15 Cheerful Christmas Chapter Books for Tweens and Teens

15 Cheerful Christmas Chapter Books for Tweens and Teens

A Shiloh Christmas

In a town that is experiencing troubled times, Marty and his rescue beagle, Shiloh, seek to find compassion and love during the Christmas season. Marty adopted Shiloh after he was mistreated by Judd Travers, a local troublemaker with a bad reputation. Judd seeks forgiveness and reconciliation with the townspeople, but a dangerous fire and missing dogs fuel suspicion.  Marty and Shiloh want to get to the bottom of things and bring all the people together to celebrate a special Christmas. 



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Best Christmas Books for Tweens and Teens 

With all of the hustle and bustle around the holidays, settling down with a good book about the real meaning of Christmas is a wonderful way for tweens to relax.  Each of these books has a special, heartfelt message to share about this special time of year.  We encourage you to grab a few of these books and read alongside your teen.  Sharing a passion for reading the best Christmas chapter books and then discussing them is a wonderful kind of quality, quiet time perfect for this holiday season.

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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Once again, the church is preparing for the yearly Christmas pageant. Only this time, the terrible Herdman family decides to put a spin on the Christmas story based on their point on view. The trouble is that this family offends, breaks laws, and displays despicable behavior everywhere they go. In a fun...and funny....plot twist, the Herdmans put on a performance that is both the worst and best the pageant has ever seen. Join in on the fun with this crazy family that delivers big laughs.



The Christmas Genie

Popular author Dan Gutman captures all of the energy and excitement the day before Christmas break in a fifth grade classroom. The kids are bouncing off the walls, giddy with excitement waiting for dismissal, when all of a sudden a meteorite bursts through the roof. A genie emerges and grants the kids one wish for the entire classroom. The ensuing debate and discussion around this solitary wish will keep readers laughing! Funny and entertaining read for kids who have enjoyed Gutman's other novels.



Top Elf

All the elves who work for Santa are settled in their safe and predictable lives constructing toys and lending a hand to Santa. One day their world is rocked by an announcement by the big guy- he is ready to retire and is looking for an elf to replace him. Instead of just choosing an elf, Santa decides to hold a contest and the winner gets to take over his job of delivery presents to every child. Ollie and Celia, two elves who desperately want the role of Santa, put all of their energy into winning. Little did they know how equally exhausting and exhilarating the job would be! These charming elves compete to descend tough chimneys, control rambunctious reindeer and consume an unimaginable quantity of Christmas cookies. Is the reward really worth it? Join these hard-working little elves on their adventure to find out!




Fantasy intertwines with reality for a little girl named Georgie whose wish comes true. She is overjoyed when she lands the part of Clara in the Nutcracker ballet. Georgie becomes so immersed in her role that every time she whirls and twirls with the Nutcracker doll, she enters a whole new world.  Georgie is brimming with excitement every time she enters the dance studio and crosses over into the real Nutcracker life where the Christmas tree and beautiful presents are not just part of a dance scene.  Things take a turn for the worse when the two worlds become blurred and the Nutcracker magic crosses over into Georgie's real life. It's getting close to Christmas and everything is going wrong. Georgie's friend is at risk, the ballet is crumbling, and Georgie must work to save her friend and the performance in time for Christmas.




A Boy Called Christmas

This is not your typical feel-good Christmas story, admittedly, it may not be the taste of every reader looking for a good holiday book. Nonetheless, it's a unique, imaginative, action-packed tale that does have a happy ending. A little boy cherishes the only present he ever received for Christmas- a turnip doll- because it was given to him by his loving parents. Yep, a little weird but endearing, still. One day, his father goes missing which sends the boy on a mission to the North Pole to save him. Along the way, he encounters all the other typical commercial Christmas characters who are lacking spirit this year. Join this boy as he not only rescues his father, but also saves the entire Christmas season.




