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25 Kids' Books About Wearing Glasses

princess peepers

Princess Peepers

A lovely little princess is fond of her glasses, as she should be! That is, until other princesses as school begin to tease her for wearing them. She succumbs to peer pressure and decides to try and do without her corrective lenses. But, boy, does that get her into some tricky situations! Especially since she has plans to attend the grand ball and meet the prince. A cute book with a satisfying ending that will make your own little princess feel better about wearing her glasses.


Children's Books About Wearing Glasses

Fortunately, if your child needs glasses, there are so many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns of frames that you can really turn it into a fun, positive experience. But, inevitably, the time will come when your child will complain about wearing them. So grab some children's books about glasses as a way to reinforce the importance of wearing them. The characters in these books encounter all kinds of problems and challenges....and in the end, their desire for 20/20 vision prevails! Little kids especially need reinforcement around wearing their lenses, being responsible in caring for them, and learning not to lose them. We've gathered a list of the of the best stories featuring characters who wear glasses that cover all of these important lessons!  


arthur's eyes

Arthur's Eyes

You can always count on Marc Brown's Arthur books to teach valuable lessons. In this case, Arthur is feeling self-conscious wearing his glasses, especially because his classmates tease him. So, like many kids would do, Arthur decides to try and navigate the hallways of school without them and gets into some sticky situations (like entering the girls' bathroom!). His kind teacher sees what is happening offers some wisdom that helps Arthur see things in a different light.



i really absolutely must have glasses


I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses

Spoiler alert: Lola actually does not need glasses. But she sure thinks she does, so she heads off to see the optician where she learns all about the medical reasons for wearing them.  Lots of good information about taking care of your glasses, not letting other people touch them, and making a cool fashion statement with some colorful frames.


peppa's first glasses

Peppa's First Glasses

Silly Peppa Pig thinks she needs glasses because she can't see a darn thing with her eyes closed. She gets her vision checked only to learn that her eye site is perfectly fine. So, even though the end result is that Peppa doesn't get a pair of pretty peepers, this book has a good, positive message about glasses for toddlers.


douglas you need glasses


Douglas, You Need Glasses!

A hilarious children's book about a dog who needs a bit of vision correction. Meet Douglas, a cute canine friend who unintentionally gets himself into trouble because his whole world is a bit blurry. Readers will get a kick out of all the crazy mishaps that occur until Douglas's mom finally takes him to get a pair of glasses. 



i can see just fine

I Can See Just Fine

You may have even heard your child utter these exact words. Paige is a cute little girl who lives a quite healthy, well-rounded life. She enjoys school, loves playing outside with her many friends, and practices her violin every day. Despite the fact that the chalkboard is fuzzy and her music notes are difficult to read, Paige insists she does not need glasses. Find out what happens when her parents finally take her to the eye doctor!


heidi heckelbeck needs glasses

Heidi Heckelbeck Gets Glasses

Heidi has a case of jealousy when her friend Lucy is the center of attention- all because of a new pair of sassy glasses. Never one to be outdone, Heidi decides that she, too, needs a pair of glasses despite her perfect vision. Heidi learns a couple of valuable lessons. #1- You don't need glasses, or any other material thing, to be special. #2- It's not worth enduring the blurry vision glasses create when you don't need corrective lenses.



scarlett's spectacles

Scarlett's Spectacles

This adorable children's book about glasses teaches children more about attitude and perspective than about visual acuity. Nevertheless, it's a fun addition to your child's book collection. A little girl wears a pair of "grumbly glasses" which distort her view on life. So, her clever mother buys her a pair of "glad glasses" which changes her outlook considerably!

fancy nancy spectacular spectacles

Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles

Why of course Fancy Nancy loves glasses! They are quite the perfect sparkly accessory and you can even get a shiny case with them. So it's no wonder she's a bit jealous of her friend Bree's brand new flashy peepers. Perhaps Nancy is experiencing blurry vision, too?! An easy-to-read, short chapter book chock full of pictures with fancy glasses.

the rabbit who wore glasses

The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses

You are getting two for one in this cute book- a lesson about eating vegetables and a lesson about wearing glasses! Ruby Rabbit is the only bunny around who doesn't like carrots, which is probably why her eye site is terrible. Lucky for her she gets a brand new pair of sparkly glasses. Plus, she learns that carrots don't taste so bad after all!


