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16 Glowing Kids' Books About Redheads With Freckles

freckleface strawberry
Freckleface Strawberry

Actress Julianna Moore knows from childhood experience what it's like to be a redhead who stands out. Like many other freckle-faced little girls, the child in this story wants to make them go away. She tries to scrub them off, and when that doesn't work, disguise them with marker. In the end, she learns to love her fiery hair and beautiful freckles. These traits make her different in the best way! A short, simple, self-affirming book for kids who will learn to appreciate their own differences. 

 Children's Books About Characters With Red Hair

Lots of kids have an innate desire to blend in with their peers, or at the very least, not stand out with a full head of fiery red hair. In a sea of beautiful browns, blondes, and natural black hair, red heads are rare and striking. Their brilliant locks are often paired with beautiful, porcelain skin sprinkled with freckles. Sometimes kids are insecure about these physical traits that are so noticeably different from their friends.

Reading these kids' books featuring redheads is an excellent way to help them embrace and appreciate their unique qualities. Each of these feisty, fun-loving characters identifies with their hair color in a positive, self-affirming way, often resisting all attempts to trim their locks,  and learns that being different is pretty special. So grab some of these fantastic kids books about gingers to show your child that red hair is a gift.

anne of green gables
Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley has a feisty personality to match her fiery, red locks of hair. This eleven year old foster girl mistakenly finds a home at Green Gables. After bouncing around foster homes, she lands with a family who had specifically requested a strong boy to help with chores on the property. At first the Cuthberts are taken aback with her temper and tendency to find trouble. But after a short while, it's obvious to everyone that Anne is exactly where she belongs. A classic novel that will resonate among all little redheads with big imaginations, just like Anne.



my rotten redheaded older brother
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother

Patricia Polacco, prolific and beloved children's book author, draws on her own personal experiences to write stories.  This particular book is about the special relationship between siblings, even when most of their interactions are fraught with fighting and rivalry. Patricia's brother Richard is a downright nuisance with a full head of red hair. He can do everything that matters better than his sister, like spitting the furthest and running the fastest. When she encounters a situation where she really needs his support, Patricia finds that he is also pretty good at being a reliable, older brother.



freckle juice
Freckle Juice

This perennial classic by Judy Blume is a short chapter book that can be read in one sitting. It's the story of Andrew Marcus, a little boy who decides that he wants a faceful of freckles like his classmate, Nicky. He's sick and tired of washing his face every night and figures that freckles would be the perfect disguise for dirt. Sharon, a clever classmate, sells him a special concoction that she promises will give him the desired result. What happens next is sure to elicit lots of laughs. This funny book about freckles is meant to be enjoyed over multiple readings.



sally jean the bicycle queen
Sally Jean, the Bicycle Queen

Sally Jean is a spitfire with head of fiery red hair and a personality to match. She has a zest for adventure which she finds riding around on her bike. One day she wakes up and realizes that she has outgrown her beloved bicycle. So she donates her bike to a smaller child and builds a new two-wheeler using old bicycle parts. An affirming book about a redhead protagonist who is both intelligent and resourceful.



junie b jones and her big fat mouth
Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth

Junie B. Jones is always getting herself into a pickle! She has a head full of fantastic red hair and a personality that shines. Sometimes her big ideas and lack of filter get her into a jam. In this funny book, she lands herself in hot water by being a loudmouth. Her week gets progressively worse when she brags about something she knows little about. An early chapter book told through the earnest voice of a spunky little girl who has the occasional misstep! 



pippi longstocking
Pippi Longstocking

If every child had a neighbor like Pippi Longstocking, life would be much more exciting. This spunky young girl with her signature red braids moves in next to Tommy and Annika. She is not like anyone they have ever met before. With zest for life and a thirst for adventure, this girl never has a dull moment in her life. Pippi doesn't have parents to make rules and has a monkey for a pet. No matter what she is doing, whether it is homework or chores, she somehow turns everything into an exciting event.


my naughty little sister
My Naughty Little Sister

Sometimes redheads get a bad rap, but this little sister seems pretty deserving of the naughty label. This classic collection of short stories has been entertaining little kids for generations. The protagonist gets into all sorts of trouble and only wants to do things her way. Some of her behavior is downright reprehensible, and readers are sure to laugh at all of her antics. This lengthy picture book, complete with humorous illustrations, is sure to be your chid's next favorite.

mop top
Mop Top

This is an oldie but goodie by Don Freeman, the author of Corduroy. It's a simple and funny story about a little boy who refuses to get his hair cut. His crazy red hair grows out of control and he is literally mistaken for a mop at the grocery store. This book about a redhead boy is sure to elicit feelings of nostalgia amongst grandparents. They may remember reading this same picture book when they were little.



i don't want curly hair
I Don't Want Curly Hair

An adorable girl with the most springs, red curls can't stand her hair. Her hair is larger than life and can be a bit unruly. When she meets another girl with silky smooth, straight locks, she is overcome with envy. But when she learns that this girl has always wanted curly hair, she starts to reconsider the benefits of her carrot top. A short and sweet story about appreciating what you've got.



