favorite read-aloud for your baby!



little you

Little You

A poetic book with appealing illustrations featuring a Native American toddler. A charming and evocative book that celebrates tender moments with your young ones. Special moments shared between parent and toddler are captured on the pages of this tender board  book.



Baby Goes to Market


Baby Goes to Market

Toddlers will learn to count along with the baby who is enjoying his time at a southwest Nigerian market.  Unbeknownst to his mother, the little tyke is adding food items to her basket and it becomes quite heavy. Vibrant colors, rhythmic verse, and a marketplace packed with native produce will keep your baby's attention during reading time! 


say hello


Say Hello!

Carmelita and her dog, Manny, take a long stroll through their colorful, diverse neighborhood. They are delighted to meet people from many different cultures and learn to say "hello" in all their respective languages. A simple story perfect for toddlers learning about different races living in harmony.



baby says


Baby Says

The award-winning author/illustrator captures the special bond between little brothers. A young toddler is busy playing with his toys while his baby brother observes from his crib. Over time, the baby wants his big brother's attention so he puts his adorable charm to work. A funny book that toddlers, especially those with little siblings, will surely enjoy!



All Kinds of People


All Kinds of People

A deceivingly simple book for toddlers explores the diversity that exists in one of the most noticeable traits- skin color. Real photographs on each page of the book showcase all the beautiful skin tones. Brief text implores little readers to look beyond the skin and appreciate all the other more important aspects of families and humankind.



Happy to Be Nappy


Happy to Be Nappy

Written by a well-respected English professor and nominated for an NAACP Image Award, Happy to Be Nappy is a joyous affirmation. Join a little girl as she embraces and celebrates her beautiful, natural hair!



Whoever You Are

Whoever You Are

An excellent contribution to a growing collection of multicultural books especially written for toddlers. Colorful pages feature kids from different races who look different on the outside. But the primary theme of this important book is that we are all very similar on the inside. An important message, rhythmic text, and vibrant illustrations will both educate and entertain your toddler.


How Do You Say Good Night?

A sweet bedtime story that walks toddlers through all the many beautiful ways to say good night. Ten different languages from all over the world teach toddlers all the many ways to wish someone sweet dreams!


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