specs for rex

Specs for Rex

This is a wonderful little book about celebrating your differences. Rex wants to be just like everyone else, but it's hard to blend in with gigantic red glasses perched on your nose. He goes to great lengths to hide them in some pretty clever places. But at the end he finally learns a lesson about being unique...and the value of being about to see!


the boy in the big blue glasses

The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses

Young children will relate to Sam's apprehension about wearing his new glasses. Although his family gives him lots of affirmation and support, Sam is afraid he will be unrecognizable at school with glasses. Join Sam on an adventurous journey and ultimate realization that glasses do not change who he is inside.





Bumpy is a most misunderstood little dinosaur! His parents knew he was quirky from the moment he was born and couldn't make his way out of the egg. All of his funny behaviors, from talking to trees and munching on his sister, were attributed to his silly personality. Finally, his astute grandmother pays a visit and diagnosis the real  problem- and it's something that a cute pair of spectacles can fix!


linus gets glasses

Linus Gets Glasses

An easy reader book featuring Linus, who is struggling to clearly see the world around him. He gets a new pair of glasses, which he doesn't really want to wear. His good buddy, Snoopy, shows him that wearing glasses is cool.


mr posey's new glasses

Mr. Posey's New Glasses

A beautiful picture book about the friendship between an old man, Mr. Posey, and a little boy named Andy. Together they head out to the thrift shop to find a new pair of glasses for Mr. Posey. It is Andy's idea that seeing the world through new lenses will improve Mr. Posey's outlook on life. Little children and adults will both enjoy this story of enlightenment....and glasses!



wearing glasses

Wearing Glasses

Part of the Human Body Helpers series, this is a straightforward account of everything that happens during an eye exam. This useful book also provides lots of good information about wearing glasses and how they help you see better.


little bear needs glasses

Little Bear Needs Glasses

All of bear's friends wear glasses, so when he realizes he needs them as well, everyone gathers around to help. The only problem is that none of them are quite right. This cute book comes with five reusable stickers that allow readers to pick out the perfect pair for bear.


what ollie saw

What Ollie Saw

There is nothing wrong with Ollie's eyes. Maybe he doesn't see exactly the same way as others, but this little piggy is quite happy with his vision of the world. What does it matter if cows look like bison? And isn't life better when you see circus parades instead of lines of cars in traffic? But when he is in school and can't read the letters on the chalkboard, his parents decide it's finally time to do something about it. A reassuring read for every kid reluctant to get a first pair of spectacles.



philomena's new glasses

Philomena's New Glasses

Get ready to giggle with this silly book about a guinea pig with imperfect vision. Philomena is quite excited about adding a colorful new accessory to her collection. But when her jealous sisters get wind of her new spectacles, they decide too add some eyewear to their repertoire as well! A fun book about sister rivalry that will get all little kids excited about making their own fashion statement!

the t-rex who lost his specs

The T-Rex Who Lost his Specs!

Lots of humor packed into this story about a site-challenged T-rex who has misplaced his glasses. The poor guy faces challenge after challenge throughout the course of the day by misidentifying common objects. A great cautionary tale for kids who need to learn how to take care of their own glasses.


Glasses: Eureka! The Biography of an Idea

Imagine a time when people moved through their days with blurry vision, stumbling and fumbling along without any clarity. This non-fiction STEM book takes readers back in time before the invention of eyeglasses. Then, after someone finally identified the magnifying properties of glass, the very first pair of eyeglasses was invented. This entertaining and informative book will help kids develop a whole new appreciation for the evolution of spectacles and contact lenses.


luna and the big blur a story for children who wear glasses

Luna and the Big Blur: A Story for Children Who Wear Glasses

For lots of kids, finding out they need glasses is not the best news. Luna is one such girl who wishes she did not need corrective lenses. She begrudgingly heads to the eye doctor where she learns all about how glasses will help her see more clearly. Still not convinced, she spends an entire day without wearing them and finally realizes that living life in a blur is no fun.

arlo needs glasses

Arlo Needs Glasses

Arlo is a free-spirited dog living his best life playing catch and chasing balls. Then one day all of his fun comes to a grinding halt when he can no longer see clearly. So off he goes to the eye doctor where he is thrilled to pick out a stylish pair of new glasses. This interactive book encourages kids to read the eye chart, peer through a phoropter, and try one all kinds of different glasses.



