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19 Sensitive Kids' Books About Food Allergies

why can't i have a cupcake

Why Can't I Have a Cupcake?

This helpful book for kids with food sensitivities and allergies focuses on the dilemma a boy faces at a birthday party. At first, he is disappointed that he cannot eat a cupcake due to his gluten intolerance. Soon he learns that he is not the only child who has to avoid certain foods. Other children have allergies and a little girl has a reaction to a bee sting and needs an epi-pen injection. The story ends with a visit to a special bakery where the boy finds cupcakes he can tolerate. 




Children's Picture Books That Address Food Allergies 

Food allergies are extremely common in children. Recent statistics point to as many as 1 in 13 children suffer from a food allergy or intolerance. Sometimes the symptoms are mild, like a tummy ache or runny nose within a short time after eating. Other times, more severe symptoms like vomiting or difficulty breathing can cause alarm and require immediate medical attention at the hospital.

Once a food allergy is diagnosed, children need to learn what foods to avoid and how to make safe choices in social settings. Reading kids books about food allergies is an excellent strategy that will help your children stay safe. Also, consider some of the best children's books about eating healthy that include recipes with fresh fruits and vegetables. These books teach kids how fuel their body safely with healthily.


the bugabees friends with food allergies

The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies

This award-winning book about food allergies is one of the best introductory books for little kids about this topic. Eight bug friends, including Butterfly, Cricket, Bumblebee, each have their own unique food allergy. They are a happy, loving group of friends who enjoy life to the fullest while looking out for each other. This darling book reaches a large audience by covering the foods that represent 90% of allergic reactions (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy, eggs and wheat). 


daniel has an allergy

Daniel Has an Allergy

 This book's gentle introduction to food allergies is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Daniel Tiger takes a bite of a peach for the first time, and learns that he has an allergy to the fruit. After a reassuring visit to see Doctor Anna, Daniel learns how to manage his allergy and what to do if he accidentally has another exposure to a peach. 




nutley the nut-free squirrel

Nutley: The Nut-Free Squirrel

Lots of friendly creatures talk about their food allergies in this picture book geared toward preschoolers. Nutley the Squirrel discovered his nut allergy after breaking out in hives. The other animals all experience reactions to their allergens, as well. This cute book shows young children that they are not alone. A delicious allergen-free recipe is included on the very last page. 


the peanut-free cafe

The Peanut-Free Cafe

The kids who go to Nutley School sure do love their peanut butter, especially a little boy named Simon. He eats a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch. Then one day a new student, Grant, arrives and he has a severe peanut allergy. Grant cannot be close to anyone eating it, so the principal set up a peanut-free table in the cafeteria. But, no one wanted to give up their peanut butter lunches to join Simon. So, the principal took things one step further by designating a room, aptly named The Peanut-Free Cafe, for Simon and drew in other kids by playing moving. Soon enough, lots of friends gave up their peanut butter and joined in the fun.




allergic like me

Allergic Like Me

 This book was written by a mom who raised a daughter with severe food allergies. Annie is a little girl who feels isolated and alone when she is first diagnosed. She learns that, by taking the right precautions, she can lead an active, social life even when events involve food. This adorable book focuses on inclusion and empathy toward kids who have food allergies.


the day i met the nuts

The Day I Met the Nuts

A little boy eats nuts for the first time at a birthday party and learns the hard way that he has an allergy.  The Nuts take on a life of their own and seem to creep into every single treat the boy enjoys. The boy wishes they would take a vacation and let him enjoy all his favorite foods again. This helpful children's book about food allergies interjects humor into an otherwise serious subject matter. 



eppie the elephant

Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts)

Eppie the Elephant is allergic to peanuts as well as pecans and pistachios. While she's excited to start school, Eppie isn's sure how her classmates will react to her nut allergy.  Eppie is especially whether her new friends, Pearl the Squirrel and Allie the Alligator, will want to sit at her table during lunch. This award-winning allergy book for children is a good one to read ahead of a new school year.


bentley goes to school a simple story about staying safe with food allergies

Bentley Goes to School: A Simple Story about Staying Safe with Food Allergies

A very accessible, straightforward book about an adorable puppy headed off to school for the first time. Not only is he nervous about being away from his parents, Bentley is also worried about his food allergies. With the support of his teacher and his friendly classmates, Bentley navigates snack time, enjoys arts and crafts, and has a fun time at recess. This reassuring picture book about allergies is just right for children in preschool and kindergarten.




woolfred cannot eat dandelions

Woolfred Cannot Eat Dandelions:  A Tale of Being True to Your Tummy

An award-winning book children's book about food intolerance that teaches children to focus on the bright side. Woolfred is having a tough time. As a sheep, he used to eating anything and everything that his heart desires. But when he starts to experience some digestive problems after eating dandelions, he's distraught. In fact, all he can think about is eating dandelions. Finally he learns to shift his focus on all the things he can enjoy in life, not just the pieces that are missing.


