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5 Reasons Why Grandfathers are Important

"More and more, when I single out the person who inspired me the most, I go back to my grandfather." -James Earl Jones

A grandfather's role is vitally important in the upbringing of grandchildren. Their valuable wisdom, compassion, and patience can have a remarkable impact on a child's mental wellbeing and stability. Children's books about grandfathers capture the essence of this relationship. Let's explore some of the ways a grandfather can be a positive force for the years he has left with the special children who are lucky to have him. 


The Role of a Grandfather

Kids who are lucky enough to grow up with a grandfather probably won't recognize their good fortune until much later in life. He is a man with decades of wisdom from raising his own children while navigating all the challenges life threw his way. These wonderful men have learned from their mistakes as fathers, no matter how insignificant, and offer a mature, measured approach when offering advice to their grandchildren. Released from financial and other pressures of supporting their own children, they can truly appreciate what is really important when spending time with grandkids.




They can spend unlimited time with grandchildren.

Grandfathers are living without the demands of a work schedule. They don't have the same time constraints as parent who are juggling work and household responsibilities. Therefore, they can immerse themselves in hours of playtime, reading stories, coloring and engaging with their grandchildren without feeling the tug to get things done. 




Grandpas offer wisdom and knowledge based on a lifetime of experiences. 

They may be less concerned with test scores, grades, and other academic metrics. This is not to say that they do not value education. But their focus is on broader lessons and values that grandchildren can carry with them throughout their lives.





Grandfathers love watching their grandchildren participate in sports.

They are not worried about success or failure on the field. While parents are often more focused on a child's performance, grandfathers are just happy to be there to witness the grandchild's participation. They don't care if the child strikes out, misses a ball, loses a match, or fumbles. From their perspective, the outcome is far less important than the experience.




Grandfathers are an important link to child's ancestry. 

Through storytelling, grandpas share valuable information about a family's heritage. They are a connection between history lessons learned in school and personal accounts of those same events. They also bridge their grandchildren with relatives who may not be part of their lives, like great aunts and uncles, distant cousins and other who have branches on the family tree.




They are a special kind of father figure to their grandchildren.

They love unconditionally, listen generously, and offer guidance when needed. Grandfathers have the unique privilege of being a secondary parent, having already learned the ropes when they raised their own children. 



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