my travelin eye

My Travelin' Eye

Jenny Sue has no problem whatsoever wearing glasses, but she needs a little something extra. This little girl has a condition called strabismus, more commonly known as lazy eye. Her one eye has a tendency to wander off to the side even when she is trying to look straight ahead. This award-winning book teaches kids that with a little creativity, they can turn a tough situation into one they can manage quite effectively!

rex's specs

Rex's Specs

The whimsical illustrations will make this adorable story a real winner. It's the tale of Rex, a dinosaur who is decidedly against wearing his brand new spectacles. His friends do not need them to see, so not wanting to draw attention to himself, he tosses them aside. And, like anyone else who needs corrective lenses but does not wear them, his day is full of mishaps. Fortunately, little Rex has a big support group and eventually learns to embrace his glasses.


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Picture Books Featuring Characters Wearing Glasses

A recent study by the American Optometric Association found that 25% of kids will need to wear glasses by the time they reach kindergarten. That's why it's so important to have a vision screening performed annually for you child starting from the time they are in preschool. An excellent way to prepare a child for a doctor's exam and taking care of spectacles is through reading children's books about wearing glasses. The characters in these stories express their feelings about the entire adjustment process and reveal the upside of seeing the world more clearly. Kids who are feeling nervous or insecure about a change in their appearance will get a boost of confidence after reading about the experiences of others. Little ones will learn not only to accept wearing glasses, but embrace the benefits of perfect vision with the help of corrective lenses.

Reading to children about all the adaptations they have to make in life is helpful. And adapting to glasses can be tough, especially for really young kids. That's why it's a fantastic idea to fill their bookshelves with stories about all kinds of kids, just like them, who need to wear corrective lenses. Look for books that teach about responsibly caring for glasses, understanding all the wonderful benefits of crisply viewing the world around them, and feeling confident about wearing a cool (albeit necessary) accessory! Be sure to check out some stories about deaf children who need hearing aids to help them navigate the world around them, too. 


girl wearing glasses


Cute Stuffed Animals Wearing Glasses

Getting a glasses for the first time is a big adjustment for little kids. Some children feel self-conscious about having to wear a pair of spectacles and worry about what other kids will say. And then there is the issue of taking care of glasses and storing them responsibly when not wearing them. All of this responsibility can feel overwhelming which is why it's good to read books about glasses. Kids will also find these adorable stuffed animals and toys help them make the adjustment. An adorable line of plush animals that all wear wear non-removable glasses. Find the perfect snuggle buddy for your bespectacled little one! These darling stuffed buddies make the perfect companion for little ones headed to their first eye doctor visit and to pick out brand new glasses!


dalmatian squishmallow

White Dalmation Squishmallow 

This authentic, 14-inch Squishmallow with a pair of snazzy red glasses is just what your little one needs to feel confident. Kids will love tucking this pup under their arms as they head in to get fitted for their very own pair of glasses. And maybe this snuggly pup will encourage your kiddo to pick out a bold pair of frames to make a statement!



hello kitty squishmallow

Hello Kitty Squishmallow 

Kids love this super squishy Hello Kitty sporting some shiny, red glasses. She is ready for lots of hugs and kisses from little ones who will embrace her spectacle style! This lovable stuffy is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or any day of the year for kids who wear glasses.



panda squishmallow

Panda Squishmallow 

Sissy is one stylish Squishmallow sporting a shiny pair of gold glasses and sipping a cool drink. Kids who are feeling a bit insecure about wearing glasses will get a boost of confidence from this squishy trendsetter.

tangerine squishmallow with glasses

Tangerine Squishmallow

Meet Judy. A pleasantly scented Squishmallow who looks particularly adorable in glasses. She is ready to snuggle up for nap time, story time, or to even accompany a child to pick out a brand new pair of spectacles.


reversible octopus with glasses


Reversible Octopus 

This darling, 4-inch plush octopus is sure to brighten the day of any kid headed to the eye doctor. Just the right size for toddlers, this little guy is both a cuddle buddy and a stress reliever. A soft, award-winning toy is the perfect accessory to give a child along with some books about wearing glasses.


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