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10 Helpful Books For Toddlers Who Bite


teeth are not for biting

Teeth Are Not for Biting


This sturdy board book for toddlers about biting is simple and straightforward. Teeth, with their sharp edges,  are useful for chewing food. But they should never, under any circumstance, be used for biting. Young kids learn about positive, more acceptable behaviors they can use in place of biting. Bold, colorful pictures, and happy toddlers fill the pages of this helpful book.

Books to Stop Toddlers from Biting Others

Biting is a behavior that unfortunately rears its ugly head during the toddler years. In daycare settings, biting can run rampant unless it is nipped in the bud. It usually starts with one child who takes someone by surprise with a nip on the arm. Along with biting, it is not uncommon for toddlers to use their hands to get what they want. The best books about hitting tell stories about characters who learn better ways communicate their wants, needs, and feelings.

Perhaps the bite victim has a toy the other wants or has committed some other offense. Children's books about bullying address physical acts of aggression, like biting, and teach toddlers that this behavior needs to stop. Chances are the aggressive act of has nothing to do with something that happened. Toddler books about biting can help a little one understand that this form of behavior is not acceptable.

Maybe the biter is simply tired, hungry, cranky, or just seeking attention. Maybe the toddler needs to hear some stories about sharing in case biting arises when a little one is trying to snatch a toy. The problem can quickly multiply when others mimic and pretty soon the whole class is like a school of hungry piranhas. So here are some children's books about biting that will convert biters into huggers.


no biting
No Biting!

 Karen Katz, beloved toddler book author/illustrator, addresses all the bad behaviors that little ones demonstrate periodically. Each page shows a child doing something bad, and then offers a more acceptable way to act. The very first page asks readers if they can bite their mom. Nope! Chomp into an apple instead! Bright colors and adorable pictures of cherubs will keep the attention of tiny tots.


good biting bad biting

Good Biting, Bad Biting

A cute, rhyming book that focuses on all the ways biting can be good. For instance, biting into healthy, delicious food is always fun. But biting into some extremely hard objects, like an ice cube or a nut, may be a bit less pleasant. Most importantly, children are reminded that they should never, ever bite another person! Instead of spending a lot time on the negative aspects of biting, the author keeps the tone light and fun.




little dinos don't bite

Little Dinos Don't Bite

Little Dino has a mouthful of teeth that are made for biting. The only problem is that this fellow is testing them out on other dinosaurs, including his mother! A sturdy board book with funny pictures is just right for toddlers who are experimenting with their teeth. 


no biting louise

No Biting, Louise

Louise is a happy-go-lucky little alligator with teeth that get her into a lot of trouble. She is proud of her brand new, very sharp pearly whites, so much so that she bites everything in sight! A funny take on a serious but thankfully short-lived problem. Fortunately, like most other toddlers, Louise outgrows her biting habit, much to the relief of those around her.



bootsie barker bites

Bootsie Barker Bites

Bootsie Barker is not the kind of friend you want for your children. When she comes over to play, she is a total nightmare. Bootsie bites, hits, rips up books, pulls hair and destroys everything in her path. Kids will get a chuckle out of her naughty behavior and maybe learn a lesson about how not to act around their friends.



no more biting for billy goat

No More Biting for Billy Goat!

For some preschoolers, socializing with other does not come easily or naturally. This is the case with Bill Goat, a shy and lonely student on the first day of school. As much as he wants to play with others, he resorts to biting to get their attention. Bunny, Lambkin, and Piggy are all victims of his misguided attempts at making new friends. Toddlers will learn through Billy Goat's mistakes that teeth are for biting into food, not people. 


people don't bite

People Don't Bite People

A very funny book for children about biting written in a catchy rhyme. Toddlers are encouraged to chomp into all kinds of yummy foods and the pictures reflect each object with a bite mark. But never should you bite another person! This will quickly become your child's favorite biting book. Chances are high that the short, bouncy text will be memorized after just a few readings.

no fighting no biting

No Fighting, No Biting!