the princess and the peanut allergy

The Princess and the Peanut Allergy

 Regina has her princess birthday party all planned out and it includes a gigantic cake filled with peanuts! When she learns that her best friend, Paula, has a severe peanut allergy, Regina makes arrangements for a safe peanut-free cake. Readers will learn that even a trace amount of allergen can send a child to the hospital, and what to do if they or their friends are having a reactions. Charming illustrations capture the sweet friendship between friends who look out for each other.



this makes me happy

This Makes Me Happy

A leveled-reader book helps children with food allergies process their feelings. A little girl is having the time of her life on a field trip with her classmates. They go to the fair where they ride roller coasters and visit a petting zoo. Everything is going so well until her friends eat treats that are not safe for her. She is incredibly disappointed but learns that this one moment does not have to ruin an entire day. 


a lesson for every child learning about food allergies

A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies

Mrs. Emerson has a teaching style every instructor should emulate. She takes advantage of every opportunity to learn, even when that means her students can teach her something new. This is what happens when a new boy, Jack, joins her classroom. She gives him a warm introduction and brings everyone's attention to the fact that he has food allergies. Jack is then invited to talk to his classmates about which foods affect him, what he needs to do to say healthy, and how they can help support him. A wonderfully inclusive book about food allergies for children. 


taking food allergies to school

Taking Food Allergies to School

This story is about a little boy with allergies to wheat and milk. The good news is that he will outgrow his allergies, but for now, he has to watch what he eats. The book contains some valuable scientific information about allergies. It also emphasizes the importance of empathy toward peers who have food allergies. A couple of pages in the back provide quizzes for kids and tips for teachers who have students with food allergies.  


dj's allergies

DJ's Allergies

 DJ is a happy, active three year old boy who can eat plenty of delicious foods. There are a few, though, that he needs to avoid at all costs. This book does a good job of conveying the severity of ingesting food allergens, and even teaches kids that a trip to the hospital via ambulance could happen. Overall, the message is upbeat while also telling a cautionary tale for kids with food allergies.


kid's guide to life with food allergies

Kid's Guide to Life with Food Allergies

An extremely helpful, non-fiction book for children about managing their food allergies. Just about every allergen is covered in this guide that is full of advice. There are activities for kids to complete to help them learn more about their bodies and possible reactions. This kid-friendly book is told from the perspective of a young person who acknowledges the difficulties and challenges of living with food allergies.

food allergies and me

Food Allergies and Me

An extremely valuable book that teaches kids with food allergies how to be a self-advocate. This story follows a day in the life of Jack as he goes to school, has a visit with the allergy doctor, and hits the playground afterward for some outdoor activity. Kids will learn that there is not a stigma about having an allergy and, for their own safety, it's important that their friends and teachers know. Readers will learn the importance of questioning the ingredients in foods, washing hands, and bringing any potential symptoms they are experiencing to the attention of an adult who can help. 



hidden hero how a girl with food allergies discovered her power

The Hidden Hero: How a Girl with Food Allergies Discovered Her Power

An enlightening picture book for kids struggling with food allergies. Hazel Harris is tired of feeling like an outsider every time she goes to a party and can't eat the cake. Her feelings are further hurt when a mean kid at school teases her about her egg allergy. One day her mother opens her eyes to the reality that everyone is dealing with some sort of hardship or difficulty in life. Hazel realizes that in the scheme of things, a food allergy is not so bad and doesn't define her as a person. 


going to kindergarten with food allergies

Going to Kindergarten (with food allergies)

A little boy named Martin has graduated from preschool and is headed to kindergarten. Now that he has a new teacher and different classmates, Martin needs to explain his food allergies to everyone. He also needs to let them know what they can do to help keep him safe. A very helpful book for kids who are transitioning to a brand new school or environment where food is consumed.


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food allergy


Helpful Books About Characters With Food Allergies

When a child is first diagnosed with a food allergy, parents are often frightened and overwhelmed by all the safety precautions that need to be taken. There are so many potential mistaken bites of food that could lead to unimaginable medical emergencies. Common allergens, like shellfish and nuts, are easy to identify. But there are lots of other foods that are potentially harmful. For instance, lots of young children are allergic to apples, so it's a good idea to read children's books about apples that cover all the ways this fruit is included in recipes and baked goods.

It's even scarier to think about all the situations involving food that children will have to navigate without their parents. A fantastic strategy is to teach children how to prepare food for themselves by reading the best stories about cooking and baking. Learning  all the ingredients that are in recipes is invaluable for kids with food allergies.

That's why it is so important to empower children with information and knowledge so they can make good choices on their own. Once they know all the places their food allergens could be hidden, especially in baked goods and other homemade treats, the risk is greatly reduced. This list of children's books about food allergies will help you on the journey to educate your little one.

There are lots of other chronic allergies and diseases that kids have to learn how to manage on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. For example,  books about diabetes shed light on what life is like for kids who have to monitor their blood sugar levels, manager their food intake, and take other extra precautions.




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