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11 Children's Christian Books With Black People


Children of Color Storybook Bible

61 biblical stories are brought to life with vibrant illustrations that children of color will fully appreciate. The book is written with young readers in mind who will learn about the moral foundations of Christianity. Both traditional stories as well as less familiar lessons are covered. The pictures will keep children engaged and interested in reading this important book over and over again.

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Biblical Children's Books Featuring People of Color

Reading Christian children's books with people of color is fundamentally important. The world is a beautifully diverse mix of people from different cultures and with varying skin tones. All kids should be raised reading books with characters that reflect the real world, rather than a narrow and myopic representation of skin and facial features. For black Christian families, finding kids' Christian books with characters of color is especially meaningful. 



I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook

Young children will learn about Jesus through 60 bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments. The best-selling author expertly conveys the role God and Jesus play in the lives of children, and how they can live by the grace, honor, and love of Him. This beautifully illustrated book featuring children of every color is a wonderful gift for children ready to learn more about Christianity.



What Is God Like?

 Children learn all about God at home and in church. They read Bible stories and learn lessons in services and church school. And yet it is quite common for kids to ask the question: What is God really like? The author takes a less traditional, more agnostic viewpoint in her explanation of God. Kids are encouraged to think about feeling loved, safe, and secure. All of these wonderful feelings describe what God is like. The view of God is expanded beyond traditional theologies and not aligned with a particular faith. Instead, a little boy learns that God is a more all-encompassing being who loves and protects all living things.


With Jesus I Am Brave

 Little kids learn to lean on Jesus in times of fear. A little girl, who is terribly afraid of the dark, needs to figure out how to overcome her anxiety at bedtime. Her father tucks her in and gently reminds her to have faith. At first she struggles, but then she finally finds comfort in her belief that Jesus will protect her.





He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Award-winning illustrator Kadir Nelson brings the spiritual song, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", to life this stunning picture book. A refrain from the song is printed on each page alongside an illustration that captures the joy of a bou and his family. The combination of lush illustrations of rolling mountains and deep blue skies depicts the incredible beauty that exists all around us. A wonderful addition to share with children of all ages who will appreciate both the artwork and the lyrics of this religious and spiritual song.



Children of God Storybook Bible

Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican bishop and theologian, created this special bible which includes a retelling of 50 stories. Artists from all over the world contributed to the illustrations in this children's bible. The pictures represent incredible diversity in this bible that is truly a global representation. Child-friendly scripture will teach your little ones about some well-known bible stories and the messages they convey. A thoughtful gift for children who are beginning their personal journey into faith and Christianity.


The Lord's Prayer

The deep love shared between a little girl and her father is reflected throughout this gorgeous picture book. Little readers will reflect on the Lord's Prayer like never before as they relate the pictures with the meaning in the beloved words. The powerful imagery connects an ancient prayer with real, relatable human lives and the emotions they share.


Psalm Twenty-Three

 Tim Ladwig effectively relates this scripture to the life of an African American family in the city. By connecting the message of the psalm to the real world, filled with challenges and obstacles, children understand how they can rely on their faith to navigate daily obstacles. Young kids will pour over the vibrant illustrations and make connections to the text. But keep in mind that this book's complex message is just as relevant to older children and even adults.





When God Made You

All children will feel special after reading this book about how much God loves them. No matter how large and vast the universe, every child is unique and special. Whimsical and playful illustrations capture the joy of childhood and the amazing potential of every little one of God's creations. A magnificent book gift to give at baby showers and every milestone from first birthdays to graduations.



When God Made the World

Children will be whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime in this thought-provoking book about creation. Blending both religion and science, the author presents both concepts in perfectly rhyming verse. Illustrations include children of every color traveling through the vast universe. Imaginations will stretch and soar with every reading of this magical picture book.



The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible

This widely popular children's bible includes 33 stories from the Old and New Testament. The author expertly ties together the events and what they mean in a way that even the youngest ones will understand. The bible begins with the story of creation, then delves into Moses parting the Red Sea, a fish swallowing Jonah, and finally the magnificent birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The pictures of the characters, all people of color, will keep little readers engaged throughout.


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Kids' Books About Jesus With Black Children

 For all children, reading books with pictures of kids who look like them is important. Fortunately, more and more children's books are being published with illustrations that represent diverse characters. In this collection, kids's books about Jesus feature black children surrounded by his love. For black families, reading stories about their faith featuring families that reflect their own skin tone is especially meaningful. 


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