21 Funny Children's Books About Haircuts

21 Funny Children's Books About Haircuts

lion needs a haircut 

Lion Needs a Haircut

A first hair cut can seem scary, but Lion is definitely not afraid. He simply does not think he needs a trim. Turns out his dad, with his unruly shag, doesn't think he needs his hair cut either. Perhaps if they go to the barbershop together, they can both get through the experience together. A reassuring book for toddlers who would rather live with scraggly hair than face the scissors.


barber shop


Humorous Kids' Books about Haircuts

A memorable milestone in a child's life is the very first trip to a salon or barbershop. From the moment a child climbs into the chair, it feels like a momentous occasion. Kids enter with wispy strands of baby hair and leave with a real hairstyle. In some ways, it's like watching a child grow up in warp speed. This fancy new hairdo ages kids by at least a couple of years. For this reason, parents love to record the big event and often keep a lock of hair as a souvenir.

But unfortunately, things don't always go smoothly. It's not uncommon for toddlers to shed some tears, or even worse, refuse to cooperate or sit still. For this reason, it's a good idea to prepare them through reading children's books about haircuts. All of the characters experience the some sort of anxiety, fear or general resistance toward a visit to the hairdresser or barber. And with the gentle nudging of family and friends, they get through the experience and live to tell about it.

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haircut for lion

Haircut for Lion

 This board book is the perfect way to prepare your toddler for a first haircut. A happy lion cub and his father head over to the barber shop to get their long locks trimmed. The bold pictures and simple text convey everything that little one's can expect. Kids who have a case of haircut jitters will enjoy seeing how Lion handles his experience without any stress or tears. 



 bippity bop barbershop

Bippity Bop Barbershop

Like lots of little boys, Miles is nervously excited about getting his first haircut. The noise and commotion at the barbershop is overwhelming, the scissors are particularly sharp, and the buzzing razor sounds scary. And to make matters more stressful, he has to pick out a hairstyle! The watercolor illustrations capture a realistic scene and the expressive emotions on Miles' face.  Upbeat, jazzy text with words of reassurance will make readers feel better about their own first haircut experience.

when your llama needs a haircut

When Your Llama Needs a Haircut

All is well and good with slightly unkempt, overgrown hair until picture day arrives. After llama gets his hair washed and brushed, it's time to pick a style. With each turn of the page, kids are treated to a silly, different hairdo. Will a layered look work? Or how about a mohawk? Perhaps even a new hair color will suit him well! Short and silly, this board book may be the inspiration your own toddler needs for a new haircut.


eva and sadie and the worst haircut ever

Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut Ever!

Eva desperately needs a haircut, so big sister Sadie takes matters (or, in this case, scissors) into her own hands. With a snip hear and there, the long, curly golden strands form a pile on the floor. After assessing the situation, Sadie realizes that she went a little too far and wonders if she can somehow fix the worst haircut ever! This funny story may hit a little too close to home for families with aspiring little hairdressers. Hopefully it won't give your little ones any bright ideas. 



daniel gets his hair cut 

Daniel Gets His Hair Cut

Fans of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood will love following along as their favorite tiger gets his first haircut. His fathers explains everything that will happen when they visit Nana Platypus. And while she is cutting his hair, Nana gently talks about all the things she is doing. Daniel Tiger soon feels at ease and even enjoys the experience. It doesn't hurt one bit. In fact, it actually tickles.




even monsters need haircuts

Even Monster Need Haircuts

A wildly popular book about haircuts, for good reason! All the famous, classic monsters make an appearance (after midnight, of course!) at their exclusive barbershop in town. Each of them has a very unique hairdo that only one very skilled stylist can maintain. In this case, the expert is a little boy who honed his skills watching his father, who serves a more normal set of customers. Taking his entrepreneurial mindset in a different direction, the tyke opened his own shop stocked with stink wax, rotting tonic, and horn polish. Kids will love the funny illustrations and adults will appreciate the subtle humor.



the haircut

The Haircut

A large, padded book for toddlers about a little boy's first hair cut. He enters the barbershop and takes in all the activity. After watching other customers take their turn, he bravely climbs into the chair. He enjoys moving it up and down, and then finally sits still while the barber snips the hair out of his face. With a lollipop in hand, this little guy is happy and ready to get on with his day. A short and simple book about haircuts that will prepare young children for their first outing to the barbershop.


wally does not want a haircut

Wally Does Not Want a Haircut

 Wally downright refuses to get his wooly coat shaved. It is a thick, matted mess that grows worse by the day. Just the thought of those sharp shears coming anywhere near him is enough to make Wally shudder. His friends and family, desperate to free Wally from his hairy trappings, prance around with fancy, new hairdos. They hope he will reconsider his position when he sees their fabulous cuts. But it's not until his hair becomes an overwhelming hindrance, even threatening his attendance at the hoedown, that Wally finally agrees. Bright illustrations enhance the rhymes and alliteration in this fantastic book about haircuts.