A classic kids book about biting that has been enjoyed by children for decades.  Illustrations are by Maurice Sendak, whose most popular book, Where the Wild Things Are, is a perennial favorite. Cousin Joan is sick of Willy and Rosa fighting incessantly. She wants to read her book in peace, but the biting, kicking and hitting are disruptive. Joan uses some creative problem-solving by telling her cousins a tale of two fighting alligators. Will they see themselves in this story and stop biting and fighting?


benjamin monkey no biting
Benjamin Monkey: No Biting

 Benjamin Monkey learns an important lesson in this book for preschoolers about biting. Instead of using his words, Benjamin Monkey bites whenever he is frustrated or angry. Not surprisingly, his friends are not amused and do not want to play with him anymore. Monkey eliminates his biting habit before it's too late and gets along much better with all his friends.



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Valuable Children's Books About Biting

Socializing young children is so important for their development. So it's no wonder that toddlers' schedules are filled with playdates, gym classes, preschool, daycare and all kinds of other opportunities for interaction with peers. When little ones go through a biting phase, it can wreak havoc on all of these social activities. Other parents may stop inviting your toddler for playtime and parents often feel embarrassed about this behavior.

Many times toddlers use physical forms of communication because they don't have the words to express complicated feelings. Read;books about jealousy which cover a wide range of scenarios that bring out poor behavior in little ones. These stories will help to address some of the issues, like biting, that occur when a child is envious of someone else.

Reading kids books about biting is a good way to address this issue with your toddlers. Consider including children's books about manners to help reinforce positive behavior when toddlers are in social settings.  These sometimes humorous books are generally written by experts, parents, and educators who all have experience curbing this undesirable habit. The stories are similar to situations your own child faces, and they offer alternatives to biting in a way that toddlers will understand.

Next, be sure to read some good stories about stealing if you suspect your little ones are taking things that do not belong to them. This is another common, albeit upsetting, behavior that is usually short-lived with the help of some valuable reading.


toddler biting


Why Do Toddlers Bite Others?

Toddlers bite for a variety of different reasons. For example, sometimes toddlers are overcome with emotion, so books about anger and temper tantrums can help kids learn more effective ways to handle their feelings. As frustrating as it can be for parents, understanding why this behavior occurs is important. Once you have a handle on why it is happening, you can take measures to stop an active biter from hurting others. Here are several explanations that will shed some light on this undesirable habit.

  • Language skills are still developing in little toddlers, so they often do not have the words to express how they are feeling or what they want. Even if they possess limited vocabulary, it can take too long to find the right words. Biting is the fastest and easiest way to get the attention of the closest person.
  • Toddlers use their mouths to explore and learn about objects around them. Oftentimes they put everything and anything within reach into their mouths. Sometimes this turns out to be the arm of someone within reach. And when that person reacts by saying "Ouch!", they unintentionally reinforce the biting behavior.
  • Teething is a very common reason why toddlers bite people. Their gums are swollen and uncomfortable. The only thing that seems to bring relief is biting. When there is not a teething ring or toy around, a toddler will opt for the next best thing. And unfortunately, that may be someone else's finger.
  • Mimicking the behavior of other biters is extremely common. It starts with one toddler biting another. The innocent victim reacts by shouting out or crying. And then the next thing you know, this same little victim sinks his or her teeth into some other unsuspecting tot. This aggressive behavior can spread like wildfire, and pretty soon an entire daycare class has caught the biting bug.
  • If biting persists beyond the teething toddler period, parents will want to consult with a professional to determine if there is a more serious disorder driving the behavior. Expressive speech delay, sensory processing disorder, and autism spectrum disorder will all be considered. Kids who are biting aggressively despite all attempts of mitigation may be dealing with an undiagnosed disorder that requires attention. The biting itself is just a symptom of a more serious problem.

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