The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School
The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School

Zoe is proud of her enormous head of thick, wavy red hair. She also happens to have one blue eye and one green eye, much to the admiration of her classmates. But now that she is in first grade, her hair is a distraction and her teacher insists she get it under control. It takes a large supply of hair accessories to tie down this giant mop. But just when all the locks have tied back, her teacher discovers that Zoe's hair may come in handy for an important lesson. 


fancy nancy
Fancy Nancy

Meet Nancy. She is a girl who loves her frills, from the top of her curly red head to the tips of her fabulous shoes. One day she decides that the rest of her family needs to jump on the fancy bandwagon, so she plans a very important meeting. After a giving very detailed lesson on the proper way to dress for an evening out, Nancy is confident that her sister and parents are ready to hit the town. Everything is going according to plan until an unfortunate accident almost ruins everything.  



the dirt girl
The Dirt Girl

Zafera has a light that illuminates from within. She lives her life in the wild, so when she turns up for her first day of school, her shining red hair is full of dirt and branches. The other kids are quick to tease and bully her, but this loving and peaceful child simply responds with a gentle smile. In only a short while, Zafera makes many new friends. An uplifting story about showing grace and being true to yourself.



rose red and the bear prince
Rose Red and the Bear Prince

This enchanting retelling of the Grimm Fairytale features a smart country girl as the heroine. She has a chance encounter with a bear, who she learns is really a prince who is under the spell of a wicked dwarf. Her intelligence and wit are apparent as she recovers the princes's prized possessions from the dwarf and rids him of his evil powers. Like most other fairytales, this captivating book delivers a "happily ever after" for the redhead and her prince.



lucky redhead rosy's first day of school
Lucky Redhead Rosy's First Day of School

A fantastic first day of school book written for redheads embarking on a brave, new journey! Rosy has always gotten a lot of attention for her beatiful, curly, red hair. In fact, people like to rub the top of her head for good luck! When she starts kindergarten, Rosy learns some important lessons about friendship. Her luck is also called into question during some situations that arise at school. 




the girl with the flaming red hair
The Girl With the Flaming Red Hair

A fun story in rhyme about a little girl with the brightest head of red hair anywhere. She has a brilliant personality to match her ginger top. She goes about her day with a bright smile and joyful disposition, interacting with friends, teachers, grandparents, and parents. Perfect rhythm and repetition for beginner readers who have a shock of red hair just like this little protagonist.

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boy with freckles


Dolls With Red Hair

Little redheads will love these dolls with hair that looks like their own! If you want to surprise a cute kid with a thoughtful gift, try pairing some children's books and an adorable doll with a fiery cap of red hair on top. 

sing along lilly
Sing-Along Lilly

This adorable Little Tikes doll speaks several friendly phrases. She also sings her own version of "Ring Around the Rosie" when you hold her hands. This special toy comes with fun accessories including a small brush for styling her beautiful red hair.

doll with red pigtails
Soft Baby Doll With Red Pigtails

This beautiful girl comes has embroidered facial features with a sprinkle of cute freckles. Her hair is soft and stretchy for little fingers ready to play and explore. She's made with a bean bag bottom for easy positioning. Her dress can be easily removed for little ones practicing their fine motor skills. Perfect for newborns and toddler birthday gifts.



glitter girls doll
Glitter Girls Doll

A stylish doll with gorgeous, red hair comes with removable clothing and bendable limbs. Standing about 14 inches tall, she is compatible with a large line of clothing and accessories. Visit the Glitter Girls store for other dolls, furniture, and other items to add to your gift.

strawberry shortcake
Strawberry Shortcake Classic Soft Doll

This 14-inch, scented rag doll is a classic. Her signature red hair and freckles add to the charm of this adorable girl. A darling gift for new Strawberry Shortcake fans or their moms who remember playing with their own dolls when they were little.



barbie with red hair
Barbie With Red Hair

This lovely Barbie is part of the Made to Move line. She has twenty-two movable joints allowing her to be manipulated and positioned very naturally. She can do gymnastics, ride a bike, and even sit with her legs crossed.



redhead girl


Fun Facts About Redheads for Kids

Now that you have shared the best books about redheads with your children, hopefully they will love their own colorful locks even more than before. Now they will be interested in knowing their unique hair color holds more magic than what meets the eye. Here are some pretty fascinating tidbits about red hair that will make them hold their heads even higher.

  • Each strand of red hair is generally thicker than other colors. For this reason, it is generally considered that gingers have fewer strands of hair. Some research has indicated that redheads, on average, have about 90,000 strands of hair, while brunettes have 140,000 strands and blonds have 110,000 strands.
  • Gingers are the product of two parents with the recessive redhead gene. It's possible for neither parent to be a redhead, but if they both have the gene, their offspring could be gingers. But if one parent is a redhead and the other parent doesn't have the gene, it is genetically impossible to produce a ginger kid.
  • Watch out for bees!Although this is all anecdotal, redheads report that bees are more likely to sting them than their friends with other hair color.
  • Redheads don't need to worry about going grey. As gingers age, their hair will lose pigmentation and turn either blonde or white, but never a dull grey.
  • Oftentimes, redheads are also left-handed. These two rare traits are passed along through recessive genes, which usually come in pairs.
  • There is a special holiday just for gingers! World Redhead Day is officially celebrated every year on May 26th. Although the origins of this fiery holiday are unclear, it is an important day to mark on your calendar so you don't forget to shower your little carrot top with extra love.


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