 max goes to the barber

Max Goes to the Barber

 A leveled reader for newly, independent bookworms, this is the story about Max's trip to the barbershop. He heads into town with his mother to get his combed and trimmed. Vibrant, whimsical illustrations portray a lively town that looks like the perfect place to get a haircut. 

it's time for a haircut

It's Time for a Haircut

Jamal and his dad head to the local barbershop for much needed haircuts. After watching his father go first, Jamal is finally brave enough to take his turn in the chair. He knows how to sit still while the barber uses the clippers to cut his hair nice and short. This simple, reassuring story shares a special moment between a father and son, one of many memorable "firsts" in Jamal's life.



maxwell the monkey barber

Maxwell the Monkey Barber

Maxwell has a knack for turning frowns upside down with his scissor work. Known as the resident barber of the forest, he has a long list of furry friends who line up for a grooming. Bear's beard needs trimming, Babboon's curls require taming, and Lion's mane demands styling. But one day Maxwell has a customer with a special request. Poor Elephant would like some pampering but he doesn't have any hair. Always resourceful, Maxwell finds a way to give Elephant the same special treatment all the other animals receive. Rhyming text and fun refrains add to appeal of this picture book about haircuts.






Whether your toddler has a head full of hair or just a few pieces, proper hair grooming is important! Leslie Patricelli's darling baby is here to share all of the ways a single strand requires attention. When it gets dirty, it must be washed. And when it gets a little messy and out of line, it simply must be brushed. But even this confident baby feels a bit nervous when it's time to get a haircut, even if it's only one little piece. Hilarious look at a common childhood battle- caring for hair.



 arthur garber goes to the barber

Arthur Garber the Harbor Barber

Told in rhyming perfection, this is the story of a master barber who sets up shop in a seaside town. Here he puts his scissors to work upon the hair of tourists, fisherman, and other seafaring folks. When a castaway walks through his door one day, the barber is tasked with taming his frizzy, wild and unruly hair so he can resume life on land looking presentable. The bouncy words flow and the watercolor illustrations add a touch of whimsy to this unique book.




sheep dog and sheep sheep bad hair day

Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep: Baaad Hair Day

 Sheep has a particular talent for doing her hair. She takes great pride in fashioning her wool into a variety of beautiful styles, and always fastens pretty accessories for an added touch of class. But the day has come when her fluffy curls have grown too long and Sheep is constantly tripping. Her best friend, Sheep Dog, insists it is time for a haircut but Sheep refuses to succumb to the shears. Will Sheep Dog successfully convince her that she will still be beautiful even if her locks are trimmed? A funny, endearing story for kids resistant to getting haircuts.


 florence frizzball

Florence Frizzball

 Florence has a distinct head of hair that is uniquely her own. But she yearns for her brother's straight, sleek and neat locks that don't look like a frizzy mess. After begging her mother for a trip to the salon, Florence come out with a new hairdo and perhaps leaves a piece of herself behind. A darling book for kids with a message about loving themselves and the hair on their heads, no matter how unruly.



yeti needs a haircut

Yeti Needs a Haircut

Parents with stubborn children will appreciate the humor in this book about a shaggy Yeti. Sometimes the battle is not worth fighting, until the first day of school is around the corner. Among all the other preparations, getting a fresh haircut is at the top of the list. Fortunately, Yeti has a new friend, Suzi, who knows exactly where to drag Yeti for his much-needed grooming. A hilarious book with a happy ending will encourage your own little ones to take care of their hair.




blue bison needs a haircut

Blue Bison Needs a Haircut

 A lesson about patience prevails in this humorous book about a vain bison. Appearing well-groomed is important to Blue Bison. So when his local barbershop closes indefinitely, his blue hair grows wild and his frustration is out of control. Despite his bison parents' pleas for patience, Blue is unwilling to wait. When his sister, Bubblegum Bison, has an interesting solution to his wild mane, will he finally learn that waiting is sometimes best? 



 haircuts for little lambs

Haircuts for Little Lambs

A darling story about lambs who get their spring haircuts a tad too prematurely. Although the time of year for their annual shave has arrived, mother nature has different plans. The day after the lambs lose their warm wooly coats, a surprise snowfall brings a chill to the air. Forunately, a resourceful granny has the perfect solution! A funny book about untimely haircuts for toddlers almost ready to get their own locks trimmed. 



but i don't want a haircut!

But I Don't Want a Haircut!