Dragon's Merry Christmas

The dragon books by Dav Pilkey are fun, easy-to-read illustrated chapter books for early readers. In this Christmas edition, Dragon is busy making all of his holiday preparations. When it comes time to choose his tree, he finds just the right one. He faces a dilemma when he realizes that the forest critters need their shelter more than he needs a Christmas tree. Young readers will learn an important lesson in this sweet Christmas tale.




Ghosts of Greenglass House

This nearly 500 page chapter book is the perfect mysterious holiday mystery to read while curled up by the fire. It's about a 13 year old boy named Milo who is spending the Christmas season with a cast of characters who are not as they seem. Tween readers will enjoy the the suspense and many surprises this highly acclaimed novel offers.  




The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

It's Christmastime and the lively Vanderbeeker family is on the verge of losing their home. This loving, diverse brood lives in a brownstone in Harlem. A grumpy landlord is ready to kick them to the curb forcing them to rely on creative ways to show him why they deserve to stay. A New York Times Notable book about a charming, rambunctious, diverse family is sure to become a favorite read this holiday!



The Naughty List

One of the funniest, illustrated Christmas books that will keep kids reading and laughing all year long. Bobbie is one determined big sister who wants to make sure her brother has the best Christmas ever. Unfortunately, her meddling lands him on the naughty list. So she travels to the North Pole in an attempt to straighten out the situation.  Better beware that the Santa in this silly book is not the energetic guy who knows how to get the job done. And neither are the reindeer, elves, and other dysfunctional Christmas characters in this hilarious chapter book.




The Last Holiday Concert

Holiday concerts are a rite of passage for every kid who has taken a stab at playing an instrument or joined a school choir. In this hilarious book by Andrew Clements, the most popular kid in school is put to the test. Hart Evan has achieved his status through disruptive antics. When he is forced to take over as director of the school chorus, he learns how much is at stake and changes his errant ways. A fun, feel-good chapter book perfect for Christmastime reading.



Oscar's Lonely Christmas

A super sweet, easy chapter book about a cute Dalmatian who is feeling a bit neglected. Oscar was recently adopted by a little girl named Hannah who spent a lot of time with him at first. As Christmas approaches, Hannah is busy practicing for her school's play and is never home. Will she ever have enough free time to play with him and take him on walks?  A perfect stocking stuffer book that little readers won't be able to put down.




Nate the Great and the Crunchy Christmas

Nate the Great books are entertaining, easy illustrated chapter books. In this Christmas edition, Nate and his dog Sludge set out to solve the mystery of some missing mail. More specifically, Annie's dog, Fang, was expecting a package with a yummy treat inside. When this delivery does not show up, Fang's mood turns foul. But never fear! Nate is on this case and determined more than ever to make sure Fang has a delicious Christmas. A fun book for beginner readers excited to jump into a chapter book series.




A Nancy Drew Christmas

Nancy Drew books are timeless classics to be enjoyed by readers especially this Christmas. Nancy has decided to spend her vacation at a ski resort where, unfortunately, a series of events threatens the guests and puts a damper on the holiday spirit. Despite a broken leg due to a fall, super-sleuth Nancy Drew is determined to find out who is causing all of the problems at the inn. This is a true action-packed, nail-biter that will have your tween readers glued to the book this Christmas.




Mistletoe and Murder

A fantastic murder mystery book for older tween readers this Christmas. Two detectives are looking forward to a relaxing holiday in Cambridge, reading books, drinking tea, and enjoying the peaceful snow. What at first appears to be an accidental death turns out to be a murder. So much for a quiet Christmas break! A 350+ page chapter book for your reader looking for some bone-chilling excitement.

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Read Christmas Chapter Books for Kids

The best Christmas chapter books for tweens, teens, and middle-grade readers. These books are an eclectic collection of religious, funny, festive, and family-oriented Christmas stories that will get your middle-grade readers into the Christmas spirit. 

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