Told in rhyme, this is the story of a little boy, Joey, whose imagination gets the better of him. His hair has gotten out of control, but when his parents announce that it's time for a haircut, he falls apart. Joey insists that the hairdresser has teeth like a shark and wings of a nasty fly. When he is finally dragged into the salon, Joey realizes that it actually looks pretty nice. The hairdresser gently untangles his hair with a brush and even uses an electric razor since the sharp scissors scare him. Written by two child-friendly salon owners, this book is fabulous especially for kids with sensory issues or general anxiety about getting a haircut.




hairy hettie the highland cow who needs a haircut 

Hairy Hettie: The Highland Cow Who Needs a Haircut!

Sometimes the best medicine for haircut anxiety is laughter. This humorous book is about a Highland cow who prefers to keep her hair long. Unfortunately for her, a lot of other critters also like her unruly, thick mop of hair. Blackbirds find it the perfect spot for a nest. A squirrel hibernates deep inside the warm hair, and butterflies lay their eggs among the strands for safekeeping. Finally Hettie has had quite enough and realizes that maybe it is time for a shave. 

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 hair salon


 Best Kids' Books About First Haircuts

 There are lots of  valid reasons why a first haircut can cause toddlers to break down into an anxiety-induced puddle of tears. First of all, it's a lot to expect some of the more active tykes to sit still long enough for a quality cut. Also, there are a lot of scary looking tools with sharp edges, especially cutting shears that are used in such close proximity to the head and face. For kids who are prone to worrying or may not acclimate well to their position in the salon chair, these children's books about haircuts will help. Through the pictures and reassuring stories, kids will learn what they can expect.  By addressing all of their fears and concerns ahead of time, everything should go more smoothly when haircut day arrives.


Help a Kid Overcome Haircut Anxiety 

Some babies are born with a few wisps or even a full head of hair. Arranging these silky locks into cute hairstyles can provide lots of fun. Adding a tiny bow or barrette can be the perfect accessory to an adorably outfitted newborn. Spiking the first few strands so they are standing at attention will surely draw smiles. Parents have fun slicking back longer pieces for a sophisticated look or pulling strands together into stubby ponytails for some a whimsical touch.

Then one day the fun comes to a grinding halt when the hair is just too much to handle. A simple solution is to head out to a salon or barbershop for a trim. Sound easy enough? Not so fast! Haircut anxiety is very real. And when a non-compliant toddler refuses to sit still in the chair, the situation can be very stressful. So here are some pointers for children unwilling to comply.


boy crying 


Tip #1: Find a Salon Just for Kids

There are lots of hair cut businesses specifically set up for young children. The chairs look like oversized toys and may even come equipped with built-in entertainment like sounds and lights. The entire space is painted in bright colors that appeal to little ones. Fun movies are playing on televisions displayed on the walls. The waiting area is filled with children's books and toys to occupy little ones until it is their turn. All of the customers are kids just like your own who are brave enough face the stylist. The entire setting is designed to help little kids feel at ease.


Tip #2: Allow Your Child to Bring a Special Item from Home

Children anxious about facing new experiences often do better with the comfort of a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or toy. There is nothing wrong with allowing your child to tuck a special something under an arm or on a lap for the duration of the haircut. This object symbolizes safety and security for your little one, and may give them the boost of bravery needed to get through the first haircut.


Tip #3:  Bring Along Lollipops

There is a very good reason barber shops and salons keep a stash of lollipops. These treats take awhile to finish, often more than enough time to cut a child's hair. The sweet distraction of the candy and the calming effect of sitting still and sucking on a lollipop usually does the trick. Dum Dums are the most popular brand that shops keep in a jar up front. But feel free to take the lollipop game to the next level with larger suckers that you only pull out for special occasions....like haircuts!


Tip #4: Make Sure Your Toddler is Well-Rested with a Full Tummy

Taking care of physical needs is a must in order for the entire process to go smoothly. A cranky child is less likely to sit still, follow directions, and generally comply with the haircutter's instructions. If possible, schedule your child's first haircut in the morning after they have awoken from a solid night of sleep. Also, if the hair appointment is close to mealtime, feed your child beforehand or at least provide a hearty snack. Taking care of sleep and food ahead of time will go a long way in making things easier for your child.


Tip #5: A Little Bribery Goes a Long Way

There is nothing wrong with rewarding a young child with a small toy after a successful haircut. Of course, you will want to set some limits on the size and price of the reward ahead of time. But by promising a child the opportunity to stop at a store to pick out a treat may be well worth your while. Just the thought and anticipation of getting a new toy may be enough to distract your child during the haircut itself.


Tip #6: When All Else Fails, Buy Some Clippers

Forcing a child who is not ready to get a haircut may not be the right thing to do. If the situation is causing an inordinate amount of anxiety and resistance, then it is ok to just postpone the event until a later time. Purchase some clippers or haircutting scissors and give your child a haircut in the comfort of home. At this point, it may not matter if the hairlines are straight or bangs are a little choppy. Snipping the ends of straggly, unruly hair will just have to be enough until the child is ready for a professional cut.



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